Mental... intuition again?

I'm continuing writing about what I wrote yesterday
about "bumping into" the guy, let's call him Mr. Charachter.
I actually saw him 4 times yesterday.
When I decided to go out today, I didn't know where to go.
I just needed to go out in the sun and not sit inside the appartment.
I brought myself some studying stuff with me and some music.
I decided to leave when my battery was out on my phone.
Since I had my first day at my new job,
I needed to have a phone with a working battery.
When I take my bike from the park,
I see him sitting on one of the benches in the park.
I pass him. AGAIN. WTF!
This is freaky. 
The law of attraction?
When I came to work, (I'm working with taking care of a disabled boy)
The other girl that works for him as well,
opens the door before I was half way to the door.
I thought she knew that I was comming, but she wasn't.
She was taking out the garbage.
The first thing she tells me was; GOOD INTUITION.
I like her already.
A loving, smart, warm hearted and spiritual young woman.
We talked later that day and she talked about spirituallity with me.
Everyone is starting to opening up to me.
More people than I never imagined. 
New friends, new souls, new connections.
It warms my heart every time some random stranger talks about this stuff with me
and they understand, they can listen,
and every single one of them have a story to tell.
The people are waking up! 
And I fall in love with everyone who shows me a little bit of their soul.
We are all connected one way or another.
And I'm so happy that I met some people since I came back home to Sweden again.
I got a new crowd (even if I got some old ones left haha)
But it's in me, I changed.
And I really do believe in this LAW OF ATTRACTION thing.
I send out a completely different energy.
So I attract certain things that I didn't do before.
And I know it.
And I love it. I'm alive. I'm on fire but best of all - I LOVE MYSELF!
This is the best feeling.


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