Home sweet home!

I know it's been a while since I wrote.
Like always. Sorry for that.
I'm home in cold ass Sweden again.
It suppose to be summer here, but I'm not sure about that...
I arrived on Midsummer eve, traveling for 2 days straight almost.
A stop over in Dubai for couple of hours... Had to say Hi to Deana (David's ex).
Midsummer, wasn't really planned for me and I didn't have so much energy
to party with the rest of the people so I went home to my steph father Leif
with my siblings and mother and had a BBQ.
After that I went home. 
Jonas was working and I spent the rest of the night together with Jojje and Marcello.
The past days since I came home have just been unpacking,
sorting out all my stuff etc.
Have been trying out slackline for 2 days. Very fun! 
Good for core and balance.
Jonas is going to buy one and we will have one in our yard!
He is also really hooked on this thing...
The reason why I write today is because I somehow "bump into" Americans all the time.
I know I have a thing for Americans... I don't know why.
And somehow mostly Californians.
For a really really long time I had the feeling that something is calling me in Cali.
I don't know what it is but I just have the need to go there...
Today it happened again.
I had my first work day. At Kastrup, Copenhagen Airport.
What my job is, is to pick up costumers from the airport
with a ABSOLUT sign from ABSOLUT VODKA.
Give them their train tickets,
call a cab that will pick them up and make sure they'll get on the train!
And... what happens... ?
3 of the 11 people are Americans but all of them lives in Amsterdam.
One New Yorker and 2 Californians... 
If I could go there right now, I would... 
And I know I will go there soon. 
Who knows, maybe Mr. Right is there?
Or maybe someone else... Who knows what my plans are there?
I just know that I need to go... 

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