Sacred Geometry in real life

I am very fascinated by the sacred geometry and spirals.
This have been hunting me for a while and the
more I read the more interesting it gets.
Mostly because I have been experienced it in real life. 
It feels like I'm reading about my own experiences,
but I have never known what it is. 
And now I get the answers.
The spirals started hunting me since I visited Isla Mujeres in Mexico.
The circle of life, unity etc.
Then I started seeing spirals everywhere.
I still do, but not as often.
This is the symbol that I tattooed on my arm.
It's Mayan and it's called Hunab Ku.
I know it's not a spiral, but it's connected. 
White and black, yin & yang etc.
This is also very powerful to me. 
It stands for transformation.
Read more about it here: 
It's something beautiful.
Somthing I can't explain.
Something that is extra ordinary.
Something that is not "normal" to this world ....yet.
I think this is something that we will experience in a different life.
Or when we have been waking up and are ready for it.
The people I know that have been close to a near death experience, 
know a lot about the spiritual world.
Why is that?
What is it that opens up for us?
Or what is it in the human brain that opens up
when we do a psychadelic drug?
I have to say that I have been close to a near death experience,
but this is something I have barely told anyone.
It happened in Thailand.
I left my body.
And my body litterally just collapsed on the ground.
It was frightening, but it was amazing at the same time.
It took me couple of seconds, and I came back again.
I can not say what happened to me except that I wasn't there.
I couldn't move.
I have to add that all this I'm writing has been without drugs.
I am honest and I will tell you that I had an experience long time
ago when I was taking muschrooms. (please don't judge)
That completely change my view of this world.
It was a complete spiritual experience.
And it was beautiful. Amazing and vibrating.
And since that day, my intuition have been getting stronger and stronger.
That was the first time I experienced to see the sacred geometry.
And the chakra colors.
It's different shapes all the time. And different changing vibrating colors.
It's been coming more and more to me lately.
When I'm completely sober.
Sometimes I have to close my eyes or shake my head to see
if it's correct what I'm seeing.
I mostly get it when I've been sleeping, wake up from a dream, or just laying down.
I don't know if I should write too much about it without sounding like I'm going koko.
But since I decided that this blog from now on is going to be about
my spiritual experiences,
so I will write about it and I don't care what other people think.
Believe me, I think I'm going insane many time anyway. 
I most of the time experience vibrations, or wave like patterns.
Everything is vibrations, energy and to hallucinate without drugs is really trippy.
It's not something that I see all the time, it just comes to me from time to time.
But it's beautiful. 
So, what ever you do. Enjoy this and don't freak out if it happens to you.
You are waking up, you start to realize that this world isn't how it suppose to be.
This is just the beginning.
Everything is going to be just fine in the end.
Just make the best of the situation.
And LOVE. Don't forget to love. 
This is the most important.
But... start with yourself.
While starting to do that, more love will be spread around you.

Your life can change in a matter of a second

I remember that Swami (one of my Gurus) had a talk about following your

spiritual path and that the people who chooses to walk this path in life,

will often get many obstacles and challenges in the way.

Their whole life might even be completely changed and transformed.

They say it’s the negative energies of the Universe who desides if you should

walk this path and the more you will follow this path, challenges will show up.

It’s just a test, and if you are strong enough you will survive the challenges.

Or you need to re-think.


It’s about lowering your ego, practice your patient,
and learning how to ACCEPT and then let go.

The more information you’ll get when it comes to your spiritual path,

the more information you want, because you realize that you know nothing.

And some might feel more lost than ever.


I’m one of them who changed, who transformed.

And my life is completely changed, to the better.

But it also has it’s challenges, even my plans /

my life can change in a matter of a second. Which it did recently.

It took a lot of courage to take the big step out of the bubble I lived in, in Sweden.

Way too many people live inside of that bubble.

I went from party girl to a yogi hippie.

And the last one is the real me, the one I’ve always have been deep within.

I just tried to hide myself in todays society and cared way too much about what

other people were thinking about me and how I should act etc.

Today I would say, I’m the exact opposite.

I don't give a FUCK about what you think because

I realized it's my life and I do what makes me happy.


I lived alone in the jungle in Thailand for a long time.

I had my space, time for myself, to grow, to learn,

to educate, and many many challenges of course.

This made me stronger and I learned by my mistakes.

Believe me, I still do.


I lived a good life for a very long time in the jungle in Thailand AND

on a paradise island in Mexico.

I experienced love on so many different levels and the hardest part

is always the goodbyes.

Those who come into your life for a reason,

maybe not for long but for you to learn something from it and then let go.

It’s easier said than done to let those people go.

And only Universe will let you know if you will find your way back to each other.



My spiritual path that I’ve been walking for couple of years,

working on myself have been a challenge. Mostly mentally.

I had a good time for a long time and tons of fun,

until Universe decided that it was time for me to get back to ”reality” for a while.

But the life I lived in Sweden wasn't reality for me any more.

When I was away I experienced real life, real happiness, real love,

real friendships but most of the people that I felt most connected to

were on the same level as I was myself.


We understood that we were here for a reason and that we all meet for a reason.

We make the best of the situation, we lower our egos and help others.

The only thing you need to bring with you on those trips is an open mind and love.

It’s more difficult over here, but of course there are some open minded people here,

but they are harder to find.

I try my best to be positive about being back.


Like I said; Everything happens for a reason.

What the reason is, I guess I find out sooner or later.

I had this conversation with ”Mr. Character” and he replied me:

- I think that the reason why you are home is for you to meet me.

I laughed it off. And so did he. Haha.

But the more I think about it now, there is definitely a reason behind all this.

And there is a truth in this. 

I always say, be careful with your words.

Now I also say, be careful with your thoughts.

We have more power of our brain than we ever could imagine.

So never underestimate the power of the human mind.


Wish it and you shall recieve.

Be more specific about when you want it and where.

Because like I said; Your life can change in a matter of a second.

If I never would have forgot my friend moms sweater in my bag,

and accidently forgot it at ”Mr Charaters” apartment,

I would never contact him and this whole thing

would probably never had happened, ever.

It turns out that after I contacted him about the sweater,

the sweater wasn’t there and my friend actually forgot it herself at the after party.

Smart ass!!! But I guess it was a reason behind that too.

The more I see him, the more I like him.

I don't know if that is good or bad, but I try to love no matter what.


Mostly actually because he has a great mind.

And great minds think alike. ;)

There you have it, I am attracted to smart people with big goals,

passion, fire, inspiration, motivation, willpower and kindness.

AND I HATE LIARS. If there is anything I hate in this world, it’s liars.

If you want to be a part of my life, all I ask for is HONESTY and RESPECT!

Not much more than that… Pretty easy.


So, be honest…

respectful, wish, be specific, receive, be kind, loving and never stop traveling! 

A karmic cycle?

I decided that this blog is going to have a change
since I started writing in it again.
I decided that it's going to be more about my spiritual experience
rather than what I did yesterday or what ever.
You people might think I'm crazy, but you know what? I am! :)
Or as we call it in Swedish: FLUMMIG!
Ever since I was in Mexico on Isla Mujeres,
I've become more aware of what's happening to me.
I can't say that I know 100 % of what is going on, but my awareness is stronger.
Right now it feels like I'm going in a circle.
A karmic cycle that goes around and around that I have to break out of.
I mentioned this to others and I need to break myself out of it.
I won't say that I'm doing something wrong,
but there is apparently something I need to change.
And I'm trying to figure it out.
In situations that I've been in before,
I try to take a different path and see where it takes me.
Risk taker? Yes, that's me.
But how else would you know or grow?
Many times (specially on the island),
I've experienced that I'm doing the same thing but with different people.
People remind me of others,
and they even can look a like other people that I've met before.
They can do the same things, mean as much, say the same things
and this can make you go totally insane.
Sometimes it feels like I'm in a dream and I have to pinch myself.
In both good and bad.
I learn from every mistake and when I don't,
I apparently have to do the mistakes over again until I learn.
I don't take everything too serious these days.
(Otherwise I'm really Swedish)
Life is just a game and it's not like we are going to get out of it alive.
The last time I was on the island I met a local man, let's call him Papi. 
I normally never date any locals because I know how they are.
Specially the latino ones ;) haha
I won't go into details but things didn't end that well between us.
But he will always mean a lot to me anyway.
When I came home to Sweden again and I just started to "forget" about him
and tried to accept and let go of everything that happened between us,
I "bump" into a man that reminds me of him.
Literally the same day.
He was just there and I kind of had to go through some stuff again.
Of course he is different in many ways and not the same person,
but it felt like him in spirit sometimes.
Same style, same long dreads, same latino accent,
same speach, and he even did same things as he did - But it wasn't him. 
It was a different energy and I felt what I felt with Papi.
It reminded me in both good and bad things.
And if you just met someone, I didn't want to be going "crazy"
over things like this but it made me go a bit too crazy in my head sometimes.
But, I kept most of it inside of myself (Or I write it down).
And it's not the first time it happens.
This is just one story.
Not enough; What are the odds that he lived on the same island in Mexico?
What are the odds that we have same friends in Mexico
and we both meet here in Sweden?
And he more or less had the same lifestyle as Papi?
Is this the law of attraction again?
I think so. 
This time I learned my lesson already and I will not get emotionally involved.
And, he has a girl friend so I'm absolutely not getting involved.
But I do feel connected and I think that he could be a good friend in the future.
Actually he already is!
I believe in him, but I never believe in lies.
I heard them already and I'm too smart for the smooth talk. (Sometimes)
Karmic cycle?
Who knows if this is a part of it....
But it feels like I broke out of ONE pattern already.
Everyone knows deep within of what's right and wrong.
And only YOU decide what emotion is going to survive.
The one you feed.
This is a good quote I really like:
That's it for today!
Hasta luego amigos, grande besos!!! 
Spread love and not lies.
Truth will always come out sooner or later.
Be good to people.
Much love, Lee Lee

Mental... intuition again?

I'm continuing writing about what I wrote yesterday
about "bumping into" the guy, let's call him Mr. Charachter.
I actually saw him 4 times yesterday.
When I decided to go out today, I didn't know where to go.
I just needed to go out in the sun and not sit inside the appartment.
I brought myself some studying stuff with me and some music.
I decided to leave when my battery was out on my phone.
Since I had my first day at my new job,
I needed to have a phone with a working battery.
When I take my bike from the park,
I see him sitting on one of the benches in the park.
I pass him. AGAIN. WTF!
This is freaky. 
The law of attraction?
When I came to work, (I'm working with taking care of a disabled boy)
The other girl that works for him as well,
opens the door before I was half way to the door.
I thought she knew that I was comming, but she wasn't.
She was taking out the garbage.
The first thing she tells me was; GOOD INTUITION.
I like her already.
A loving, smart, warm hearted and spiritual young woman.
We talked later that day and she talked about spirituallity with me.
Everyone is starting to opening up to me.
More people than I never imagined. 
New friends, new souls, new connections.
It warms my heart every time some random stranger talks about this stuff with me
and they understand, they can listen,
and every single one of them have a story to tell.
The people are waking up! 
And I fall in love with everyone who shows me a little bit of their soul.
We are all connected one way or another.
And I'm so happy that I met some people since I came back home to Sweden again.
I got a new crowd (even if I got some old ones left haha)
But it's in me, I changed.
And I really do believe in this LAW OF ATTRACTION thing.
I send out a completely different energy.
So I attract certain things that I didn't do before.
And I know it.
And I love it. I'm alive. I'm on fire but best of all - I LOVE MYSELF!
This is the best feeling.



I know I'm blogging for but here I can write more about my feelings and my thoughts, differently to my "traveling life".
So I guess my blog is back in business. :)

Sometimes I wonder why I do what I do when I do certain things.
I am fully aware of what I am doing, but I don’t know why I do it.
Some people might think that I do stuff without thinking.
Impuls. I call it guts or intuition.
For sure you always do things for a reason.
Maybe not the reason that you wanted it to be in the first place,
but something just told you to.
But for what reason?
I believe that everything happens for a reason and if it’s not a lesson, it’s a blessing.

Here is ONE out of many examples:

This just happened.
I was suppose to study 30 minutes ago but,
I just felt like going to the store and buy some groceries.
I didn’t need to but I did it anyway.
When I came to the store, I pass the store on my bike and I continue because
I thought it would be better if I took the other store today.
Why? I don't know.
The thought hitted me and I thought;
- Well, there must be a reason for me to go to this store today instead.
When I came further down the street I turned around and
I went another way to the store.
Why? I don’t know.
I just did it. 

I had the same thought in my head.
Maybe I was suppose to meet someone or see someone I know on the way?
I manifested it and literally 1 minute later,
I pass the guy I just went out with the same day.
I whistled to him but he never noticed me. I smiled to myself.
So, was this the reason?
I show up at the store and the store was closed.
I took my bike back to the store that I passed the first time.
And on the way back I pass him again.
On a completely different street of course.
This time I told him not to follow me.
And he said; ”Just when you are talking about it”.
-Talking about what?
-Beautiful women. ;)
So was he talking/thinking about me too? 
Was this a coinsidence or was it just ment to be
that I saw him 3 times on the same day?
Was this the reason for me to go grocery shopping?
I guess so.
No, I know so.

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