Welcome to the jungle

Soooo, me and Adeline is at the eco farm in Pai now.

Tacomepai it's called, you can also look at different videos on youtube.

I recorded a bit too. Everything here is organic and tasty.

They have like everything. Coffey plants, cotton, bananas, yeah you name it.

We arrived late last night so it got dark very fast and

we were pretty tired so we went to bed early.

It feels like we are in the middle of nowhere.

In the jungle, and we actually are. Yesterday we went riding on the elephants.

It was soooo lovely, and it was not like all the other tourist-

groups who rides on elephants is like.

This was private, cheaper of course and we sat on the elephant without anything.

Adeline and I sat in the front too, on the elephants head.

And we DID NOT have a hammer to bang on the head....

Like many other ”MAHOUTS” have.

We went swimming with them and they trown us off in to the river.

It was really funny and it was not that touristy like I expected. Good!

Now we're inside out little bungalow and the dog ”Mat” is outside and protects us hahaha.

We are filthy and dirty and have to take a shower, but we are soooo lazy to get up.

I just think that I have to smell like shit

(from taking a bath in the dirty river, with the elephant's poo in it haha)

We are going to help doing some nitting, for drying bananaplants, chili and coffey.

I just wonder if I ever could get up from bed.... oooh...

Puhja... smell you later. ta ta.

After our nice little swim in the river with the elephants.

Work to do!



One of many many days....

So, today we woke up really early. (10.00 haha)

Breakfast after like 5 min of waking up.

The frenchy is so hectic with the food in the morning or else she'll be cranky.

I was eating while I was still asleep (it felt like anyway)

So, afterwards... relaxed for 30 min,

went outside and sat at the pool area and had some sun and music.

Hot, so I had a swim and then I was bored.

So.... we finally went to tha mountains. And I must say, WOOOW....

What an amazing view over Chiang Mai.

The smell from the forest and from the rain, it was not like the gas we smell every day. Yuk!

And then we walked 306 steps up the stairs to the top of the mountain.

There was a big Buddist temple.

We had to dress proper etc, and we looked around at the temple and the view down. AMAZING!

Now we're back here again. I noticed in the car back home that those 30 min

of sun today gave me a beautiful red tan. Call me PINCHY!

I think we're going to Pai tomorrow... maybe they serve Pies over there?

Mouhahaha... Well, see you later folks.


Elephant man...

I must say, woooooow to chiang mai. And the reagge bars they have.

Awesome live reagge music.

And we danced our ass off to the live Bob Marley songs.

I had 1 bucket of mojito and 1 drink and I was wasted.

Soooo much fun in 1 night, I'm getting comfortable now.

I really looooove to backpack. I missed it soooo much.

When we were at the bar, Adeline told me :

- Woooohhh, look outside : AN ELEPHANT!

And I said, yeah right.. ok... sure.. what ever.

And I looked behind my back, and suddenly there was a huge

fucking ELEPHANT on the street. WHAT THE FUCK!!

Welcome to Thailand!!

Well, we had fun and I'm such of pain in the ass to her and call her

BIRDY all the time, just like Tim. hahahaha :D

Now it's time for me to play some Soliataire and go to bed, a bit drunk.


Hasta manana...


Love you guys

Sometimes it's not easy when it's hard, they say.

I am so satisfied about my life right now, it's just a couple of things that's missing,

and I know exactly what it is and I know what I want to do with my life.

I have a goal and I am not lost like I once were.

But some people don't know what they want, they are to negative and afraid.

I've been there, so I know how to deal with it, and of course you have your shitty days.

I think that changing the way you think and are used to live / think

will make you strong and change your life to the better. You just have to accept it first.

That is step number one. Accept it and deal with it.

Take a big step, put trust in other people and learn how to be alone and strong.

I wish I could help other people with the same things I've been through in life, but I can't.

I am not God. You have to have the will yourself (to start with)

and you got to have a strong and powerful mind.

Some people find me weird as fuck (but in a good way I sure hope haha),

and some people find me awesome.

Others just call me special and smart eventhough I'm blond haha.

I learn from everyone I met in my life, everyone have different qualities.

Good and bad, but learning about life and yourself is the best I can do.

Even if I do mistakes sometimes.

But you can not learn without any mistakes being done.

If I think of all the people I've met this year so far,

I just remember powerful and cool people that learned me one thing or another.

I am so greatful for everything in life,

and how everybody helped me getting back on the road again.

I love my friends so much,

and I guess you love them more when they are not around.

So, friends... listen...


I love you guys so much!

Bored on bus


On the bus right now, kind of bored and I can't read my book cuz

there is no lights on, the only light is from my computer and from the outside.

It's really bumpy but I've seen worse.

Tried to sleep, and yes I slept for 30 min or so, 2 power naps.

But there are maaaany hours to go.

Listening to my music and I just lay here and eat asian shrimp-chips (it's the best)

And they remind me of Annica, my little Phillie!! :D

Sitting here and thinking about my life.

What a great life I'm living, I really can't belive it actually.

I totally ”forgot” what a absolutely fucking nice life I'm living comparing to others in the world.

But I haven't been away from Sweden for very long,

so I guess it's gonna take some time for me to ”live this awesome life” again.

(Not so depressed in other words)

I've almost been away for a week all ready, but it feels like 2 days.

I still really can't understand that I am in Thailand.

Feels like a dream. Where am I? What am I doing here? What's going on?

I just looked over at Adeline who's sleeping and smiled at her.

She is so cute, little birdy!

We are going to an ECO FARM in Pai, in couple of days.

That's gonna be cool to experience.

I'm gonna try to get some sleep again... I'll try anyway.

It's still a bumpy bus. Hasta la vista baby.

Appel Guest house Bangkok



Now I'm alone in my room, there is no Sofie anymore.

She's off to Phi Phi island now, she is on the night bus by now and sleeping I guess.

I stayed with Adeline and Tim.

Me and Adeline was supposed to go today too,

but Timmy wanted us to stay one more night. And so we did.

I want to spend as much time as I can with them,

Sofie is always going to be there later anyway and we are going to spend 6 months together.

It still feels kind of strange to be around them sometimes.

Haven't been around them in 5 months,

and suddenly everything is the same as it were in Mexico.

Oh, I miss Mexico so much...

Talked alot about it, had nice memories from Isla Mujeres.

It was very special over there. So special that I could move there. Puhja...


Haven't done so much today actually, you get really tired from the heat.

Lazy and tired, aaaaaaall the time.

We walked around and tried to find a swimming pool,

but nobody could offer one if we didn't stay at their hotels.

And even if we offered them money, WTF!


So we ended up at the Israeli touristcenter for free internet, (wasting some time)

Had a fruit shake and were looking around at handsome israelian men. :)

”Is niiiiiiiice ey”

Went home, went and got Sofie at the guest house.

Took her to the bus and said goodbye.

Tomorrow we are off to SHANG MAI, up north.

An 15 hours bus ride. Damn it.

Good that my phone works again so I can listen to some music, weeeeee!!


I'm gonna try to video blog a bit more, it's more fun when you are traveling,

At least I'm not holding my camera in front of the mirror and video taping myself and talk like a bimbo hahahahahahaha.....

It's gonna be more for my friends and family,

and the one that's reading my blog. (all you other stalkers hahaha)


Bangkok day 4

Hey Hey Hey!!


Forth day in Bangkok, leaving with Adeline to the north tomorrow.

I have no idea where we are going but she has figured it out allready.


Sofie is going to Phi Phi island directly tomorrow by bus, so she'll be there the day after because it's a night bus, just like the one me and Adeline are going to take, but another direction.

We are going to stay in the jungle and ride on elephants and live in a tree. haha :)

It's going to be so much fun :D

I can't belive how cheap everything is here.

Imagine having a Swedish salary all year long and live in Asia, that would be a awesome life.

I would be a milionaire.Woho.

I don't want to go back to Sweden, ever ever again. NEVEEEER!

It's a storm today.

It's been really hot for so many days now and this morning there was a rainbow AROUND the sun,

and the Thai people said that it's going to be a storm tonight. And they were right.

But it's nice with some breeze and water. Bangkok is sooooo hot!!!

Tonight we are going to eat at an Indian place where they had really nice food. (Omri told me)

I am not so hungry because of the heat, I just drink drink drink,

I don't think I've ever been drinking so much water in my life before.

Time to rest. Smell you later. Ta ta

Bangkok day 2


Second night in Bangkok. It's really loud and noisy here, but it's ok.

We moved to the same guesthouse as Adeline and Tim.

Cheap and nice, when I say cheap I would say 20 kr a night.

And the people that are staying here are so friendly. Love it!

It's really really hot so I'm sweating alot.

Good for me, maybe I loose couple of kilos in couple of weeks?

I hope so anyway hehe.

Me and Adeline went out today and talked a bit,

felt good because many things has happened since the last time we saw each other 5 months ago.

When we got back to the guesthouse her and tim went to bed.

Me and Sofie and couple of others went out dancing.

Sober, just sweating a little bit more :)

Me and some Kiwi dude had company back home to the guesthouse.

And now it's time for bed.


Kiwi (Daniel)

If I can sleep i this heat without any aircondition.

Wish me good luck :)


Hasta mañana!



Well, some of you know that I was pretty sick when I left Sweden.

I can tell you that I didn't get better on the flight.

Almost 11 hours and no sleeping at all. (maximum 15 min)

My head wanted to expload, my nose was runny and my whole body was not feeling so well.

It sucked. Specially my ass hurted while sitting down to much.

My mood has not been the best for the last 2 days.

My trip started when I left Jonas home, and just when I was suppose to leave

I drop my mobile phone in the sink, with water in it.

It's so typical ME, clumbsy retarded Lee!

And the story repeat itselfs (again).

EXACTLY the same thing happened to me in Mexico, with the same phone!

Couple of hours later, it worked again. Yay.

But it's still damaged and can die any second.

Second thing that happened to me on the flight was that I forgot

(because I was stressed) my SUPER MARIO teddy bear on my backpack,

while checking in the bags. The thought hit me while we were on the flight.

I remember my grandma told me not to forget him.

I answered, of course not, I will never forget Mario. Well, FUCK!


When we stood at the bagage claim, we found our bags directly.

But there was no Mario. Fuck again!

I was sad, but I guess it was time for him to move on.

I told Sofie: Oh, it would be so much fun to see Mario

on the band with all the bags, laying there alone.

And just when I said it I looked on the band, and there he comes.

I was so happy again and we high-fived each other :D


When we landed I was a bit cranky and needed to sleep

because of my conditon of being sick. But it was 6 am, and it was soooo hot.

Sofie decided to go up on the roof top and get a bit of sun while I was resting.

When I woke up, I was even more jetlaged and still wanted to sleep.

But we didn't have the time.


It was time for me (or us) to meet Tim and Adeline.

Me, nervous? HAHA. Wow, I don't think I've ever been that

nervous in a veeeeeeeery long time.

I had soooo many thoughts in my head at the same time.

We decided to meet at Kha San road at 6 pm at their old hostel.

We were there 5.30 and suddenly when Sofie was getting some

cigarettes on the street we bump into eachother.

I just saw Adelines face ”Leeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee”

I wasn't ready mentaly to meet them (I still had 30 min hehe)

so I had a couple of ”happy tears” coming and I was shaking

as a nervous little kid. Usually never happens to me.

And everything was almost the same.

Felt like yesterday but in the same time, it felt soooo strange.

Felt good to be around them again. But my condition was getting worse.

I was starting to feel really sick, so at 11 pm we decided to get a cab home.

Everyone has been drinking alot of beers, except me.

So, the result was that Sofie was talking ALOT in the car back home.

I could not answer her at any condition or else I would throw up.

And the taxi driver had fun, it was like a rollercoaster ride on the streets.

And yes, I did throw up. But not in the car though. =)

So, I just had couple of hours of sleep and woke up

about an hour ago (02.00) and I can not go back to sleep, yet.

I am still very jetlaged and feel weird, but I am not feeling sick anyway.


Give me couple of days and I'll be fine.

Tomorrow is a new day. a new adventure in life.

Ta ta, hasta luego.


Dear friends, family, people, what ever...

STOP WORRY so much.


And Life is short
Break the rules
Forgive quickly
Kiss passionately
Love truly
Laugh constantly
And never stop smiling no matter how strange life is.
Life is not always the party we expected to be but
as long as we are here, we should smile and be alive....


So, now it's 09.09.09
Now what?

What will happen at 9 pm? or am?
I just guess we have to wait and see???

Or who knows... maybe the mayan people is right??

What if Chichen Itza is going to crack in half?

I wonder about so many things.

But I am not going to tell....

Well, one day to go for me. Would be so cool to fly tomorrow at 9 pm INSTEAD of thursday.
That would be soooo kick ass!

Planet Earth

Wasting some time alone at home (well, Jonas home not mine)
I don't have a home. But Anyway....

Started to watch PLANET EARTH today.
All the animals on our planet, they are so amazingly beautiful.
How it works, on land and under water...
Coral reefs, jungle, fishes, everything...

Yesterday I watched AN INCONVENIENT TRUTH, with Al Gore.
And it made me a bit depressed, how the world works.
And everything is going to it's end, if we don't do something about it.
So from now on RECYCLE!!

Now it's time for me to go to town and see Josephine and Sophie for a "goodbye lunch"
And by the way....

R.I.P. ASTRID, by beloved friend


Hej hej.

To tired to write in english sorry.

Jag läste i en tidning för inte så länge sedan,
en insändare av en tjej som frågade om sex grejer.
Tjejen frågade om man kunde få klamydia i halsen,
för det hade hon hört talas om att man kunde.
Och det stämmer. Man kan få klamydia i halsen.
Jag hade faktiskt inte en blekaste aning om att man kunde få det.
Så, går man och testar sig så måste man be om svalj prov också,
för det är ingenting de gör bara sådär som de andra testen.
Jag tycker det låter lite konstigt med klamme i halsen dock...eller?
Smittar det då via kyssar också? Eller kan det smitta när man har det i munnen?
Hur funkar det egentligen? Oralt bara? ??? ? ? ??? ?
Orkar faktiskt inte googla upp det just nu av ren trötthet.
Tänk så går man med klamydia i halsen i åratal utan att veta om det?
Det är väl ingenting en vanlig läkare ser bara sådär heller??

Det var ungefär det här jag hade i min hjärna just nu när jag ligger i sängen och ska sova.
Inte mycket mer än det.

Jag har lust att åka till Turkiet igen. Fan också då.

Sverige = deppigt värre


When you wait for the bus, and if you are bored....
You can always make the best of the situation after couple of glasses with wine.

Great success, is niiiice eh....

What a great time I spendt in Svedala. Awesome!


Many strange things happened to me (and other friends) lately.
Not just here, even in other places.
Things that you can't explain.
These things have been inside my head for days now, and I am still thinking about it.
I just deal with it and accept it cuz I can't do anything more than that.
My thoughts are really strong, everything I think of is getting real.
It is really cool, but something is telling me to take it further....
If I only had the time to do it, I would.

I get my friends a bit paranoid, and even myself some times.
But now, I may know what's going on.

Wow, people always told me I am speciell. I guess I am.  =)

Hasta luego mi amigos.


Capoera ....

Do I have to say more?
Didn't think so... Look and enjoy :)

Collector of good moments

Sitting here, thinking...

And some things that happen in life, is just those things you never will forget.
I have so many beautiful memories from the last 2 years, and I will keep them close.
Some of those nice memories screws up,
but those moments that you feel so lucky and happy,
that's the one I am keeping close, always!
I am a collector of good moments.

One of the best (in a long time) happened to me resently.
And I was sitting here and thinking about it, and what happend?
My phone beeps, and voilá... an sms from a land far away....
Strong thoughts?

Well, anyway... I would like to experience all my best memories again.
And have that feeling I had then, just once again.
Imagine doing that, it would be the best ever.

Or save it on a hard-drive and look at them when ever you want to.

But I just have to say, Wow... what a night.

Love from Loving Lee



I hate them. Computers.
Allways something wrong.
Yesterday I fucked up my speakers to my computer.
So, I went to town to buy a new adapter for them,
but they didn't have the one for my speakers.
Strange, cuz they sell the speakers but not the adapter? wtf!
But anyway, I was so tired so I just bought new speakers instead.
I went home, happy (cuz they were so small and cool etc)
And what happens? They don't work!!!
Sooo, in to town today again, found an adapter to my old speakers and now it works.
Hell yeah. Now wish me good luck with these.

And I went for a nice "Espresso House" Breakfast in town with Jane and Leon today.
Leon accedently (when I tickled him) kicked out the coffe on Jane while eating.
What to do. Kids. =)

I met Zanna and Magnus yesterday for lunch in town.
Magnus asked me if I've seen the "video bloging bimbo" (his words).
Nooo? So, I had a look at her on Youtube. And I just have to say.....


Check it out, she sounds like a hamster...

The Hills

The hills in Turkey are very easy to walk down with.
The only problem you have, is that you have to walk up again.
And that my friends, wasn't the easiest thing to do all the time....

But good exercise though. =)

Nice for the ASS!!!!

House Wife

Wow, I got myself 2 housewifes.
Imagine coming home to 2 half naked, good looking men,
doing waffels fo you in the morning?
What a great life I'm living.
I Love my life :)

And I love these two fuckers too.

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