I heart Music!

The only thing that makes me really happy is music.

Even if I'm down, I listen to songs and I maybe be

crying but I'm thinking about good memories.

Just like this night, we listened to many of my songs on the stereo

and I started to laugh and told Joey my stories behind the songs.

He was laughing too. Joey is an excellent guy. He is really cool.

I said it before and I will say it again.

If it weren't for him and the captain I wouldn't stay on the boat.

Joey, as a real pirate on the boat hahaha...


Well, back to the music....

I realised that I had Lionel Richie on my mobile with ”HELLO”

and we laugh together and continued our singing while

I took my first beer for 10 days and a cigarette in the back of the boat.

I teached Joey how to play SHITHEAD!

So now I have someone to play shithead with, while I'm away.

But every time I play it, I think of my dear friends at home that I use to play with.

Marcello, Linus, Jonas, Johan, and specially Miche that carry around a deck of cards in his jacket,

just in case if you want to play card. Hahaha.

We even played Shithead at MAX Hamburger restaurant couple of times before.

Funny summer nights with a lot of bicycling around Malmö.

And a lot of card playing. Look what actually MUSIC make me do.

I listen to a song and I connect it with someone,

and it makes me to miss my friends back home. Oh jajajaja.

Joey is my new ”Shithead friend” now, mouhahaha.


Sleep well. Ta ta.

Snorkeling on Phi Phi

well, long time no see.

I've spendt many days working and working.

And after working, I'm usually very excausted and go to bed directly.

The only thing we wait for is the guests going

to bed so we can clear everything and go to bed ourselves.

And it's not even late when they go to bed, perhaps 22.00 or so.

But if you wake up at 07.00 every day,

and start to work directly and work until the day is over,

in around 30 degrees and alot of sun, with alot of clothes,

I promise you that you are exsausted after a while.

I guess that you maybe have to get used to it (?)

Or you take a siesta during the daytime.

We don't have any internet onboard while we are moving,

and we usually move in the mornings for new locations.

Today and yesterday we went to Phi Phi Islands.

Today I went of shour, for buying red wine for the guests.

Oh lalla, it was nice to see other people. But just really fast. =(

I was looking for Sofie everywhere I went, but no Sofie anywhere.

Yesterday we went snorkeling and while Ryan

took out the parents for scuba diving,

me and 3 kids were cayaking from the boat to the beach.

The reefs on Phi Phi island and around is TOTALLY amazing.

It's the most beautiful I've ever seen, so far. Just for snorkeling though.


I guess that scuba diving is going to be a whole other experience. =)

But we have to wait for couple of days for doing that.

Hehe, that's my mission number one, take the certificate and run!!!

No, just kidding....

My toe is getting better.

But my nail is loose now, there's no flesh underneith it.

Looks really really nasty.

But like captain said, it's gonna take couple of years for experience.

Hehe.... Oh yeaaah!

I'm hiding in my cabin right now, have to rest for a while from the others,

and for myself. There is kids everywhere.

I'll rather play with them actually then serving wine.

They are much easier haha.

But the guests are no problem at all, they are very very easy.

It's a great start for me I guess...

I've had some rough days on the boat, but it's getting better.

I'm getting stronger, but I guess that's just because

I don't think about it so much while working.

But I had a nice sms chat with Annica the other day,

and since that I felt so much  better.

She is working on a boat as well,

and she knows all the feelings that is complicated yada yada yada.

I guess it's easier for me to talk to someone who

understands what I'm talking about.

How you seperate the ”Boat people” from the normal ”Land people”.

She told me that she was afraid that I was going to have that weird feeling.

And the only friend I've got here in Asia right now is just Tim.

But he is in another country with Frida, that is my friend too of course.

I sat in my cabin the other day and I felt

so weird that I started to cry, like a baby.

I don't know why, but I'll rather be emotionell then feeling nothing.

Well, I'll try not to have any more sad-face on now

and try just put on a happy-face instead.


That's all for me in this moment. hasta luego amigo.


Day 1 with the guests...

The first day with the guest is cleared.

Like I said, french big family. Very simple and easy.

First day at least haha.

I played UNO with the kids after dinner. Quite fun to do it in french.

But lucky me that I know colours and numbers in french. =)

It all went very great actually, if I can say my meaning.

They had 6 bottles of wine and went to bed now, like 9 o'clock.

We all worked as a good team even though both me and Sherry are new.

And the time goes very fast when you have alot of stuff to do.

I just have to say that Joey is the best chef and organiser on this boat.

He is absolutely perfect! He is excellent and helps us alot.

We are between alot of islands in Thailand right now and

they are empty what I know about.

The family went out there and swimming.

The current was really strong so they almost got draged out in the open sea,

if it wasen't for Ryan who went out and saved them hehe.

From the left we have Aldam (damdam), Joey (Joy) and Chan (papachan)


well, that's it for today. Time for bed. Again. Ciao.

Travel log, blog or what the heck you want to call it.

This is my so called travel log.

So, I'm gonna write about my traveling.

That's fun in a way, cuz you're not home.

People got tracks on me, what I do and where I am.

But sometimes it's so boring to write about your own life.

I know, it's my blog, it's like my diary. People wants to read your diary.

But why? Don't they have better things to do?

I usually never read blogs.

And if I do, I take a sneak peak on some of my friends really fast.

I want to write about other things. But I really don't know what.

I just write. I write to much actually. But it makes me feel good.

And it makes my brain relax for a while. Somehow I find peace in writing.

Can be everything from hate to love.

I started to write diary when I was really young.

Maybe 7 years old? And since that day I've continued my writing.

Maybe I should become a writer? Hmmm, that's a thought.

Just changing my blog into english makes my brain work even more,

but relax in the same time ALOT.

Right now, I'm laying in my cabin with Sherry, the other girl I'm working with.

Half Malay and half Chinese.

It's time for bed any second, we just watched a movie.

Tomorrow is the big day when the guests arrives.

It's a French family reunion with a little birthday kid (7 y/o)

5 days on board then back to Langkawi. I can't wait.

I want to get soooo wasted with the boys,

and the swedish guy Sebastian is there too. Sweet.


Well, time to get some sleep now. Ciao Ciao.

Work work work

The man with the big M. my mother says.
Yeah right...I don't know where he is hiding.
I don't dear to look actually.
But he is nowhere near here at least.
Far away I guess.
Here is just work, islands and alot of water and sun around me.
Time to continue working. I sneaked up shore, I miss civilization.
I'll be back in Langkawi tomorrow, finally.

To be continue.... tomorrow.. Woho.

More needs and belives

Every human being has it's needs.

Sometimes it's good and sometimes it's bad.

Good needs can turn out to be bad needs for you after a longer period.

It's called: Addiction!


But what ever you do, think first and act later.

Have control over the situation, but don't overtake it.

Accept the condition as it is, otherwise it will get you nowhere.

Do not hurt someone you care about.

Hurt yourself first and by that you learn until the next time

when you are in the same situation.

Show more love to those you DO care about.


I have been in many situations where I've learned how to control it.

But it took me years to realise how to let something go.

and to let something else (probably better) come to you.

You can not fight it, you just have to let it go.

There is nothing you can do. Once you realised that,

you can move on and do something else.


First of all, open your eyes and look around what you've got.

I'm trying to climb up now. And it's actually working.

I don't want to take 3 steps down the ladder

when I've already took those steps up before.

Sometimes I stop just to think, maybe something is in the way.

But sooner or later, I will continue climbing my own way up.

I have a goal in my life, a goal I've never had before.

I've got my strong will now and I know how to get there.

The only thing you have to do is BELIVE in it.

Otherwise it will never work.


Earlier in my life I didn't belive in much.

Rarely nothing actually. (makes sense if you know me)

I didn't belive in marrige, having kids and a husband for exemple.

I didn't belive that I could find my big love,

move to a nice appartment or house,

find my great job I've been dying to get in my whole life.

And I never thought that I could travel like I do right now.

So I was just misserable.

I had boyfriends I thought I really loved but I didn't.

(A good and bad need I guess)

I lived in a appartment I didn't like, never traveled and I got a cat.

I went from several work places,

from one to another to find my place where I belonged.

It didn't work. I felt stuck somewhere.


My ONLY problem was, that I didn't belived it.

Once you trust yourself and belive in yourself,

have a good confidense, it will come to you – sooner or later.

If you belive you can do it, you can.

Now I belive in those things, and I'm getting there.

Slowly, just as I like it. I will not take steps back, only forward.


Well, that's enought writing about my thoughts for today.

Being on open water make me feel so free and I get

good contact with myself and my inner peace.



My karma rocks by the way. Love.

Needs Needs and some more needs

All we need is actually just LOVE!

I need someone like me.

But someone different. Someone who completes me.

Someone speciell. Who are not like all the others.

Someone who dare to do those things I never do,

someone with alot of action but who can relax in the same time.

Someone who scare me with alot of stuff but will be there

for me and hold me in the same time.

Someone who can satisfy me, fysical and psysical.

I need someone who understands me, who can finish my sentences while talking.
Someone I can look in the eyes,
and they know what you are talking about even if I didn't open my mouth.
Someone who I have a good connection with.
Someone who can make my brain relax, and just enjoy.

But where the F*CK do I actually find someone like that?
I'm not really searching for it though. I guess it's impossible.

I need someone like myself.

But how do you know that he is like me?

Do you just know or do you think it comes right to you?

I think you know when you feel secure and happy.

I belive in faith. I belive that everything happens for a reason.

I want other people to trust me, people I care about anyway.

If you don't put trust in people, it will get you nowhere.

Couple of years ago I didn't trust anyone.

But today I try to trust people.

I actually KNOW WHO to trust or not.

But of course people always try to take advantage of things,

and I think you need to get fucked over to get

stronger and learn from your mistakes.


Anyway...I have my needs. But I guess my needs is to much to ask for.

I Love my friends anyway.
They are my life, they make me happy for now.
I don't know what I would do without them.

I Love you guys.


Tick, Tack, TOOOOE!!!

Yesterday while walking down the sidewalk to the jetti,

where Aldam scould come and pick me up with the dingie.

I walked down and it was so slippery that I falled on my ass,

and I had my left foot underneith, so my big toe allmost breaked.

My whole nail is blue/yellow and hurts like a mother fucker.

So, time again for hurting my foot.


I got back and it was bleeding alot, so bandage on and now it's ok.

Then we ate some niiiiice dinner and had cocktail tasting.

This morning I didn't feel like working at all, I just want to sleep.

And I want someone next to me in bed too, DAMN IT!

(I guess I'll have to survive with Mario)

We went shopping and then back to the boat, for continue cleaning the cabins.

But I had to lay down for a while. I am so fucking excausted for nothing.

I don't know if it's the temprature I'm not used to

or if it's waking up really early that I'm not used too?

And beeing on a boat of course.

Makes you tired. I need to sleeeeeep.

I can't wait until we are back in Langkawi and have 11 days off hahaha.

Look at me, I want a good job, I finally got the job I always dreamd off,

And I am still not satisfied. Why?

I know why actually, but I can't tell you guys.

Oh my my my, what am I doing??

Think money Lee, think Money!!!

I guess I'm gonna stay until january or so.

Then continue what ever I'm planning to do.

Plan Plan Plan. Think Think Think.

I actually want to stay on the boat for like...ehm, FOREVER.

But I feel lonely or I guess I'm just having a bad day or something.

Maybe it's just today?

But right now I just feel like laying down in bed and cuddle with someone....

Have deep conversations and real passion....

FUCKPISSSHITASSWHORE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'm gonna grab my pillow now.


Good night.


Ching Chong Power

I just read the comment from my Dear Annica.
Yes, emotionell, that's us... But I love when we can get emotionell together.
You mean so much for me.

She wrote like this:

I'd like to start by saying thank you!
Thank you 4 beeing you! And for all nice things you've written about me.
I started to cry when i read it!
(I really did, and I know what you will say, don't be so emotional Annica haha)
I miss you so much.
For me it's important to keep contact and track of you, you are the one closest to me.
I got skype now, so lets try it out!
Love you Lee, my little wannabe ching chong friend!

You don't know how happy I will be if you come down here.
And if you come down with Marcello too, it would be soooo nice.


On the picture we got Annica and Marcello (party in my appartment)


I'm gonna try my best.
Now I'm gonna have a life with routines again.
Getting up early, plan my day etc.
Haven't done that in a while. But I like it.
I can't relax forever... haha.
But this is a fresh new start of something good.
Joey (the chef) is a damn good chef and he always makes healthy food.
Lunch today: fresh steamed vegetables and chicken wings.
Last night I ate salad and fish filé.
No more sodas and no more candy. (well, just once in a while hehe)
Alot of fruits and water.

The only thing I will be eating  that is unhealthy is LICORICE when I get it!!!
And drink alcohol of course...Nearly impossible for me to stop doing that while traveling.
Or if I'm around other people who's drinking.
Bad? Yeah, I know.

This is just half of what I've got under my bed in my cabin.
There is a party in my room, and you are all invited. =)


I love this picture so much.
It's really cute.
It looks like he just became a father of his new borned child.
The monkey namned Mary Jane is sleeping in his arms.
She really likes Timmy.
Every time I hold her, she jumps straight to Tim and stays there.
He gave the owner his number if the owner wants a monkey sitter.
He is perfect for the job haha :)
I just love the picture.

My life, my dream and my happiness

Hiii everyone.

Soon it's time for bed. I'm in my cabin right now.

Thinking of how great my life is.

I'm just missing a man to share this with. Othervise it's perfect.

And I have to tell you that it's quite hard to travel with

2 guys who just talk about sex the whole time...

It's just like at home, being around my friends, but this is 24/7, EVERYDAY!!!!!!

Makes me go crazy!

I can't wait until we sail on monday,

but I guess that tomorrow is going to be a hard day to prepare everything.

I have a lot of responibility on the boat. More then I thought actually.

It's gonna take me couple of days, then I'm getting there....

I am just really excited and want to learn everything right away so I can chill later hehehehe ;)


The only shitty about this, is that I am going to work for 6 days/week.

Off on sundays only. I will be working from 7 am to 5 pm.

But I guess that it will be more chill later when we are on the sea (?)

And that I have to work on Christmas and New Years eve,

that I was suppose to spend with Tim and maybe Frida (if he's not leaving)

But I can say like this: 1,000 DOLLAR TIP PER PERSON

ON NEW YEARS EVE is totally worth it =)


Weird old feelings I forgot about started to pop up lately.

I don't know why and I don't know if it's good or bad.

We'll see. And don't make any conclutions about that.


I really hope that the guys stays a while so we maybe can travel together later.

I am glad that Tim went to Asia so I could meet him again.

And Adeline too of course, but she is not here.

Even though Mr. T can be a bitch, I love this guy.


Last night I woke up from my sleep cuz I think I heard something.

I was just really confused and opened my eyes and looked at the window.

Tim was sleeping, but it felt like he read my mind.

I thought it was something from the curtains or the window.

In that SAME moment I thought that I heard he said: THE CURTAINS!

I got chocked. Are you awake? No answer, still sleeping.

How was this possible?

Why is this weird things happening when I'm around him?


Well.... I have to get some sleep. Early morning tomorrow.

Kiss Kiss


I caaaan't belive it...

Day no one on RAJA LAUT.

I still can't belive it.
Is this really happening?
Am I this lucky? Yes I am.
Everything that I want to happen, happens.
I had to pinch myself this morning when I got on the boat.
I got up at 7 am this morning....
One more day without a good sleep. Gaaah.
Didn't want to be a pain in the ass with the guys when they have a day off
and ask them to drive me to town.
So I took a cab and I was right on time to start working.
Cleaning the kitchen, getting the saloon ready and fixed my own cabin.
I am in love with the boat already. =)
We are setting sails on monday morning to PHUKET!
So, just so you guys know - If I don't update myself over a week means that I'm on the sea!
And by that I mean the BLOG and FACEBOOK or E-mail.
So, don't worry.

Take a look at my new life, my new job, my new love and my beauty!


CIAO for now...
Have to shower, I smell like a rat ass!

Raja Laut

Today is my last day in Rainbow guesthouse.

Rick just called me and said, heeey, want to start working tomorrow?

I make a cabin clear for you tonight so bring all your stuff with you.

No questions asked, more like aj aj sir!

I have been up early every morning for 4 days now and thought that YES,

tomorrow I can sleep how much as I want too.... But noooo...


Today we went up and got picked up by a bus who drove us to the other side of the island,

I had a surprise for Tim since it has been his birthday.

We went to Mangrove. Eagle feeding, to a bat-cave,

swimming, fish-farm, free dinner etc.

A 6 hour trip, very nice actually! =)

But all of us are really tired and I should sleep a bit before we go out tonight....

My last night with the boys.


But we are not setting sails yet, just moving in to my

own little cabin on the boat and sailing next week or so.

Jade, my Irish friend left today too. :(

But she is probably coming back in december.

I sure hope so, she is a awesome chick! =)


Time to sleep.... Ciao


It's late and I'm going up early tomorrow morning.

I tryed to sleep several times but things just pop up in my head all the time.

Like I'm stressed or something.

But I don't really feel stressed,

more then I'm going up early tomorrow and

jogging with Jade the Irish girl I met couple of days ago.

I went to bed early and watched a movie: Super Size me.

Afterwards I started to do sit ups and push ups for a while,

and I really felt like going up and start to jog for a while.

But I will do that tomorrow morning instead hahaha.

But the movie inspired me to be the old Lee, as I was before Mexico.

Oh god I miss those days actually.

Being to the gym, feeling soooo good after a hard Body Pump pass with Johan,

or a nice Kick & Box with Göran.

I miss Goodlife actually, really much too.

Maybe I will watch the movie every day so I can start to work out again.

And get so motivated as I was once before?

I really miss it, but it's so hard while traveling.

I thought that Asia would be easy to loose weight,

but I still somehow feel like the food is crap.

I love salads, but the salad is for westerners like me

and western food is ALWAYS expensive.

Except junk food like hamburgers etc.

I don't really want to eat just rice every day and nothing else.

It's really cheap but do not cup of tea.

I would love to go to Japan and eat sushi though.

Oh I miss sushi, damn it.

But probably in a week or so, (before sailing)

I will move on board on the boat and we will have good food there.

I sure hope so, cuz it's a fucking expensive charter boat I'm gonna sail with.

It's named Raga Laut, and that means King of the sea in Malay.

I talked to Rick today, the captain on the boat.

Felt good, changed numbers and the normal stuff.


I'm gonna work with another girl from Philipines.

And no, it's not Annica. I wish it was though.

She had a chance doing it actually,

cuz we needed another girl and I know it's one of her dreams.....But no.

I sure hope she will come down and visit me in december.

My little ching chong.

I am so glad that someone is keeping good contact with me,

even though I'm away.

She makes me happy and I know that she is a real friend,

I knew that already at 2001 when I first met her! =)

She cares about you and wonder how you are, she is not one

of those who just READS your UPDATED STATUS on Facebook or YOUR BLOG.

She actually comunicates! =)

PROPS to you Annica. I love you.


Well, enough writing. I will try to sleep again.

Few hours sleep until I put on my sneakers and jog on the beach.

Oh, I can't wait!!!

Sweet Sweet Salted Licorice

WHY OOOOOH WHYYYYY did I forgot to buy some salted licorice with me on my trip??
I've missed it since I arrived in Bangkok.
Damn it, Damn it.
Well, I hope someone send me a bag of my favourites.

It's the beeeeeeeeeeest!!!
Then next to that.... I love... this,...
Translation: Junglescream, see they are salted monkeys!

See, I dream about this niiiiiice candy almost every night.

A bag of LÖSGODIS should be the best to get right now, no matter what!!!

Pussy Pussy...

Today is Timmys birthday.
I had a plan for today but the guys are working and the weather
is not so good so we will do it another day instead.
It was really nice to see him smiling and be happy yesterday.
And he told me if I told the live reggea singers that it's his birthday he would leave.
So I "ordered a bucket" and of course they were
singing Happy Birthday in reggea style for him.
I just saw a smiling face laughing who slowly said to me: Lee, I'm gonna kill you!!
MOUHAHAHAHA never trust me! =)
Specially not after 4 bacardis.

It feels nice to be back with the guys again.
Not that I didn't enjoy my time with Birdy, it's just more safe with guys somehow...
I thought I was so happy to travel alone later in Asia.
Ehm... No. I will be around tourist and nothing else, that's for sure.
Cuz yesterday when I took the bus from Penang to Langkawi,
I experienced a young man wanking of next to me on the bus....
Not really a nice experience when you are alone as a girl.
But nothing to worry about, I can just be happy cuz then I'm good looking I guess hahahhaha.
Today is just RAIN RAIN RAIN all over again.
And I wanted to spend time on the beach,
but nooo... like always. I guess I have to do that tomorrow.
We are staying in a better place now called RAINBOW GUESTHOUSE,
Even the cats got rainbow braicelets. haha.
The little kitten is sleeping in my lap right now.


Munch, Munch...

When you are a bit hungry in the middle of the night with 2 crazy dudes,
what do you do then?
You walk in to an Asian foodcourt in Penang, Malaysia and look for cheap food.
You find Asian people dancing, strange squids hanging around, weird names of the food etc.
And an annoying German walking around haha.
You are thinking: WTF is going on right now? Where am I and what am I doing here?
The best thing to do is to record everything so you don't forget it the day after.


Video Bloging...

Instead of writing something today, I will try to video blog.
I know I haven't done it in a while, but the internet here sucks.
So, everytime I try to upload something it takes me 2 hours.
But I finally found a place with fast internet connection.

So, here is a video from TACOMEPAI in THAILAND.
When me and Adeline was there... taking a walk at the ECO-farm.
Nothing funny really, just a normal recording while walking haha.

Enjoy/ Lee

It's funny when you scream under water....

Sometimes, it's funny to have a underwater camera and use it in a pool
when you have nothing to do.
You can smack rocks under water and make a really horrible sound,
and even scream that it's : FUNNY TO SCREAM UNDER WATER!

As Timmy would say: GOOFBALLS!

Seven Wells

Yesterday me and Frix went to Seven Wells here in Langkawi.

It's a beautiful waterfall. It was in the middle of the jungle and almost no people at all.

It was up a big big hill, and I can tell you that we had our exercise for that day.

It was waaaaaay up, and sooo many steps.


We had a swim in the cold water when we arrived, it was lovely.

Took nice pictures too. Then we saw a wild monkey on the way down.

I said to Frix: Hmmm... I have a banana in my purse, do you want me to give it to the monkey?

Yeah why not he answered.

When I took up the banana from my purse, the monkeys face lightened up and he started to run over to me and wanted to grab the banana. But not in a nice way. very aggressive.

So I droped the banana, monkey grabbed it and run.

Wild animals are not to play with, that's for sure. And specially not monkeys.


here he is the bastard.


Well, here is the Waterfall. I'm off to breakfast now.


Ta ta...

Langkawi = Luck?

I really can't belive what happend yesterday.
I finally got a job that I actually wanted for a really long time.

But we'll see how it is first.
I´m going to work for 3 months.
Timmy was off to work at 6.15 this morning.
He was so happy and I'm glad for him. To see him smile again.

I had a hard time to sleep because of the mosquitos kept biting me all the time.

My legs and my whole body looks like shit right now,

but I'm addicted to Tiger Balm now so I use it on all my bites, and it helps alot actually.

Yesterday when we were walking down the street, I stopped and looked at some things from a stall

(as all tourists do) and suddenly I look down and I almost stepped on a baby monkey.

OMG! It was the cutest thing I've ever seen in my life.

I WANT A MONKEEEEY!! It really liked T, so it climbed on to him and sat on his shoulder.

I think he fell in love with it too. Haha.



Me and Frida are going to rent a motor-bike today to get around the island

and see if he can get lucky to find a job as well.

And then we are going to get up to the mountain and swim in the waterfalls.

It's gonna be sooooo nice. Now I can actually spend a little bit of money,

because I know I'm gonna make some later.

I knew that everything was gonna to end up really great yesterday.

Someone told me! :)

Well, time to get up and maybe eat a bit breakfast.


Can you belive that I haven't been to the beach, one single time?

(To swim, relax and have some sun)

Well, it's true! But now I have time to do it at least.




Like I said many times before this year, my karma is good.

I knew that we didn't have to worry about any work today.

It just came to us. We took the cab to the marina, and there it was,

a big 120 foot (40 meters) schooner.

It was a Swedish man (of course) who hired us. Rick.

He havent been in Sweden since 1984, he sailed around the world 3 times.

So, I feel safe anyway!

I start working in about 10 days as a HOSTESS!

Timmy got a job as a carpender (of course),

so we are going to work together again.

But it´s not sure if he can stay on the boat or not.

Woho, it's going to be soo fun!


cuz we have a dive master on board.

I get PAID to SAIL to Phuket in about 3 weeks.

600 USD a month. Yeah! High Five!

I AM SO HAPPY!!! And so is Timmy.

And by the way. this sky is BEAUTIFUL!!!

Back on the road again, to Langkawi

Like I was told. Another dream being lived.

Time to create, wake up and live another.



I'm on my way to Langkawi, Malaysia by now.

On another bumby bus. Just slept for a while.

This bus isn't so many hours. Just 5 hours up north.

I know I don't update myself everyday,

but it's hard to do that when you don't have your own internet and don't have time,

and sometimes you can sit at the same page for 30 min, cuz the internet is so slow.

And when it's fast, it's fucking expensive!!

It's raining and raining. This night it was a storm/thunder.

But nothing to worry about, just had a hard time to sleep.

I have a urge to DJUNGELVRÅL right now.

i miss salt liqorice like a M.F.

So, if someone is going to Malaysia or Thailand, let me know.

I can kill for a djungelvrål right now!!

I think it's time to change the bus very soon. I'll be back later.








Okey everyone.

I AM OK! I am actually really great.

We are in Penang, Malaysia.

No sight of TSUNAMIS OR EARTHQUAKES or storms...
Not yet though. haha.

I am with Tim and Frix right now on the other side called BATU FERRINGI,
We had a nice place all together, big room with three beds etc.
Nice and clean. =)
Going back to Penang today. Just wanted to spend time on the beach a bit.
But the beach was the worst I ever seen.... sooooo filthy.

Adeline stays in another place alone.

I don't even think I have to tell you why.

Things look better and better all the time, but it depends how you think.

Brighter at least, and we may have found a job.

We'll see. I can't really tell yet...




So, we are on our way to Malaysia.

That was not my plan in the first place, but well.... I didn't have a plan sooo.

But I want to spend as much time as I can with Adeline and Tim.

You never know when I meet them the next time you know.

So I want to be with them as much as I can!

We have spendt soooo many hours on the bus by now so I am cranky and tired.

The sleep you get on a bus for 22 hours is not many hours

(I can tell you for sure) but you try and try and try.

So, now we stopped just neat the border from Thailand to Malaysia.

Waiting for another bus to pick us up. Sitting on the floor next to Buddah.

Look. And see how I look, tired as fuck and then you should see my feets.


They look like they have been runned over by a car or something.

My mosquito bites are worst then in Mexico.

They are fucking every where!!

And the more mosquito oil and after bites I put on my body, the more I got bit by the fuckers.

All Asian girls think they are sooooo pretty all the time, it's crazy!

They sit with a mirror and fix their hair all the time...

I'm telling you because the girl in front of me has been sitting with a mirror now for 30 minutes.

Well, time to charge my computer and phone...

Hasta luego amigos

Think smart....?

Day 16 i guess. I don't really count the days, but it would make sense.

Haha. Well, I'm back in Bangkok again.

Feel a bit restless but I get more and more comfortable here...

Not in Bangkok, but with the company and people.

I like hanging out with the guys too.

I talked to A. today and everything she said maked good sense for me,

just like many other have said the last months....

I am sorry for not being so open to her,

but I am so used to that my friends never tell their feelings or reaction of surtain things.

So, I am back with the people who ASK me how I feel and how I react so surtain things...

I am not used to that. For me, it makes no sense sometimes.

Sometimes I just feel like a coldhearted bitch, but I'm really not.

I'm not really the same person as I was in Mexico, yeah people change alot.

Specially when I am at home in Sweden.

But I try my best to be as happy as I was before. And I am happy today,

but maybe I don't show is as much as I did over there...

And not maybe in the same way as before either.

I am comfortable with myself and I am not in a need of attension as much as I was before too.

I do miss something in my life but I really don't know what.

Like a guy I meet recently told me : Lee, stop being such a girly Swede now...

You over-think it too much. Yeah, maybe I DO think too much.

Make plans in my head for everything... that's me. I know.

Think, think, think.

But I rather think that not think at all, even if I'm blond! :P

Well, so, here I am, in Bangkok, in my room, alone....


Hmmmm.... Yeah what ever. see you tomorrow.


On the road again


Well, I'm on the bus again.

First we had a really bumpy ride from Pai to Chiang Mai (about 3-4 hours)

and I have to tell you that I normally never get car-sick.

But this trip was a fucking rollercoaster for 4 hours.

The road is up and down many mountains, and the way has 736 strong curves. Imagine that!

So, poor little Lee had to sit in the front after half way. Just not to throw up.

Many others in the car felt sick too. But I was the first to ask haha. :D

Oh, I just have to say that I've seen the most beautiful girls on this trip.

Or, ever in my life.... 2 Brazilian girls. Of course they are Brazilian, damn it.

And their boyfriends. Wooohaaaa.... SHIIIIIIET!!!

God, why couldn't I be a Brazilian girl? Well, anyway... back to the story...

We arrived in Chiang Mai. I still felt sick and tired.

Now another busride for 12 hours waited for me and A, back to Bangkok.

This is worst then flights.

Not so many people on the bus, but yet it felt like a thousand just cuz

I didn't have power enough to be social etc. So, I started to watch a movie.

My swedish ”Farväl Falkenberg” and suddenly I missed Sweden,

or the Swedish summer at least... Then I tried to get some sleep.

Hmmmm.... I think I've slept like 30 min on the whole trip.

Not much in other words. I just can't ... I don't know why. It's too bumpy??

Well...Here I am on the bus and still can't sleep.

My battery on the computer is running out too... so I guess I have to say Bye Bye.


So... Bye, Big Kiss

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