A party...

This saturday I had a late birthday party.
The only who bought me a gift was My, and she bought the perfect gift for me.
A new watch. My old white talking, oldschool watch broked on my last day in Mexico.
But just the metal, it´s still working and it´s still talking.

But NOW.... I´ve got an NEW "oldschool" watch.
A Black CALCULATOR WATCH!!!! How cool is that??????
It´s awesome!! Me like alot :)

And from one thing to another.

Peanuts, popcorn, snacks....
When you are having a party. How do people eat?
It´s fucking everywhere!!
In the kitchen, in the livingroom, on the toilette.
Do people have it in their hands and throw it around like it´s confetti???
Or are they just so drunk that they miss their own mouth when they are trying to eat?

Well, it´s weird anyway. haha.

I went home to my dad today. First time since I came home from Mexico.
Well, I met him once before, and been talking to him on the phone.
But not actually been there.
I drank some coffee but my dad insisted to give me a glas of wine.
So, alright. I took a glas, and put the bikini on and sat in the hot tub / jacuzzi for a while.
It was hot outside, it was really relaxing, but boring so sit there alone.

Then we had a bbq and looked at photos of Cape Verde, when they were there.
And my photos of Mexico / USA.
I got a new backpack from my dad and his wife and a late birthday gift - 500 kr =)
But the backpack is to small to bring to Thailand so I´m gonna keep them both.
To bad it wasn´t bigger, then I could bring the other one back to the store and get cash back :)

Well, this is everything from me today.
I´m gonna see what my beloved friends are up to now.

kiss kiss...

Summer is finally here!!!

A little bit of this, and a little bit of that.
Preparing for a Swedish summer.
This is a day in the sun, in folkets park, at the skatepark, at mom, in more sun.

Malmö. Folkets park, with a naked kid haha.

Breakfast with Giovanni

Swedish baby bumble bee.

Johannes is getting better. My cute little broooo.
The leg is doing much better now, and he is home :O)

My favourite asian girl high up in the sky and a view of Malmö :)
It was a bit windy up there in the ferriswheel :P

Swedish Prästkrage. I have no idea what the name is in english, sorry.
Maybe someone would like to help me out??

Stapelbädds parken, west harbour, Malmö. Graffiti.

Stapelbädds parken. Malmö.

Annica is HAPPY, being eaten by a T-rex. HAHA.

Destination maybe destiny?

Okey. So I´m leaving again.
I can´t stand this anymore.
Sofie wanted me to go with her to book her flight to Thailand.
She have been whining all the time and want me to go with her.
I said, I have to think. So, I went with her and heard the prices.
So our next destination is THAILAND, cuz I´m going with her.
And then I can finally see Cambodja, Malaysia etc too.

She didn´t bought the flight in town.
I came with an amazing idea that we should go to Lund, to Kilroy travels.
And so we did. And there it was. The perfect trip.
Booked, and we are ready to go now.

10 th of september I´m leaving. Again.
I´m gonna miss Marcello and many others.

Thai Thai here we goooooooo


Hello everyone.

Today my mood is good,I feel wonderful as many other days.
But I´m still tired and I have however a little problem. I´m afraid to show myself outdoors.
Why should everyone wonder? I do not really know actually.
Some days I just have the feeling, I don´t want someone to see me.
Just be alone. So I haven´t done anything wrong.

But yes, the point is that my fear of being seen by people I don´t want to see me, is terrifying.
There are so many people I don´t know, who think they know me.
You can paint a picture of who I am, when I´m around people.
But most of the time, they are all wrong. Who knows me then?

I´m afraid of meeting old shags, ex-boyfriends, old friends, employers, you name it.
Just because I´m changing all the time. And I´m not the same as before.
I don´t want to look back in my past anymore.
I wish to Malmö was bigger.
Or no, maybe not bigger, but that I in my earlier days knew less people.
Now you almost can´t walk down the street until you meet someone you know.
People know who I am, but I don´t know who they are.
Makes me confused.
It's so easy with the internet these days, too. Especially to have a blog or facebook tex.
I had a lot of idiots in here too.

Two days ago, a guy came up to me in town and started to flirt.
He was very lame. But he managed to fool me and got my phone no.
Didn´t think it was true. I thought I was in a TV show or something.
Maybe someone would pop-up from the bushes or something haha.
Yesterday he called me, I didn´t answer.
He textmessage me, and I didn´t answer.
30 minutes after that, he walks up to me and Sofie in town and asks for the way to Subway.
I have never met so many psychos and stalkers before. They all live in Malmö.
He looked at me, I said Hi, but he didn´t answer me, just gave me a look and then he left.

WHAT THE FUCK HAPPENED? FREAK? It was a bit scary. But I´ve seen worst.
When I´m around the world, I don´t see them. It´s like as they don´t excist.
Maybe not at the same way as here. All the FREAKS are hiding in Malmö haha.

Why always me?
Leave me alone. Please.

Some shopping

Hola amigos!

Yesterday when I was downtown with my mom, we heard them played.
Their music was so breathtaking. I almost cryed.
It was the Indians played music, but it felt so alive and I got emotionell.
I gave them all my change I had on me.

from one thing to another...
I did some shopping.

Okey, where to start. The eco-bread is made of hemp. Very tasty I must say,
Ecologic raisins. and eco Pukka detox tea, with aniseed, fennel and liqorice.
A eco lipbalm in strawberry flavour, made of hemp to.
Bought it at Astrid och Aporna (Astrid and the monkeys)

The book is from Systrarna Grene, and the green universal tea to.
Blusher and eyebrow colour from H&M. ( Love it )

Another pair of sunglases. Now I have 28 of them.
I´m crazy I know.
Bought it at Systrarna Grene for 33 kronors. Sorry, I had to!!!!

Sketching. bought the book at Systrarna Grene and the pen and colours to.

Now, I´m gonna go down to the gym.
Smell you later bitches  :P

When ever I´m down, I call on you my friend

Glenn, Marcello, Sofie, Erika, Tess, and Jonas.

I´m sorry that not all of them are in the picture.
I just love this group picture.

You should be more happy for the friends you´ve got.
And take care of your friends, when ever.
When you are feeling down, lonely and sad.
You know that they are always there for you. (If it´s a real friend.)
I know I appreciate my friends more now, then ever before.
I may not show it so much to everyone, but they all have a big place in my heart.
And I´ve never felt better about trusting a friend.

Take care of the one who cares about you, you never know when they are gone.

For the one I forgot on the picture, I love you to:

Anna, Annica, My, Jocelyn, Sophie, Linus, Elin, Johan, Jane,
Zanna, Michel, Johan, Maja, Malin.... someone I forgot??
And of course all the amazing people I met on my trip.

Now the drugs don´t work, they just make you worst.

But I know I´ll see your face again....

The best. Adeline, Tim and me.

Miss you....

My picasa webalbum

Finally uploaded all the pictures from my traveling.
I didn´t really took the time and did it before.
I just took the good, touristy pictures and not the drunken one with friends :)
And I´m gonna continue upload pictures from all my destinations.
All the pictures I can find....
I´ve been around the world haha

take a look at : http://picasaweb.google.com/snowflee85

Take care bitches :)

Into the wild

Johan inspired me much by traveling with a bike.
I saw some of his pictures thrue Europe, and it was amazing.
And he have done it before, so why not do it?
So, now I want to travel by bike to.
I just care about my ASS alot. It´s gonna hurt. Hahahaha.
He said that you get used to it though.
But it´s good for me to work out alot in the same time.

I have to start working out as much as I did before again.
At least now I have the time cuz I don´t work any more.
But I´ve been sick for the last 5 days, and it sucks.
Cuz I can´t do anything. I´m getting so lazy and tired all the time.
Today I´ve been up since 07.30 (earliest in more than a week)

Me and Johan slept at Jocelyns place in Lund. Very nice place.
We watched BOLT and INTO THE WILD into the early morning.
For those who haven´t seen it, see it.
You have to! It´s totally worth it.

So when I dreamed this night, I dreamed about being into the wild.
I loved it. Scary but amazing. It inspired me alot.
And I want to do the same thing. But not put my money on fire.

Well, Jocelyn had to work this morning.
Me and Johan went back to Malmö and ate a breakfast
at the central station at Espresso House.
After that, we went to my place, had some more coffee and continued our discutions etc.

Time for me to do the laundry, and he went to the dentist to fix his tooth.
Fredrik is home, and we are gonna do a family dinner tonight :)
I wonder what I will do about this whole situation, am I just gonna take a vacation?
Or get the fuck out of here?

HELP ME!!!!!!!!

In my head right now

Okey this is what´s going round in my head...in this second.

Motorhome / Trailor down to Germany - France - up to Belgium
and last stop Amsterdam and back home.
Of course with a lot of friends.
If not with a motorhome, maybe I´ll try with a bike alone, or try to get Jocelyn with me.
I was thinking about Interrail to.... Let´s talk to Annica about this when she gets home. =)

Thailand... work...volounteering / helping kids etc.

Guatemala and rest of central america / south america... Work...Volounteering.
Helping kids. Continue traveling with Adeline (and maybe Tim if he is going back)

New York... and Los Angeles, still on my list. HAVE TO SEE IT!

Philipines - Explore with Annica, her family and culture.

Still have to figure something out about the money situation... And I have to think fast.
The only thing that is holding me back here is that I really love the new place I stay at.
I feel so good, living with this guys.
I still don´t really know them so much, but they are such good guys.
I love the place, the appartment, the rent, the rules, the location.

Möllan is the shit. You can go dressed how you want, nobody cares.
You find everything on Möllan, and it´s so close to everything.
I´m starting to feel like a family.

Just look at our names. Oh. so cute. :)

Fegge (Fredrik), me and Gio (Giovanni)

But I still want to continue living on the edge. I love it.
It´s scary, but it´s the best ever.

So what am I gonna do?
Stay here and don´t feel free.......?
Or just continue traveling and keep getting stronger??

My new backpack :)


In this moment I feel like the duck we were talking about in Cancun.
The duck with the backpack.
Kvack kvack, or meck meck, let´s just say BACK PACK.
(Sorry, it´s a long story for those who doesn´t know what I´m talking about)

I want to be that duck right now, to feel free and take my backpack and leave.
Let´s just hope that I don´t fall over haha.
I know what I want to do with my life now.
The only thing I´ll be needing is money.
I finally found something I want to do, and learn.
To grow even stronger as the person I am today.
But I don´t know if it´s the right thing to do in life right now.
But I don´t know if it´s right if I don´t try.
The more oppertunities I´m having, the better I feel.
And I sure do have a lot. Without money.

I just need a good job, that I like. Or love as a matter a fact.
And I´m pretty sure I´m gonna try it, as fast as I can get some money.
I can´t go here, at home... bored, and not explore the beautiful world we live in.

And now I have another reason to leave to.
The thing I heard from a family member putted a smile on my face.
Let´s see what the LADY has to tell me when I see her.
And after that I´m gonna make a desicion in life.
And it´s a hard desicion, so be prepered. I know I have to.

Peace and love to everyone.

Breakfast at Tiffanys, no Lee!

Woke up in my bed, someone was next to me.
WTF! Oh, yes now I remember.
It was only Jocelyn. *puhja*
Headache. Still drunk? Music is still on.
We totally passed out last night.
But okey, it was 04.30 when we went to bed. So maybe that´s why?
Well anyway, we were reeeeeally hungry this morning, so we went down to the supermarket.
(just next to my building = perfect)
Just had to take a photo of this lovely little idiot in the store hahahahahaha.

And I have to say that : WE ARE THE BEST OF THE BEST,
Doing a good, nice, awesome, tasty...
yes, the best breakfast ever.

We know our thing. And I´ve heard from the guys that I would be
the perfect wife. :) *yeeees*

Fresh juices from Brämhult. Cranberry, green tea with fresh vegetables.
Fresh milk (no lactose), scramble eggs and bacon, watermelon, coffee,
smoothies, bread (bullar) with butter, gouda cheese, ham,
"shrimpcheese" a sort of softcheese. It´s like butter.


Like all the chefs would say : It fucks my mouth!
I love you Jocelyn! :)

I sure try to hide in my hoodie and behind my glasses.
But it´s hard when you can see the bright colours on my hoodie,
and everybody recognize me. haha.
It´s just because I´m so cool :) Tsssss*

Today we celebrate Midsummer in Sweden.
I just came out from the shower, gonna get ready for taking
the bus out to the country side in Genarp.
I have no idea what kind of people who´s there, so it´s gonna be a suprise.
I love meeting new people. Everybody who knows me, know that to.

Oy, nada mas bloging para mi.
(totally wrong grama, but what the heck, I improvise haha)

Glenns pictures from Germany

Here is the better picture I took, That Glenn had on his camera.
I love it, it´s awesome....

And me, with a big Swedish pear cider. In Germany.
What a lucky day =)

Me, looking out the sea from the ferry.
With my new espadrillos on, made of hemp. So nice it was.

Two goofy idiots on our way to Germany.
This is where we stopped in Denmark and took a smoking break.
Me and Marcello goofed around.
You can´t do anything else then love this guy. haha.

Now I have to take a shower/bath cuz I stink.
My nose is red, and my throat is swollen, and it´s midsummer tomorrow.
Fuck this shit. I´m just gonna drink tea and eat soup today.
So I feel better.

See you later darlings.

Called in sick....

Hey. Look what I made today while just beeing home, sick.
Love beeing sick and just doing stuff while you´re home.
Nice huh?


For the one who never listened to Thievery Corporation....
You guys have missed something, ok!!!

I still have my cd I´ve got from Santa Claus. =)
And I love it. It´s my chillout-cd.
Listen to the song. Me like alot.

I just woke up. Sat my alarm really early this morning.
I wanted to go out, bring my computer, take a coffey somewhere,
breat some fresh air,eat a nice breakfast and look at silly people - alone.
But when I looked out the window I felt - eeehhhhmmm.... NOOOO!!
And I have a hard time to breath.. My allergi is killng me.
Yesterday I was coughts so much, I cough blood.
And I don´t belive it´s the allergi either. I take so much medicine and it doesn´t help.
When I was away, I didn´t have ANY problem breathing.
(It´s the throath that feels dry)

I´m gonna get dressed and get out to town soon.
I feel like playing with kids today. Why don´t I have a kid right now haha.
Well, up from the bed.
Find some people I like, that knows what respect is.
I´m gonna blog about respect later.

I´m off. Ciao.

Hasta luego amigos

Bored at home...

A normal day....

Some days I don´t have ANYTHING to do.
And some days, my schedule is so full I don´t have time to breath.
This is a day I thought was full. But after work and the gym I was like ....
- Hmmmmm.... now what?
I knew it was so many things I needed to do.
But was it important, did I really needed to do it?
Probably not, cuz I don´t remember them. Haha.

So I went home, cleaned my room and a little bit more in the appartment.
Did some food, watched some tv, some more tv....
And allright - time is now 22.30 and Maja and Malin is on their way over here.
I´m so bored.  I need something to do.
Sometimes I can´t relax when I want to. I feel like a kid who has ADHD.
I need a new hobby maybe?

Or wait a minute....

But I really can´t find the man in my dreams.
And who takes my breath away.
And I´m to tired of looking for one.

yeah yeah.... smell you later. XOXO

Look at this sweet sweet beer.
In the middle of the Caribbean, a SOL is perfect.
The picture don´t have anything to do with the text.
Just stole it from Sanna, when we were sailing with Boy-Lee.
(I´m Girl-Lee)

Look´s nice huh?


Soon it´s midsummer in Sweden.
I have no idea what I´m gonna do.
Maybe stay with my dad or something.
Or my new roomies out in Genarp, on the country.
One thing is sure, I don´t want to be in a big city on midsummer.
That´s a tradition. Drinking snaps, eat cooked potatoes, sill,
And the weather is gonna be GOOD. Do you understand me??
Fucking awesome. OKEY??
Time is going very quickly. Specially when you´re having fun.
It´s allready june, but the weather is not that good yet.
I sure hope it´s coming.
Typical Swedish summer. Rain, sun, rain, sun... COME ON!!!
So, if it´s raining on Midsummer - I´m gonna be pissed!!!! HAHA.

Midsummer dance.

Well, I have a lot of things on my mind the coming days.
Figure many things out. If I only were rich, it would be so much easier.
I´m not gonna work at Maguro anymore either.
So, what I´m saying.... figure something out.
Well, now I can sell some alcohol and make some money hahahaha.

Hangout place at my crib tonight. With my crew. =)
Love. <3


When you are bored in a car, you can always take pictures of stuff... =)

Smokers Lounge. That´s the shit haaaahahahaha...

Maybe not the best picture ever. The picture I took with Glenns camera was much better.
It´s in the tunnle, from Denmark back to Sweden.

Bridge Denmark / Sweden.


And some more SHOPPING!!!!!!! =)
I have booz for a whole year now. So fucking sweet.
And it´s very good that you save so much money on it.



Has been a long day today. Sunday and everything.
So I´m laying in bed by now. Up to work early tomorrow.
And then I´m gonna continue my plans in my head -
For my future and my summer and traveling.

It´s on the right way anyway.
I´m telling you more tomorrow.

Goodnight Sweden.
XOXO / Lee

Pictures of the week / end

Today I´m gonna let the pictures do the talking.
I don´t have the time to blog today.
I´m on my way to Germany.

"Jag har glimten in ögat" in Swedish means that "I´ve got the spark in my eye"
And I do.  =) Picture taken by My Carlsson.

Breakfast at My´s flat.        Sleepover at My´s            Champagne and Strawberry.
           FOOD!!! =)                   Magnus and Zanna            Linus and Marcello
                                                   show me so love.          show me some love to.
Maja likes it big?               Magnus, me, Erik, Nicole        
                                                   and littlebrother (?)                                                              
Adam is lookin´       Picture that Jonas   Just Glenn. haha.  
cool in my                  did on My´s back.

Linus cool wall. :)

Me and Jonas. Well, you can´t really see me, just my boobs. haha
But I liked the picture =)

Family. My brother is doing much better.
Thanx for this week everybody. Has been a great time to spend with people I love.
I´m off to Germany. 
Btw. my feets are cold, I´m freezin´ .....

I´m sending everybody I know soooo much love.
Take it or leave it. :)


A thought...A gift...

Sometimes I wonder if I have a gift.
Well, I think that all people around the world have a certain gift somehow.
I think that I have a deeper gift. I can´t explain how, cuz I don´t know myself.
Couple of months ago a wise man that I dated back then,
told me that I just have to control my mind.
I couldn´t back then, I was just  lonely and sad inside. But I grew stronger everyday.

My mind focused on things I never focosed on before.
Like another part of my brain I just found out I had. (sounds weird)
Yesterday I had this wonderful feeling in my body.
When I came home, I had this déjavús again. Many of them.
And at Johans place to. I am more openminded now compared to before.
It´s like you know, but you can´t put your finger on it.
The same with my dreams. I have to start writing them down again.
People can belive me that I am crazy, but I belive something else.
Maybe I am crazy?
I can have a feeling like I´ve been there before.
Maybe in a dream, maybe in another life, another dimension.
Who knows? I can´t tell you.

I had a dream that one of my friend got hurted really bad.
So I hope that he is allright.
One time when I was at a fortune teller, I wrote everything down.
I found the papers the other day. And this was years ago.
Everything maked sense, but something was missing.
Someone beside me. But I know my time will come soon.
I don´t really have time for it now anyway.
Just miss to cuddle with someone, and who cares about me.

I think that everything happens for a reason.
I have a good karma right now, and it´s just me who can control it.
My life ended up absolutely perfect.
I got a new room in a appartment with wonderful guys, like I always wanted.
I gave away my cat, maybe I didn´t want that. But I think that was the best thing to do.
But I still miss her like a mother fucker.
I got a new job in the restaurant business, like I wanted.

It´s amazing, and I am so lucky.
So, look at everything I´ve done during the last year.
My checklist is almost empty by now.
I went to Mexico and Vegas.
I swam with dolphins,
hold a shark,
almost got married just for fun in Vegas,
worked as a bartender,
sailing in the Caribbean
went to a stripclub....
And the list goes on.
But every part I just wrote down. Was a "TO DO" list.

I met the most talented, amazing and friendliest people ever,when I was on my trip in Mexico.
That made ME even stronger. And the best thing I ever done was to stay in Mexico alone.
The whole trip changed then. It was like I´ve been to two trips. 
I ordered a backpack yesterday, to have when it´s time for me to escape from Sweden and never come back.

More to come about my thoughts another day....
This picture. It feels like a dream.
Have I been there? It was to good to be true.
I just woke up and .... hmmm... Have I?

..Oh.. I´ve got a cold... Gah...


Oh it was such a good concert.
Alborosie was amazing to see live, and we danced all night long.
We had so much fun, and we sang for Fredrik 2 times, cuz it was his birthday.
I can imagine it was a nice birthday.
It feels like sunday today, but nooooo it´s wednesday.
Hungover after the concert.


Fredrik, one of my dudes.

We had so much fun. I enjoy all the time with my new roomies.
Me and Maja talked about it yesterday and suddenly I realized that my two roomies
are a Swedish copy of Goo and Sutto from Australia.  That we met in Mexico,
Well, Giovanni isn´t Swedish but... It´s so nice living here.

This morning I woke up really early. I turned on my computer.
Answered some e-mails and went to bed again.
Maja calls me and she came over and we had a huge breakfast together at my place.
It was really yum yum.

After the breakfast we just sat and talked, when suddenly a dove flew up to the window.
Sat there for a while and flew away again.
We live pretty high up, and why at our window?
WTF? Me and Maja think it was a sign of something.
It felt like a sign anyway.

Well, just came home from Johans place.
Been with all my dudes, playing cards all night long.
It´s so nice being around all those guys sometimes.
They are so goofy and I fucking love all of them. I really do :)

Well, time for bed. Gym and work tomorrow.
On this saturday I´m going to Germany. Finally. Yes. Boooooooz!!

Peace out M.F.  =)

The new Swedish KRONA!!

Just woke up, ate some breakfast.

And the tv is on in the background, while I´m waking up a bit.

The tv got my attension when I heard the Mexican music.

It´s a realestate program in Mexico.

So lovely appartments and villas. Just when I tryed to get over Mexico.

Gah. Ooohh... It looks so nice.
They should se the mansion we lived in, before I went home.

Hmmmm .....

Couple of days ago, I got my change back when I bought a beer.
I looked at the krona. And it looked weird.
This is not a krona!
How can it be that I´ve missed this?
They have changed the Swedish krona!!
No news, no information at all about this. HOW COME?
Or is it just me who missed it?


This is the new 1-krona.
and this is one of the old ones.

My fucked up day....

Just been hanging around in our livingroom.
Me, Fredrik and Maja.
Watched the Swedish comedian Magnus Betnér.
He is so hilarious, and everything he says is so right.

Long day tomorrow, so have to go to bed soon.
Went to the gym after work today.
Got my bike from the basement. Found a key to the lock ...woho :)
I could open it, but then I couldn´t lock it again.
Crappy lock. So I had to buy a new one :(

I feel sensetive and lonely.
But I guess it´s just me having my period....?
I just want to cry, and have someone who takes care of me.

I think I panic a little bit of my work.
I maybe be a bit slow - but I want it to be perfect.
I don´t like to stress, but what to do....
I just have to take the step and do it, I know!
It´s just about me and what I am doing.
So I don´t really have to panic. I´m a big girl and I know that I can handle it.
I´m not afraid of many things, (almost nothing) ... but this frightens me.

Same feeling when I started working in a bar.
Same feeling when I didn´t went home to Sweden and I was alone in Mexico.
Same feeling when we all got fired from the hotel we worked at.
I PANICED!! But I knew I could handle it.
But over there, I could handle it better though...

I know I don´t have to worry. And I just have to pull myself together and try to be awesome!
I can do it.

Now it´s 2 ½ men on tv, for the third time today.
I guess I´m gonna sleep now.

BTW - My two new boyfriends - Fredrik and Giovanni - my roomies - is awesome!!!
I like them alot allready.

Have a good one. And .... cool you´r jets mate.
BTW again... This is PYGMY JERBOA.
A mouse? or WTF is it?

See you tomorrow. XoXo Lee


It´s time for all the students to celebrate their graduation i Sweden.
Same shit every year. Same songs bla bla bla.
I miss it, I want to graduate again.
Great moment in my life, even if I was really really drunk.
(most of the whole day...)
smuggled in some booz to my school, and had so much fun I almost forgot to graduate.
HAHAHAHA (that is so me)
For me, this seems like it was yesterday.
But hmmmmm.... it wasn´t. It was 5 years ago.
What happened during these 5 years?
That is my class on the pictues.
All my girls. But what happened to them?
Yes, you´re moving on, in life.
But God I miss the crazy "school-life" I was living before sometimes.
But just sometimes. We had so much fun.
And we were so young and stupid haha :)

Time for bed.
Had a great sunday today. But I´m so tired.
Goodnight Sweden!!

Picture of the day....

- Oh, Hellooooouuuu....

Why can´t I stop laugh at this funny picture??
It´s so cute. Look at him. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

Me and My (that´s her name) LOVES my bed.
Or actually, it´s her bed.
I just borrowed it...

Sorry, it´s sunday. I´m tired. Gooooood, Sooooo tired.
Can´t focus on anything right now.

Have to sleep some more before I go out again.
MY has been sleeping for a while now, in my (or her) bed. Haha.


Icecream man!

Hola amigos.

I remember the first day I came home.
On the train from Copenhagen to Malmö, I was thinking:
" I wonder what I missed back home "

The first I see when I came out of from the train, at the central station in Malmö is . . . .
Aaaaaand, after being single in almost 30 years, he got himself a LADY!!
After so many years? WOW!!!
I´m impressed.

For the people who doesn´t know the Swedish Ice-cream man, you should be a shame.
Many years, this man has been a ICON for Swedish icecream.
Many teenager has stolen him many times to.
I have just HUMPED him

Her he is,couple of years ago. Single, and loose.
With me in the back, humping this georgeous good looking man.

Saturday night live in my bed with Jossan.
Yeah, beers and shit. Nice.

Smell u later

Resumé of the week.

I finally got my Espadrillos.
I ordered TWO, and yesterday I´ve got a pair of RED and a pair with blue stripes and shit.
Very very cute :)
I seriously think that THIS shoe, is gonna be a HIT this summer.
And it´s ecologic made etc. I like it.

I love living on Möllan, and the guys and me are getting along very good, so far.
I´m going on a concert with them on tuesday.
We are gonna see Alborosie on KB. =)
I wish that Brazilian Girls are coming to Sweden. That would be soooooo cool! :)
And we are going to Germany next saturday to buy some booz! =) 

Otherwise, my week has been loaded with cash
from the new girl that lives in my appartment and from the Försäkringskassa.
I bought this so keep my clothes in.
What do you think? 100 kronors. :) :) :)

I´ve been working, and my mind has been so relaxed for the last week.
I´m getting more focused in the kitchen, and starting to know everything now.
Feels good and more secure. I feel so good in my soul. I really do.
I´ve been to the gym almost everyday now and I´ve had so much to do all the time.
Okey, it has been a littlebit stressful, but I´m use to it.
Maybe I just try to NOT think about some things,
and try to get in the life they call REALITY again? Yepp, I think that´s it.
But everything reminds me of things over there.
Specially this GOOD Guacamole I did yesterday.
Yum, yum, yum. I love it. I miss it so much.

Yesterday me and Mia (the waitress at my work) went out and took an
"after-work" on Möllan and took a couple of ciders, to celebrate the weekend.
And two days off! :) Here she is, goofing around at work.

And finally, I´ve been to Folkets park with Sofie and Johan.
Her he is a little poser to the camera, not thinking of it.
This is late at night, and we are going home.

So, this is my week ... in pictures...
More to come later. After the weekend ;)

Cheers mates. Love.

Picture of the day...

Isla Mujeres, Mexico.

Tim Pilgrim (Goo) and Me (a littlebit gay?)


First of all, I don´t belive everything I read.
But This is so true.
It´s meeeeeee.... The Aquarius. Weeeeee....
How can it be like that?
And, second of all.... I continued my reading and found my horoscope for this month.
And, everything of it, is true. So, fucking true!
It´s fucking amazing.

JUNE 2009


You have finally drawn the line and taken back your personal life. Bravo!
The months you have spent serving the needs of others certainly
earned you endless brownie points and even a few stars on your crown in heaven.
Now it´s time to scratch your own back. No more meaningless sacrifices.
June will be a month for you to refocus your efforts and get all of your ducks in a row.
The emotional chaos of May is subsiding.
You should now be able to relax and even to socialize.
Still have your eye on that crush that you didn't have time to pursue?
Make the move in June.
This new love interest of yours is likely to be somewhat old-fashioned.
Could be a Cancer or a Libra.
Be sure not to startle him or her by some inappropriate remark, brusque tone or rude gesture.
Keep your distance at first. A picnic or a coffee date
might be just the ticket you need to warm this person up.
As you gain more control of your life, it is essential to feel top-notch physically.
Focus on eating a balanced diet that hits every food group. Concentrate on meals.
Remove snacks from your daily life. Replace bleached flour with whole wheat.
Whole-grain bread, brown rice and wheat pasta are great alternatives.
Increase your daily water intake. Eight 8 oz glasses (aside from sodas etc) is a bare minimum.
The Aquarius/Rat
Something about these Rats makes them cleverer,
more gifted and versatile than all the others. They are magic!
Originals, Bohemian geniuses, artists, experimental thinkers and solid citizens.
Love with this Rat is a roller coaster ride in outer space.

Onward and upward should be the motto of this completely idealistic,
experimental and I might add majestic character.
Aquarius the individualist married to the aggressive and charming Rat character affords us a being of immense personal magnetism and derring-do.
On the one hand, the Aquarian born Rat seeks to accumulate material possessions.
On the other, this person cares less about tangibles than I do about Eskimo fertility rites.
He's a bohemian with a bourgeois streak.
A hippie sophisticate. He wants to be free and unencumbered.
But he cannot stand to be alone.
He wants to ride a black stallion on the beach in the wind, but he's not mad about horses.
A contradictory nature full of excellent intentions,
the Aquarius/Rat somersaults through life,
stopping only to exhibit the fruits of his immense talent here and there as he tumbles along. Sex with this person is like being on a merry-go-round of pleasure.
Mind you, the erotic temperament of Aquarians born in Rat years is very uneven.
So you won't be in the amusement park every day of the week.
But when you are, it's pure paradise.
This creature understands so much about human beings and about life and well.
about sex and its peaks and valleys.

WOOD - My chinese element
Wood is characterized by the color green.
Wood heralds the beginning of life, springtime and buds, sensuality and fecundity.
Wood's influence affects the liver, the gallbladder and, by extension, the digestion.
Wood needs moisture to thrive.
Its two opposite yet equally emotional forces are rage and altruism.
The Wood person will be expansive, outgoing and socially conscious.


Life is short
Break the rules
Forgive quickly
Kiss passionately
Love truly
Laugh constantly
And never stop smiling no matter how strange life is.
Life is not always the party we expected to be,
but as long as we are here, we should smile and be alive

I stole this text from my friend Sofie.
What a wooooonderful lovely girl you are.
Like you said to me, I say the same to you.



Some more meatballs

Just woke up. Tired, have to go to work.
I had a dream I was e-mailing Santa Claus,
asking him when he is supposed to come to Europe etc.

So I checked my e-mail when I woke up.
And I have received an e-mail from Santa Claus.
So I replied and asked him haha.

He took a picture from Café Mogagua, the last day they were there.
And he sendt it to me.
I guess it was because I made meatballs
with mashed potatoes at Hi-Na-Ha.


And I´ve been eating meatballs for the last 4 days. Haha.
Back to sushi again. :)

So long suckers.

No longer on Östra Förstadsgatan

Finally I came away from that room.
Didn´t feel good. But I tryed.
Not so close to work anymore :(
But I love my new place :)

Cheers to me!!!



Meatballs, mashed potatoes, unions, swedish lingonberrys and "brown saus"
as we say in Swedish. I have noooooooo idea what´s it called in english, sorry!
This is my third or fourth day I´m eating meatballs.
As you can see on the picture, there was many of them!! =)

Yum Yum Yum!!!

Everybody dance now...

This is how it looks like when you stand in a window and try to dance. =)

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