This was a gift from my mom.
Don´t know the story behind it... She has so many things.
But anyway. She wanted to give it to me.
And I liked it (for once) so of course I said yes =)
It´s my lucky hippie coin.
And American too :) An old coin, 10 dollars woho.
So this is how it looks like....

Love you.

Me, with my hippie lucky coin neckless on.
Looking hippie =)

I´ll take tequila with liiiiiime


Got this video from a friend on the island, Isla Mujeres in Mexico.
Some dude record it and made the music video on Isla Mujeres.
And it´s really good actually. I like it alot.
Brings back alot of memories. Is niiiiiice :)
And you recognize faces in the video...
So I thought that I would upload it.


A deep thought!

I hate games. But why do we want to play this games?
You don´t want to, but you have to try it. Maybe the bad luck can turn good?
But in the end, the game will win before you.
You fall down in a big black hole, then you are stuck there until the game wins,
and you are once again a looser.
That´s why I don´t play games. I´ve quited with that.
But there is one game, I still want to play somehow, and win btw.
But I will never win that game. It´s like...impossible...
I realized that I am too good for the game though.

In the same second... a super mario melody on my phone plays.


At least I still have my chanse of winning the game. I haven´t lost yet.



I don´t know if my translation of this cute animal is right.
But the translation of my program on my computer says:


Well, These cute ladybugs...They attacted Malmö.
Big invasion. So if you think they are cute, if you see just one....
I dont´t think you like ALL THESE in the same time.....???

Photo: Fredrik Malmgren.

They are fucking everywhere....

Time for the gym.


I started to count the days now...
And there is not so many days left. Feels fucking good.
43 days. A bit more then a month.

Then I can relax and be happy again.
Cuz yes, I have felt kind of weird lately.
Really emotional and think that everybody is fucked up.
I think I just have to much sparetime and get restless.....
Maybe need a job??

But I know I am going to have the time of my life in Thailand.
And I know that the trip is going to be perfect.
A bird whispered it in my ear.

I hope that my future is like she said. Bright.
I´m looking forward to go on the beach in flip-flops.
Get a nice tan, eat thai-food, drink Singha beer and enjoy life.

Today I had tooooo much sparetime.
So, I did some South Park caracters...
This is Sofie Henriksson, the girl I am going to travel to Thailand with. :)
It is really a good look-a-like actually.

If you are tired of your life....

Just another picture I found from the trip

I think I took this picture. This is the McInnes brothers.
Did not spend so much time with them, but they were 2 cool goodlooking guys.

I remembered that I didn´t bring my camera that day.
But, we had alot of fun. Drinking beers and building beer-houses.
There was actually other tourists that came and took picture with us, building this house.

Me and Goo actually made the little "Christmas tree" as I called it, to the right.
(Palmstick with plastic from the sixpack beers,
decorated with cigarette filters and some caps from the beers)

We called it CHRISTMAS ART!!!

It took a long time until I get the picture.
There were 2 cameras that day, and I did not know them who had the cameras. damnit.
Somehow I found it. So Happy :)

Now.... Bed..... XXX moi.


Today: What a great fucking cake I did.
A mudcake, but not really muddy.

Yum Yum Yum.


Goodnight Sweden...

See you some other day... ta ta

I am not a whore...


I heard this song when I was in Las Vegas...
And I haven´t heard it since then.
Then a friend uploaded it on facebook.

I love it...

Ta ta

R E T A R D A T I O N . . .

This is how a hippie hillbilly in Sweden look like. hahahahahahaha.
(This is the market in Kivik)
You can dress however you like over there.... hahahahaha!

This is how your back looks like when you had 6000 nails on your back.

Yes, just me. Retarded. And I´m actually IN A WHEELCHAIR :D
Weeeeeee.... Retards love wheelchairs.

BTW..... There is a song named PATRON OF THE BAD COMEDIANS
Made by TIMTIM.

A very nice song. I like it. Alot. Nice memories.



The Brazilian Girls was in town. Maybe not THE Brazilian Girls.
But Brazilian Girls. Haha. Get it? ;)
I LOVE THIS FESTIVAL. It´s getting bigger and bigger for every year.

I love the carneval, the people, the music, the dancing.
Love, Love, Love.
Why can´t Möllan be like this every day? :)

And a bit of Mexico visited too hahahaha. Or something...

What a FUCKUP I AM!!!

I Feel Fucking Weird right now.
Can please someone tell me what the fuck I am doing?
Because I have no idea what I am doing right now.
I am so screwed.

Möllevångs festival


From my window friday morning. With Oriental music. Nice.



Jane likes to shop :)

Jane et moi :)

Me and Max. Bored. haha.

Later at night.  Linus, Me, Jonas and Johan.

Anybody there?

I don´t have so much more to say today....
Allready been writing one time today.
It´s just that I check my e-mail very often now....
And it hasn´t been anything there... for days.
I haven´t heard anything for a for a while now.
I wonder if everything is ok....?
Cuz I miss those e-mails in a way.
They kept me happy and satisfied for a while.

Independent Woman...

Yes. Today is a new day.
I just ate breakfast. And I feel very strong today.
Really independent. GIRL POWER YAY!!!!
I am going to be completely alone today.
I´m going to take my book and sit somewhere, alone.....and READ.
For like ONCE in life :)

Have to go down town first.
I made fish sandwishes for later, so I´m going to bring them too :)
Then I´m going to take a run in the Pildammspark with Sofie.
The Pildammspark is nice. It´s like our "Central Park" but in the Swedish way.
It´s going to be nice to run for a bit to.
Specially with my gym buddy Sofie :)


Cuz this is how I feel right now.
Lovely Homer. I love him.
I have to start all over again... and again....
Since Mexico, I´m pretty fucked when it comes to my workout.
And now MY FAVOURITE GYM EVER is closed, so my motivation is not the best ever.
But I try all the time. And specially now, since I´m leaving for Thailand....
I just need my "PEPP-TALK" with Göran I think,
and talk about food and shit so I can get up on my feets again.

I need to go on my sugar rehab again!

And now something else...

And I hate saying goodbye to people.
I hate it so much. Specially if I like them alot.
I don´t even want to think about it. But I do.
It´s going to be the same as with everyone else I´ve met.
And I guess crying is involved... again...

But let´s just stay positive instead.

It´s my time to leave soon. Again. YES!!
I love all of you. Now, I will READ :) Woho.

T a t a

Little brother....

As I told you before, my brother Jim and I spendt alot of time together the last couple of days.
My brother from another mother as he says. :)

He showed me some videos on Youtube that he and his friend made in school.
And I am so happy that I am not the only one that is retarded in my family. hahahahaha.
I totally loved them all. But most of all I liked the song they were singing.

I´ve been so happy the time he was here.
And everything came clear now.
I miss a family. I can´t say MY family, because it´s so split up.
Hmmm.. like everywhere.
I just miss A family. Finally I understand what´s wrong with me.
And why I have thoses problem I have today.
Childhood and separated parents. Catching.

Well, I was together with Josephine in Trelleborg today and did visit her grandmom.
Drank some coffee, listened to some gossip and ate some cookies.
It was nice. Her family is nice.

I bought a book at "Sök & Finn" yesterday.
I´ve been reading just couple of pages, and I am allready really stucked to it.
I would love to that everybody I do care about and love, read this book.
The only thing is that it is in english. No problem for me.
It´s just going to take some more time,
but meanwhile I will practice some more on my English. YAY!!!

DO IT!!!

Look it up, buy it. Read it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

A boring night

Hello everyone.

My little brother Jim has been at my place for two days now.
We had a great time, and I totally loved it.
I don´t see him everyday, so I enjoyed it really much.
And last night Josephine came to Malmö and the three of us went down to West Harbourn.

When we took the bus home, Malmö got attacked by small flyes.
And then Josephine was happy, so she could kill something.
She was like a kid on Christmas!!!

Look for yourself.


What is the problem with guys on Facebook?
They add you and they have no idea who you are.
I have my friends or people I´ve met on facebook.
That´s what it´s for, right?
Is facebook the new dating site???
Or what the fuck is the problem???
At least one guy add me a week. Ignore.

Well, it´s not easy being a celebrity. hahaha.
I am very close to colour my hair again to dark.
People just look at me as "A blond girl"
I fucking hate it.

An old pic. of my brown hair.
I want it back. :(

smell u later bitches


A very nice photo I found on Tim
Risking his life for a great shot in Guatemala.
That´s the crazy guy I can remember him as.
Had to upload it.

I was supposed to be there. With them. Fuck.

My retarded friends ♥ ♥ ♥

I don´t have so much to say today.
Just one thing that means alot for me.
I really miss you guys.
It´s just another day that I miss you. Alot.
You guys will always be in my mind.
The three of you helped me change my life.
Well, there are more but they don´t get their picture in the blog haha.
I hope I will see your retarded faces in Thailand.
(So I don´t have to miss you guys)

♥ ♥ ♥

Me and Adeline Canelle from Paris, France.

Me and Timothy Claus. Pennsylvania. United States.

Shannon. San Francisco. United States.

♥ ♥ ♥


Grown up?

How can you tell if you are a grown up or not?
I know that I can do crazy stuff back home and people can say:
- You are such a goofball and you are like a kid.
I know, but I like it. I am who I am, and I will not change it for someone.
But I change all the time. Not thinking about it.
I was so responsible when I was away for a while.
I became more and more grown up all the time.
When I know I have to take care of myself, I behave and do good.
I let loose couple of times, but I do control everything.

Here, there is nothing I have to be responsible for.
I have nothing, but myself.
Like everybody else.

I am strong, and I know I can do it if I want to.

Well, here comes Sofie. Talk to you later.

Kiss Kiss

A Dream

I have the weirdest, strangest, dream last night.
It was not a fun dream at all. I had so much anxiety when I woke up.
My brain finally understands it. And I recover well from everything.
Sometimes it´s hard to control your brain though.
But I understand now, and I try my best.
I belive in my dreams though. Many of them, not all of them.
And it´s like listen to your "deep voice inside".
I´m almost 100 % right about all my feelings and dreams all the time.
So, sometimes I can just listen to my dreams, and don´t do mistakes.
But sometimes it´s very hard to listen.
You have to try, and maybe fail, but then you know it til next time and you have learned your lesson!
So, I think I will take my own edvice and listen to it for once.

I know what´s right, and I know what´s wrong....
For me!

I can not take responsible of someone else. I have myself!

Well, time for bed.
Just watched HOT ROD again.... for the 4th time... hahaha.
Love that movie :D

Sweet dreams :)

My life is wonderful...

Mitt liv är underbart.

Mi vida es maravillosa
Jeta ime është e mrekullueshme
حياتي شيء رائع
Mit liv er fantastisk
Mijn leven is fantastisch
Ang aking buhay ay kahanga-hanga
Elämäni on ihana
Ma vie est merveilleuse
Mein Leben ist wunderbar
Η ζωή μου είναι υπέροχο
החיים שלי הם נהדרים
Az én életem is csodálatos
La mia vita è meravigliosa
Livet er herlig
من در زندگی فوقالعادهای
Moje życie jest cudowne Моя
жизнь прекрасна
Hayatım harika
Cuộc sống của tôi là tuyệt vời

Lee goes international!
More than you think!!


Hot hot hot

What a lovely day. I love this day.

Woke up early. 10.00.
I went down to ICA and got myself a nice breakfast :)
Went to Sophie´s apartment and got Astrid.
The other Sofie called me, and we went to the new gym together. FORUM!
It was so hot outside. But really nice to workout and sweat out all the shit in my body.
So, I went home later on and took a shower, ate a proteinbar and took Astrid for a long walk.
I took her from Möllan to Ribersborg. It was a long and sweaty walk.
She was so tired, the old lady dog :)
But later on we threw rocks in the water on the beach, and she runned and tryed to catch them.
So she had a lot of fun.
And me too, but I regret I didn´t bring my bikini. D´oh.

We did take the bus back home though, it was to far to walk the same way back home.
And I needed to eat a bit too :)

Well, now it´s time to do something else....

Smell you later :)

This is it

What a blurry mind

I´m almost inside the bubble again.
I feel trapped. I don´t like it at all.
But I try to do something about it every day, but it´s hard.
Soon, I will be leaving again and I´m so glad....

So fucking happy!
But I guess I will get "home sick" while I´m away.
Doesn´t everybody get home sick while they are away?
I guess so.
But when you are home, you want to leave again.
I just know that I´m going to miss all my friends and all the people that cares about me.

I am so glad that I get to know all kinds of people around the world these days.
This year has been (so far) the best year in sooooooooo many years for me, in my life.
I don´t think I would be so strong as I am today, if it wasn´t for all the people I´ve met and helped me in life.
(with all kinds of shit)

My mood hasn´t been the greatest the last couple of days, and I guess that´s it.
It´s just me, been very moody.
Because since this sunday, when I had the worst hungover in years
I just been worst. Yesterday was crap, but just in the evening.
Me, Jocelyn and Johan went to KIVIK and their market. Just walked around like fools.
Almost like on a fieldtrip. I was so sick so I layed down in the car on our way back home and fell a sleep.
And today, I woke up 09.30 and I couldn´t move from the bed until 15.00
Talk about lazy. Or just really sick.

So I "woke up" and went down with Jocelyn to west harbourn, just chillin with some friends.
Went home, verry mad (I don´t know why)
And cooked some food and went to Sophies place.

So, I have everything, except a job. (and a boyfriend)
Wich I need, to survive later on. I mean the job.
But what do I want to do? There are so many things.
I´ve tryed alot, but nothing was for me.
I don´t really need a boyfriend, but I am very comfertable with having one.
But 5 months with not even a kiss from someone, shows that you can manage on your own.
And I think I did pretty good! I felt so much stronger then.

I found this picture on myself on Jocelyns blogg.
Haha, what a god damn hippie I look like. Gosh.

Well, this is all from me tonight.
Tomorrow I´m gonna be a "DOG SITTER" for Astrid.
I am her best friend. Sophie´s boxer! :)

I think there will be pictures on that :)
keep you updated later.

Ciao Ciao. Ta ta

M e x i c o

A very nice memory.
Me, Shannon and Tim are on the beach on Isla Mujeres, Mexico.
A man shows up with his HARP and starts to play for us.
I requested "Guantanamera", but it was a bad choice of playing on a harp.
But it was so good, and I loved it.

And I even got a glims of Shannon and Tim in the video.
So cute.

I miss you guys so much, and the Island too :)

El stupido!


Goodmorning....A new day in my life.
And from now on, I´m one of those boring people that say NO.
(For some reasons)
I´m not one of them who are going to say "I WILL NEVER DRINK AGAIN"
Because, we all know that is not going to happen.
I don´t understand those people who say that......

But first of all, I will take it slow from now on.
With everything.
I am this little hyper girl who likes dramatic things all the time.
There should happen something all the time or else I get bored bla bla bla.
But now, I´m gonna change that.

First off all.... I can be so stupid sometimes.
Specially when I am drunk. I don´t think for one second. I just do it.
Jocelyn did the same thing as me, but now I understand how she thought at the time.
So we are just two stupid swedish blonds sometimes, I guess....

So I sure hope that everything is the same as before.
Or else, I will die.
Well, what happend happend and I can not make it undone.
I do not regret anything in life, I learn my lessons every time.
Now I will just concentrate on my health, what I eat and how to save money for my trip.
I´m a bad money saver, we all know that.

Well.... this is everything I got for now.
This picture is a selfportrait of moi.
Made by Marie Weinerhag.
Very good. It looks like me :)

Yes, Yes, Yes

But what a mess.....


I guess we had a lot of fun.... =)

This is the last picture on my camera from last night.
The last picture from my memory...
As you can see, the picture is not that SOBER haha.
It had a total blackout, for couple of hours.
I haven´t been that drunk in a very long time.
But it was a fun night. Real fun.
An Israeli and a Swede = crazy!!

But I have to slow down with the drinking, again.
It felt really bad today.
The worst hangover in years. I was so sick.
But I still like to enjoy myself, and having a good time.
And I have never been happier in life (in a long time)

Tomorrow is a new day, a fresh start with a new monday.
And I´m going to the gym. No alcohol for me, in a while at least.
Have to concentrate on what I eat now too...

BTW. I hate seagulls!!!!!!
I want to get slingshots and shoot at them.
Those mother fuckers!!!!

Over and out. for now.
I´ll be back tomorrow

Big Kiss

Fun with Leon and Jane

Hi everyone!

It has been an exciting and experienced day today.
I was really relaxed.
Woke up and went down to Jane´s flat and ate lunch with her and Leon.
(Well, it was kind of breakfast for me)
We forced Leon and did some trix to make him eat the food. haha.
After when Leon showed me the garden and his football we took the bus down to IKEA.
Jane did some shopping. Or alot of shopping actually.

Happy Happy Jane with her Ikea bags :)

Meanwhile I took care of Leon. I loved it.
Kids in that age make me so happy =)
And now I realize what kind of feelings all the mothers has to their kids too.
Kids are amazing and so full of love and energy in that age.
Laughter, screaming and just being really goofy.
Talking about nothing and learning alot.
I sure understand that it can be hard for a mother sometimes,
but they will manage well and you can not hate them because they are just so cute!!!

Look at this little fella! Isn´t he a cutie?
I just want to eat him!!!

Well, I am very tired now, just being active all day long.
Jumped around, runned, borne him, hold hands, trown him up in the air etc.
Imagine that for hours. It´s so fucking funny.


Some of the pictures is from the last time I was down town with Jane and Leon.
But they are so cute all of them so I wanted to upload them all.
Jane, if you don´t want some of the pictures uploaded on Leon, just tell me and I will erase them.

And the last pictures is just on myself.
My new shroomed hippie t-shirt haha.
It was kind of big when I bought it,
so now I´m gonna borrow my grandmothers sewing machine to fix the problem.
Love the strong colours.

  Fun, down town.

Smell you later biaiaiaiaiaiaiaiiaiaiaiaiiatches

America, Fuck yeah!

Fuck ....

I can´t stop singing on the THEME AMERICA - Theme song.

- America, Fuck yeah...

Liberty, Fuck yeah...
Christmas, Fuck yeah...
Starbucks, Fuck yeah...
Porno, Fuck yeah
Baseball, Fuck yeah
The internet, Fuck yeah
Valium, Fuck yeah
Wettex, Fuck yeah
Sushi, Fuck yeah
Las Vegas, Fuck yeah


And the best of them all.......

Funny food

If you came over to my place, cooking dinner together or just getting served.
And I would serve this....
Would you be impressed or would you just think it was really crazy?
I think it´s really cool, but I would never done it myself.
I am to lazy! :P

No more gym

Today when me and Sofie were at the gym, the owner called my name.
He asked me if I had been reading my e-mails..... Hmmm.. No?
And he said: We are closing down tomorrow, this is the last time you will be in this gym.


Well, the owner of the company lives in Thailand and he just sendt orders about closing down the gym.
Just like that. And so they had too....
So, all the costumers will be sendt down to FORUM for a month.
And after that... Nada...

Well, I´ll be leaving again in september, so it´s just a month.
But I was chocked and a bit sad to actually.
No meetings with Göran anymore, no gay bodypump with Johan, that was so hilarious.
Well, what to do, what to do...

I sure will miss having a great gym like Goodlife.

Peace out.

Lazy Lover

The band I would love to see live.
Brazilian girls rocks.
Thanks to Shannon from San Fransisco I know who they are.

and one other thing...
These shoes... Who wouldn´t kill someone for having these?
I know I would.
They are soooooooo cool :)
Me like alot.




SIZE 40. 600 KR.


SIZE 40, 100 KR!





My man

Please marry me!!!!!

PS. I love you

What is Love? And is there Love?
Why am I not in love?
I just want to have those lovely feelings back, like I had before.
I watched "PS. I love you" yesterday with Jocelyn.
Cryed a bit. And Jocelyn too.

Jocelyn said that what we have seen in the movie yesterday, do not excist!
It´s just on movies. Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!
Is it? I don´t belive her. I think it does. But not here.
But most of all, I cryed after the movie.
I miss it so much, the feelings. It´s killing me sometimes.
But I´m not desperate after someone, the quite opposite actually.
I´m so tired of it. But I just want it to be easy.
But it´s never easy.Never.
Why can´t it be easy?
And that´s what makes me wanna throw up. I hate it.
So, the question is, may I feel love again? True Love?
And WHAT is True Love?
I just wish that I could be really heartbroken, just so I know I have feelings left.
Me and Jocelyn are just two man hating bitches right now.
But, no...I don´t hate them. I love them... to much.

But most of all, I give all my love to my friends instead of a guy.
Well, man-friends too.
I love my friends. I wish that all my friends could see how much love I can give them.
And some of them can give some love back....
But I guess, some of them aren´t your friends anymore though.

I love them. And I´m so thankful of having friends that loves me back.

ps. I miss my cat, my love.

Psychic test....

Well.... I did the "psychic test".. and here is the results.
Me, little Lee. Greater than I thought.

You have premonitory dreams.
If these dreams have really come true,
you probably do have a sixth sense and a rather detailed perception of the future.
As you probably already know, dreams sometimes seem to be based on events that happened in the past.
To tell whether you're receiving a prediction in your dream,
you will need an excellent perception of situations,
a strong capacity to analyze, and enough sensitivity to extrapolate.
Congratulations, this is a genuine talent!

You chose the Red Chrysanthemum to express love.
Congratulations, you made the right choice!
This flower represents passion, and more exactly, it says, "I love you."
That means that you have correctly captured the visual vibrations created by the
Red Chrysanthemum and that you were able to associate it with the correct feeling.
You definitely scored a point, and you might have a certain talent for clairvoyance.
All you need to do now is hurry to a florist to buy a bouquet of Red Chrysanthemums
and offer it to a loved one to celebrate!

You associated the ocean with desire.
Unfortunately, you didn't see what you were supposed to!
Dreaming of an ocean symbolizes life, people around you, and family.
But don’t worry; this wasn’t an easy one.
To learn more about this important symbol and others, check out our Dream Dictionary.

There’s a lot more to learn about dream symbols,
and you will be able to improve your dream interpretation ability!
The occasional feeling that you are traveling without moving physically is a strong sign of being a medium.
Your spirit transports you into unexplored territory.
This phenomenon externalizes your conscience and is called "astral projection."
The soul leaves the body to contact other spiritual entities.
This experience is a reality for you. You are without a doubt a medium but don't know it.
A big advantage to this kind of travel is that it doesn’t harm the environment or spoil any natural resources!

You answered two questions of the precognition tests incorrectly.
This means that you weren’t able to sense two out of the three symbols
that were selected by the psychics of
Despite the interesting choices you made, it looks like your psychic talents are statistically average.
It does not appear that you have specific talents.
If you are convinced that you do, feel free to contact one of our psychics to share your experience!

Happy campers

This is how it looks like when you are on the road. Swedish camping in the summer.

View from the tent in Åhus, first day.

Night bath in Skälderviken outside of Ängelholm

View from tent in Skälderviken

Dreams / Déjà vu

Last night I had a strange dream.
I can´t really remember it, but I remember pieces of it.
I was talking english (happens more often in my dreams)
A friend I met in Mexico was there with his dog, selling stuff in a store.
I was in all kinds of different stores, looking around.
Me and this guy smoked some hookah from the store.
It was a nice mix off tasty fruity tobacco. I wasn´t in Sweden.
Suddenly I was at a hospital or something.
Surrounded by kids. I had a nice feeling in my body with the kids.
But there was two friends who weren´t really my friends, so I told them to fuck off.
That´s about it.

And when I sat down at the computer this morning, I was chatting with a friend.
I got this strange déjavú feeling in my body. Like I´ve done this before.
Then I remember it, it was from my dream. The same dream.
It took me a while though.

Almost all of my spirituell connection with myself disappeared here.
But last night I could connect with it again.
Felt good.

Well, I haven´t been writing for a while.
Cuz I´ve been out camping in Skåne.
Me and Jocelyn have been around from on city to another. Relaxing and nice.

Got to go.


Déjà vu (pronounced /ˈdeɪʒɑː ˈvuː/ ( listen); French: [deʒa vy] , "already seen";
also called paramnesia, from Greek παρα "para," "near" + μνήμη "mnēmē,"
"memory") or promnesia,
is the experience of feeling sure that one has witnessed or experienced
a new situation previously (an individual feels as though an event has
already happened or has happened in the near past),
although the exact circumstances of the previous encounter are uncertain.

The term was coined by a French psychic researcher, Émile Boirac (1851–1917) in his book "L'Avenir des sciences psychiques" ("The Future of Psychic Sciences"),
which expanded upon an essay he wrote while an undergraduate.
The experience of déjà vu is usually accompanied by a compelling sense of familiarity,
and also a sense of "eeriness," "strangeness," or "weirdness."
The "previous" experience is most frequently attributed to a dream,
although in some cases there is a firm sense that the experience
"genuinely happened" in the past.
The experience of déjà vu seems to be quite common among adults and children alike.
References to the experience of déjà vu are also found in literature of the past,
[1] indicating it is not a new phenomenon.
It has been extremely difficult to evoke the déjà vu experience in laboratory settings,
therefore making it a subject of few empirical studies.
Recently, researchers have found ways to recreate this sensation using hypnosis.[2]

Mystic explanation

Déjà vu is associated with precognition, clairvoyance or extra-sensory perceptions,
and it is frequently cited as evidence for "psychic" abilities in the general population.
Non-scientific explanations attribute the experience to prophecy,
visions (such as received in dreams), or past-life memories.
Some believe that deja vu is a glimpse of a life that could have been,
for example when you make a choice in life it takes you down a certain path,
when you are on that path you have a glimpse of your life, having made a different choice.


Some believe déjà vu is the memory of dreams.
Though the majority of dreams are never remembered,
a dreaming person can display activity in the areas of the
brain that process long-term memory.
It has been speculated that dreams read directly into long-term memory,
bypassing short-term memory entirely.
In this case, déjà vu might be a memory of a forgotten dream with elements
in common with the current waking experience.
This may be similar to another phenomenon known as déjà rêvé, or "already dreamed."
However, later studies on mice indicate that long-term memories must be first established as short-term memories. Kevin Heady suggested that a feeling of remembering occurs in a sense that he might realize that what he had dreamed is now a relevant present action that is taking place right here right now. Jamais vu.

Those believing in reincarnation theorize that déjà vu is caused
by fragments of past-life memories being jarred to the
surface of the mind by familiar surroundings or people.
Others theorize that the phenomenon is caused by astral projection,
or out-of-body experiences (OBEs),
where it is possible that individuals have visited places while
in their astral bodies during sleep.
The sensation may also be interpreted as connected to the fulfillment of a condition
as seen or felt in a premonition.
For further cases of remembering information from past lives, see Ian Stevenson.

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