För länge sen...

Jag vill nog spela denna för en vän jag en gång hade.
Jag kan tyvärr inte sluta tänka på denna personen när jag hör denna.

Jag kunde inte ha sagt det bättre själv Veronica Maggio.
Du kommer nog aldrig mer att vara min vän, det var för länge sen.

Men jag vill att han ska veta att jag saknar honom och jag fäller en tår.

Länge leve dig min vän, du som alltid följt mig hem nykter eller alldeles för full....
Du kommer alltid att ha en speciell plats i mitt hjärta vad som än hänt.

Och du.... Du vet vem du är!


This one is for you Sony! ;)

Under 3-4 dagars tid så har den jäkla låten suttit in printad i mitt huvud.
Det enda jag nynnar på är Sunny låten...
Och den där Frank (fåret) små flinar jag åt varje gång jag tänker på den.
Att en reklam kan sätta sig så hårt i skallen .....

Men jag måste ju ändå säga att det är en rolig reklam!
Alla reklamerna med Frank i.
Han är ju så söt! :)


Everybody's free to wear sunscreen!!!

Class of 99!

Old song, but the message in the song is still one of the best I've heard.
And the song is special. Still.

Good. Inspiring. Advice. Helpful. Calming. Loving.

Live life to the full.

LISTEN! (And learn)

Vart är du?

Hur jag än gör och vad jag än gör så kommer du aldrig att försvinna ur mitt liv.
Du har satt många spår i mig. Bra & Dåliga.
Och hur jag än försöker glömma dig så går det inte.
Jag har upplevelser som jag aldrig delat med någon annan.
Som är obeskrivliga. Underbara och bisarra.

Kontraster. Svart. Vit. Dag. Natt.

Du VAR speciell.
Men kapitlet är slut och jag har börjat på ett nytt.
Men jag saknar dig ändå.


Igår hittade jag och Malin till CANDY MOUNTAIN!

Godis affären "Godis landet" e farligt för dom har öppet ganska sent på natten...
Man kan handla godis när man vill. GAH!
Men godis. ja det är gott.

Min mage är super stor som en fotboll och hård.
Mår inte bra alls av allt godis som vi krängde igår.
Jag tror snart att jag blir en stor godis bit.

Eller så bajsar jag hela godis bitar! :D
Hade kunnat spy faktiskt.
Helt sjukt att man inte kan gå på födelsedags kalas utan att kränga som en gris.
Alltid lika kul att träffa Micke.
Att spela på konstiga instrument är ännu roligare :)

Slut med det här nu. Jag mår illa!

Det är dags för mig att gå till skolan och göra hjärt & lung räddning!
Peace out M.F!

Skit jobbig vecka!!!

Ja jag måste säga att det har varit en skit jobbig vecka.

Att bajs kan vara så roligt... Jag förstår inte.
Jag skrattar sönder mig!

Billy my maaaan!

Yesterday I watched a movie with Billy Bob.
Well, not Bad Santa (which is one of my "Billy Bob favourites")

The words I heard a long time ago was said again during the movie....
"I can't believe that Billy Bob and Angelina Jolie have been a couple".

Yes, there is a major difference between them.
The age and the looks.
But, the looks is just a look and the age is just a number.
There is so much more then that.

If I were Angelina Jolie, I would do him too!
Believe it or not... but I can say it... BILLY BOB IS HOT!!!
But Angelina Jolie is hotter.

I guess it's just his style. His attitude.
I would have to gues... He is a MAN?

Well... that's everything from me today!
Later xxx

Freaking Awesome!

For those who haven't seen this before - See it!
It's awesome! Impressive and cool too :)

Well, it's friday and not a singel shit to do.
I have putted on Buena Vista Social Club,
so I will dance salsa for a while now until I find out what to do.
Costumer tomorrow morning!

Have a great night everyone and a good weekend!

I wish I was Awesome!

Of course I know I'm awesome, but as awesome as this....
Not a chance, but daaaaaaaaamn.
This is really awesome!
I'm impressed!

I have to do something about this.
Learn extreme Yoga moves maybe haha... ;)

Spotless mind

Sometimes my boogie man shows up in my head.
Today I talked about him with Malin.
I told her stuff that we have been through together.
I think she understood how this effected me to become the one I am today.
And I am happy to been growing so much stronger.

You meet different kind of people in your life for a reason.
To learn. To grow. To love. To breath. To experience.
It's kind of weird to talk about it, because it's like it's never happened.
It's an old chapter in the book and you should continue reading instead of go back.
I erased and moved on.

It felt like a movie. A real typical american movie.
But it wasn't. It was a part of my life once.
A tragical and very dramatic movie. But a good one.
Sometimes it feels weird to watch those kind of movies.

So where is he now?

I have to say that Eternal sunshine of a spotless mind is still one of my favourites.
I can cry. And cry. But now I just listen to the soundtrack! :)

And don't want to erase someone else from my life ever again.
This time I won't make mistakes like that.
No matter how much I want to. I have to live with the pain.
But those kind of people you meet for a reason, are defintly there for a reason.
Even if you can't explain it.

Listen to the song. And feel it.

Drips love water

Guantanamera or Panta mera?

Once upon a time in Mexico....
I had 2 American friends that I spendt time with on the beach.
Suddenly we saw the man with the harp.
He came to us and of course he played for us.
KODAK MOMENT so of course I took up my camera and recorded the whole thing.
With a broken camera, so the sound is not the best.....
I requested GUANTANAMERA because I like the song.
The feeling from the commercial from back home is so nice,
and it's in spanish so why not??
But the commercial says "PANTA MERA"
Which means RECYCLE MORE in Swedish.

How sick isn't it to play a harp on the beach?
It only happens in Mexico. I love Mexico.



This movie actually was a great movie because I like those movies that makes you think alot.
This is something that interest me alot.
Dreams and how the mind works and what is real and not real.
This was a thumbs up and a great movie to go and see.
Thanks Elin for a great night with you and your mom. :)

I have a hard time for Leonardo Di Caprio but in this movie he was really good.
It was a really annoying end of the movie, but a good end where
you want to see more and you end up curious and wondering.
I like this kind of movies, to feed my brain and make me think more and more....

So, people.... If you want to go and see a good movie -
SEE THIS!!!!!!!!!!!

Ciao Ciao :)


Still one of my best movies.
It's a classic!

When I visit L.A. I have to be as cool as them.
And of course I have to listen to the song too :D Mouhahahaha....
They are my heros :) AAAAAAAAHAHAHAHA....
Love it.

A night at the Roxbury. Katching!

Job 2 do

Thai Reggae isn't so bad after all.
They are actually really good at music over here, not all but many!
This is my and many others favorite song in Thailand.
Actually one of the first Thai songs I heard when I was in Chang Mai
with Adeline on a reggae bar. Seems like so long ago, and yes.... it was....
So, this song is for you babe.

Do Do Do....

Long time no see Dilba

This song popped up in my head when I was laying down at the pool.
Dilba with I'm sorry.
It is so old and it was so long time ago I heard it.

And the song. The lyrics. It's .. yeah... I can't find the words...
It just is. And I still can sing it.

Enjoy. I know I do.

Matt Damon

Still Love the movie, and love all the effort Matt Damon put into this movie.
TEAM AMERICA - Fuck yeah!

Määäääääätt Dejmån! HAHAHAHA

I want to ride my bicycle, I want to ride my bike!

This is how I try to get home on Koh Phangan.
Hmmmm I wish that there wasn't so much wind blowing in the speaker though.
Because, serious... there was no wind. I guess it's because I'm on the bike?
So, this is what I live with every day...
Nice, quiet, relaxing, hot, sweet and yeah... GOOD!


Strong words

Music can make me really emotionell.

I think that Coldplays lyrics is still touching.
They are very talented,
They have good and strong words for many of their songs.

This is one of the best - ever.
I love it, and I can cry every time I listen to it.

Tears stream down on your face when you loose something you cannot replace.
Lights will guide you home and ignite your bones, and I will try to fix you.

Songkran Thai New Year

Happy New Year Thailand!!

I think I had one of the best and funniest experiences of Thailand yesterday.

In my eyes, Phuket changed completely!

It was so much fun and it only took me 5 minutes

walking outside of the airport and I was totally laughing my ass off all ready.

I got to Phuket town, left my bags and took a motorbike taxi to Kata.



And everyone was happy happy happy.

It was just to accept it, if you say stop or run,

people will run after you and do it 20 times worst for you!

When I arrived in Kata, I was soked allready .... but happy anyway.

Then I met MAJA and KEILAN. It was so weird but so NICE!

I realised that I missed Maja alot.

We drove around, getting more wet, trying to find a place that had food.

We found a bar of course. They had a free BBQ! =)

Drank one beer and ate everything from shrimps, pork,

egg, spareribs, chicken, rice, soup etc etc.

And we borrowed some water guns from the friendly thai girl NAK

to soke everyone that passed by.

It was hilarious! (Typical my childish behaviour)

After HOURS, I realised that I wasn't feeling very well.

Since I was sick with a cold etc before I left Bali,

it was only getting worst and I almost passed out.

But don't worry, I am fine.


I've been couchsurfing on Maja and Keilans sofa today

and I think I'm going to do that for one more night.

(Good way to save money)

Now I'm absolutely starving!!!!

Time for breakfast.


Look at the videos. Imagine doing that! :)


And another one....

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