A life I did not expected.

Many people who have done dives before knows that what I'm going

to tell you is an amazing experience.

Many people can not do it because of claustrofobia and

being afraid of water and sea animals etc etc.

Well, I have to tell everyone that it's a shame because

you are missing something AWESOME!!!

What I have seen on TV and heard from other people,

I liked it before I even did it myself.

So finally, today it was my turn to do it...


I can tell you for sure that it was the most beautiful,

wicked and best experience I've ever had in life,

when you are talking about PLANET EARTH.

It felt like I was I was ONE with the planet.

I had a strong weird connection. Like I was high or something.

It was so different, so amazing and pretty and absolutely beautiful.

It was a life I did not expected.

THE SEA LIFE. I was a fish.

I felt like I was in the movie FINDING NEMO.

Or in a aquarium surrounded with the worlds most beautiful fishes.

I just want to do it again and again and again....


The wreck dive was amazing.

I have never seen so many fishes before.

And I saw 2 stingrays and a small baracuda! :)




So, for those who haven't dived before in their life and consider it.

DOOOOOOOO IIIIIIIIIIIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Kata Beach, Bali

Bali is not what it seems like

When you're home and hear about Bali, it seems so exotic and passioned.

Hmmm... Media and advertising is a big thief in this, to sell expensive trips.

Well, Bali IS NICE.

But, many people don't open their eyes and see what's happening.

Bali is famous for the surfing and the nice beaches.

When you arrive to the touristy area named KUTA in Bali,

the beach is destroyed with PLASTIC everywhere...

I heard it may just be 2 months a year beacuse of the current.

And all shit swipes up on the beach.

I was so uppset when I walked there. It is soooo filthy and I was really upset.

Why don't anyone clean up this mess???

And of course the fishes dies, cuz they are trying to eat the plastic.

So there were MILLION of dead fishes on the beach,

rapped around with the plastic and shit.

It really makes me sad.


It really makes me sad, finding such a great place as BALI,

and it's absolutely destroyed. =(


Well, of course Bali has more nice beaches around the island,

but Kuta is important too. As rest of the world.



Here you go, have a look

R.I.P Fishy!

I'm a Certified Diver ♥

Today is a much better day then yesterday.
I was really frustrated about my hair last night.
But I had 2 amazing women next to my side who made my mood a bit better.
Judith and another woman named Barbera, from U.S.
Anyway, I took a looooong shower and washed my hair 5 times and it helped a bit.
Not 100 % but alot anyway.

I went to bed early because I was going up early for my open water dive today.
We went to Batu Besar, Nusa Dua here in Bali and practised my dive.
Everything went PERFECT the first dive!
My instructor was impressed by my skills and
he didn't believe it was the first time in open water for me.
The second dive was also very nice,
but I was droven up by the current to the surface and couldn't come down.
But, it went really well anyway.

We went back to the classroom, he checked my final exam and I did it!!!
I had only 1 answer wrong! 98 % correct!
He could not believe me. Neither could I! :)


Tomorrow I am going for a wreck dive in Tulamben....
So, from now on I AM A CERTIFIED DIVER!

Woho. Check list! Check.

The U.S.A.T. LIBERTY, a 120 meter long shipwreck,

is the remains of a US World War II freighter, torpedoed on January 11,1942 at 4:15 a.m.

by a Japanese submarine while crossing the Lombok Strait carrying material

(rubber and railway parts) from Australia to the Philippines.

Two US destroyers hitched up to the ship and tried to tow it to the port of Singaraja.

The damage was immense, she was taking too much water and her crew ran the vessel

up onto the beach of Tulamben 70km away from the nearest safe harbor.

For 21 years she stayed there, the people of Tulamben

secured all items of any value, even parts of the deck.

In 1963 the Liberty was pushed to her present location by the fatal eruption of the volcano Gunung Agung.

During this process the hull broke into two pieces.

Now she is laying only 30 meter from the Tulamben beach on a sandy slope 90�

on her side parallel to the shore. The deck side faces the ocean.

The Liberty ship wreck is the most visited diving site of Bali

at a  perfect depth for scuba diving ranging from 2.5 meters down to 29 meters.

There are a couple of impressive swim throughs,

but one must be cautious because the structure of the wreck is unstable,

every year parts collapse. An amazing growth of encrusting animals cover the wreck,

marine biologists estimate that about 400 different species of reef fish live on the Liberty.

It is not usual for this site to be visited by big pelagic species.

Mother Fucking Blonde!

I had a great day today.
I woke up 07.30 and the driver came and picked me up at 08.00.
Drove a very very tired Lee to school, back to the bench.
I did my teory and study for the test and I got Nasi Goreng Ayam
(Chicken Fried rice) for lunch.
The instructor was impressed of my skills allready.
So I told him I did the confined dive allready but never finished :)
So after that we went to the pool and did some of the confined, just to be sure of what I was doing.
They drove me home and I was starving.
I draged Judith with me to a restaurant, I took out my half dried hair and looked at it.

Not again.... It was TOTALLY GREEN.
This happened to me once before, in Mexico.
And yes, you may laugh but if you were here, I would fucking punch you in the face right now.
I am really mad and I can not do anything about this fucking crap.
If Adeline were here she would call me SHREK. (And no, it's not funny)

So, anyway... I run to the store (ALL STORES I CAN FIND)
Trying to find a shampoo for blond hair, or anything who takes away the green shit.
Not a single person can help me.
These girls are there to help, and they don't know what they are selling in the store.
I am so fucking tired of this retarded behaviour.
Asian people, the one who just look at you....
and then look at your hair and say: DON'T HAVE, DON'T HAVE! DON'T KNOW.
So, what the fuck dooooo they know?

So, for all BLONDE girls who reads this....

IT FUCKING SUCK TO BE A BLONDE IN ASIA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Word mother fucker...

Just a moment...

A nice memory, could have ended as a better memory though.
But shared alot of good moments....
I'm gonna miss you.

This picture is for you.

From ME to YOU.

A day in Bali

Shocking records when I looked at how many had read my blog yesterday.

60 people. Woho. Nice. And still no comments....?

But I still don't have so much interesting to say anyway.

I've got a nice tan, not red at all, just brown and I love it.

Nice bikini line as well, both peanuts and pussy is whiter then whitest.

I havent spend so much time in the sun though,

not if you compare with all the other swedish girly girls that

hang around the pool and talk about what they are going to

wear when they go out and what they are going to eat, HA HA!

Today I feel really good, the paracetamol helped alot.

So I've been swimming alot today, but just in the pool.

I don't want to exaust myself cuz I'm well til 100 %

Tomorrow I decided it's time to surf. yes, finally!!!

And since I have been sick, I haven't had the time to dive,

I booked it til the 28th instead.

Tonight I think it's time to get really FUCKED!!!!

Cuz that's what I really need right now.

Just to let everything go and have soooo much fun until I die!!

And I'm gonna try to find Joachim too. (a funny Swede)

So, fuck this and let this party get started!!!!!

(The date is wrong)

So long suckers!


Me Myself and I

I read Sophies blog just now.
And I found this picture, as she see herself when she is at the gym.
Well, then I have to say.... She is not the only one!
At least she and Jossan is going to the gym nowdays.
And I can't. I'm going to start now again, as soon as I am well 100 % again.

When I saw it, I was like... woh, she has a picture of me!!!
Funny anyway.

I'm feeling much better today. So, tomorrow I'm back on track I think!

Have fun party people.

I feel better!!

Ok-la here is the deal.

I am not going to write so much today.
I don't have much to say anyway.
I'm going to show everything with pictures instead.

I'm completely dead.
Being sick in 35 degrees and funny sun is not a simple life.
Fever and a bad bad cold.... Laying there, feeling dead, made me think alot.
So, I decided to tell someone to FUCK OFF literally.
I can not have any more negative energy in my life.
I had that too much in life all ready.
So now everything is finished. Finito. Nada mas.
Made me feel better and have better hope for myself again! :)

So, picture number 1.
I remember last summer, sitting on a bench with Omri (my israeli friend)
We were sitting in the park, in Malmo and he told me many stories about Asia.
And 1 thing I remember, that I thought were funny is, when you go to Bali -
RONALD MC DONALD is standing on a surfing board.
Really? It's true!
So when I walked down the street and found Mc Donalds,
I could not remember it, but when I saw it I started to laugh like I was crazy.

Picture number 2.
Is what you find on the streets in Bali. Everywhere!
(The same in Thailand, but different because they are Buddists)
It's called sacrifises, it's a religion thing. HINDU!
75% of the Balinese people is Hindus.
They put this on the streets, in cars,
in front of doors, yeah almost everywhere.
Don't step on them.
It can be everything from food (mostly crackers and rice)
Flowers, banana leaves, grass and many other things.
This is one of them.

And finally picture number 3.
Just a picture I took when I was bored.
I felt so rich, all of a sudden....
And yes, I am... not for a long time though.
But it felt fucking nice to see all those zeros,
I just wished it was swedish kronas instead. :)

That's all for today. PUSS!!!

Mushi mushi mushi....

OK! This is going to be short.
I'm literally DYING over here.
It's rainseason but it's not raining.
It's just freaking hot, and I think I will pass out any second.
But we found a nice place to stay anyway.
We spendt last night (after our flight) on the MUSHROOM street.
And yes, you can buy shit loads of mushrooms there...

We moved early this morning to pay 1 euro more, for a nice place
with swimming pool, garden, balcony, AND breakfast!
150.000 RUPIA. (ca. 150 kr) and of course we split in half!

I booked my diving on the 25:th (3 day course)
And Judith will be leaving me january 31th.
Hmmm... Alone for B-day and Valentines day?

Ok. Time to go. Alot to do.

Todays picture

Straight from the airport in Kuala Lumpur.
Waiting for our flight.

Coffee and danish weiner bread.

Slept 4 hours, party hard last night at the reggea bar :)
(As you can see) haha.

Time to go. Hasta Luego.

I can see clearly now....

Couple of days with Judith, (my new spanish friend)

made me think about how I've been during the last year or 2.

We have been talking alot about life's rollercoaster.

Since I ended my relationship with L,

and how I changed mentally and fysically after that.

I finally did what I always wanted to do. I was alone and I loved it.

A gym-o-holic for the first year, and then I just packed my bags ans left.

And traveling turns you lazy and fat again,

and you want someone to love and experience the same things you do.

To see them together.

I've met people and seen things from all over the world.

I got more independent and started to love myself again.

This has been up and down of course, (it always is)

But I see things very different as I did before.

I've came a long way and I'm glad.

But I still miss something that completes me.

I still don't know what it is, so I don't know what to look for.


Well, anyway....to something complete different.


Me and Judith took the mono-rail and train to Times Square

here in Kuala Lumpur today (Not New York).

In there we found a rollercoaster inside the mall.

There were millions of floors with stores and if we walked in to all of them,

it would take us 3 days to finish I think.

It was Las Vegas all over again :)

Rollercoaster in the mall....

Well, today is almost finished.

Tonight we are going to celebrate our last night in KL with some whiskey,

drinks and party at the reggea bar here in China town.

Found many dudes in our guesthouse to go with. So, I will have to say.....

Good byyyyyye!!!



A thing you can't have, but you want it so bad.

But when you've got it, you don't want it anymore.

The grass is always greener on the other side and you

always want to taste the forbidden fruit.

Once you got it, it's time to move on to something else.

Is it always like that? A cat and rat game as I call it?

You want to eat the cookie, but you want to save it.

For the first time in a very very very long time, I have a desire.

I can't say what it is, but many friends already know

the difficulties I've been through lately. It's life you know.

I'll get over it I guess.

Many people get through this in life, and it get's better.

It's something that make you stronger.

I just have a really hard time to let everything go.

I know it's sucks and you feel like shit one day, but the next I feel perfect.

One thing I've learned is that I can run, but I can not hide.


You wish that things were different from time to time...

Well, I think it's just all in your mind.

Do you really want to change, or let go, YOU CAN.

I guess that I am not ready to let go yet.

You may not be at the same level as the other person,

you may be on a higher or lower level.

But when you realise what's right and what's wrong, it's often too late.

But remember til next time, don't make same mistakes twice.

What happened yesterday was just another story.

Something that HAS happened, I can't do anything about it, so why worry?

One day at the time, and try to make future plans instead of wondering

about how other situations could have been in the past.

I'm trying to not live in the past. Way too many people live in the past.

I'm trying to live NOW, today! See the good things.

I'm also trying to see good things in the bad things.

I'm always trying to see a reason for everything.

And DAMN, I think I'm trying too much.


Oh well... I am a careing person.

I bring joy and love in life, but many realise that way too late.


Mee at the Petrona towers in Kuala Lumpur.

Bags are packed...

So, once again I sit here with my life in a bag.
Everything is packed and I'm ready to leave.... Again.
5 months in a backpack, and sendt home 2 boxes with stuff allready.
And I guess I will send home maybe one more until I'm back home
(if I'm going home??)
Judith and me (the spanish girl) are going to take the ferry and bus in couple of hours.
Kuala Lumpur for couple of nights, and from there take a flight to Bali.
It feels like a start of something new...I am ready for this.
I stayed here for way too long.
The people in the guesthouse have been through too much drama here allready.
And when I came back for the 345936th time, everyone knows me.
Fuck me, I'm famous (not in Japan but Langkawi) hahahaha...

Well, many people I met in october is still here:

The big turkish/danish man.
And the old danish lady.
The finish girl who always comes and sit here with her computer and leave.
Clement and Helen (Who Tim and Frida worked for)
The lesbian "dorm master" Leo, who had her fun watching and being weird.
Edy and the other girl who works here (never knew her name)
The old Japanese man who writes everyones name on a card (including mine)
Porrige man. Don't ask.
The group of frenchies.
Frida (of course he is still here)
Timur, from Kazakstan but works as a russian translator.
Sha, who is a cool malaysian dude who smokes alot.

And everyone else I forgot.
Everyone has really cool characters, and are so different.
The last couple of days has been really nice.
But Tim was missing. Of course.

And let's not talk about the cats. Nishi (rainbow in Japanese)
She was a baby kitten when I arrived and now she is almost grown up.
She doesn't bite anymore, and there is 4 new cats around here.
They keep coming here haha. So, now we have 3 new kittens.
(1 has a really bad eye infection, but it's getting better)

well, time to go, and stop talking shit.

Bye for now.


For the last couple of days I've been spending some time with 3 girls.
Judith from Spain, and Helen and Liz from Wales.
We had 2 great days, on the beach and doing alot of stuff here in Langkawi.
Me and Judith decided to go to Bali together.
A fresh new start of something good.

So, we booked our flight this night!
I am going to leave Langkawi, again in 2 days.
Going to spend 2 days in Kuala Lumpur for just see it, and the damn towers.
Then the 22th we fly from there to Bali. Woho!


1-2 weeks there, and then I don't know.
Let's make those plans then, not now.
Maybe even mr Fuck will come down there from Phuket.
But, now... I'm gonna enjoy life to the max!!!

So, I will say HASTA LUEGO!

Lee in a nutshell

Mom, thank's for the pictures.

HAHAHA. I guess I will never change...
Specially when I'm bored I guess?

Once a retard, always a retard I guess??

(About 22 years later, still the same)

Well, it's never too late for a happy childhood as the thai's say. haha.

Royal Langkawi Yacht Club

The Regatta race finished last nigh and they had a party (of course)
I was there with Frida and 5 other people from our guesthouse.
I had fun.... I guess because I had 1 too many yesterday.
(Damn Tequila)
I was there on a mission, and I finished my mission
and now I'm satisfied and can walk away with pride and a smile on my face.
Don't get any conclusions about what I'm talking about.
It's not what you think.

Frida went swimming in the pool with clothes on (and his phone)
We missed the food, but not the drinks. Haha.
On the way home, the taxi driver was a crazy driver so we had to stop
and poor little Lee had to vomit next to the road.
Yes, it was that bad! Haha.

Then I totally passed out. Great Success Lee!



Couple of months ago I had a dream. (I had it for a while)
One of my dreams was to work on a boat.
I arrived in Langkawi and I had my dream come true.
Then I realised that my dream was just something I wanted to experience.
It was nothing I wanted to do for the rest of my life.
(Maybe if I had my own sailboat and knew what I was doing, and with someone for ex.)
My dream faded away to something else.

But don't get me wrong.
I still want to learn how to sail, for real.
But I don't want to be someones cook, server or housekeeper.
I love being on the sea, and it's a nice feeling.
You feel free and you can go to exotic places, without paying tourguides to bring you there.
But sailing is lonely and you can not go on shore when ever you want to.
(if you don't have your own boat I mean)

So, anyway... I'm still on this website, looking for jobs on boats.
But now I start to question myself. Do I want this?
I guess I need more time to think again.
I got offered 3 jobs on boats, but they are not in Asia.
But very exotic places around the world.
I turned them down though, and then you wonder WHY?
I would go for the shared costs. I need to MAKE money, not pay.
Even if I have free food, good experience from sailing and a place to stay for free.
I don't know what's holding me back. Maybe it wasn't just the right boats??

Well.... I'll find something else... another day...
Bartendering is fun, but doesn't give me that much.

I even got offered a job in COSTA RICA. =)
If I may go there later.
At Alex parents place, a surf hostel. Sounds awesome!
And then you wonder who Alex is maybe?
Just a good looking american guy I met in the marina here in Langkawi.

Bilden “http://www.sitashri.com/images/future_plan1.jpg” kan inte visas, då den innehåller fel.
Now it's time to go to the chinese man and eat some noodles.
Hasta la vista amigos.

Backpacker again

Right now, I'm located in Phuket town, Phuket in Thailand.
I've been isolated from normal people for a while now.
Leaving the boat, going to a "whorehouse", wich was beautiful inside actually.
Moving to Kata Beach,  were it was only Swedes ....
Wich was not a social life for me. Just families and couples staying at big resorts,
eating expensive dinners... and everything was just... expensive.
Nice beach though, and good side walk to jog on!

Well, anyway....
Left Kata today (cuz of the prices) went for massage before I left
and the nice thai girls helped me to catch a BUS instead of a  expensive taxi of Tuk Tuk.
40 baht compared to 600 is a big difference.
So, I arrived here at Phuket town couple of hours ago.
Not many tourists, wich I like... Everything is really cheap in this part of the town.
Bangkok prices. :)
Street food, wich is really cheap and nice fruit and food market outside of the hostel.

I arrived at this nice hostel called "backpacker hostel".
It's new, look like it's really expensive but it's not.
It's more like a hotel, but with bunk beds.
Free internet and cheap breakfast.

I was in total shock when I arrived.
Here were people in my own age, backpackers just like me.
Non locals and happy socialised people. Woooooh...
They were TALKING to me. Whaaaat the.....!!!
I havent been used to my old life for a couple of weeks now,
but give me 1 day and I'm back on track again :)
We were 15 people that sat in the "living room" and watched THE BEACH.
(Of course you have to watch it when you are in thailand)

And I actually wrote this yesterday but the hot guy next to me
accedently turned of my computer with his foot....
So, half of the text was saved and the rest was gone.
So I finish it today instead :)

Just got my passport and ticket back from Stephan.
No connection from Raja Laut anymore :)
Tomorrow morning I'll be leaving to the airport at 08.00
Kuala Lumpur / Langkawi.... Malaysia.

Well, thats all for me today.
Time for lunch.

Hasta manana!




Couple of more days in Phuket and then I'm off to Langkawi again.

(Where I once stopped travel)

It's nice to relax here and think about yourself.

And spend some time alone for once.

Not drinking and have parties and socialise.

Just me, and only me. Working out, study my diving and spanish.

And most important, reconnect with myself.

Even if it get's quite boring on and off, I need it for now.

I had company yesterday and that helped a little bit, but not too much.

Of course there was complications with Mr Dickhead like always.

Kata beach is not a place that I recomend in Phuket, that's for sure.

Phuket is nothing that I recommend anyway.

Not even Thailand is to recommend.


Aaaaanyway... Nothing new for now...

Just study and relaxing and working out for a while.

Tomorrow I'm going back to Yacht Haven to see Kalle and do my test

and then I guess I'm staying in either Dickheads bungalow or at Phuket town.

That's all for today...

Me and Kalle is floooooooating...

Typical Thai truck! I like.


Happy Happy Joy Joy....

Tsunami evacuation route...

Ok-la that's all for today... Hasta mañana!



Yes, I am very pissed off today.
Things are not going as I want them to go.
People that are evil, get better oppertunities then the good people.
But I guess that they can kiss better ass then I can.
I wont. That's for sure.
But they are going to realize they made a wrong choice later on.

It sucks to leave this room, but I can't afford to stay here.
And I don't have anything to do here in Chalong. (on the whore street)
Yes, I live in a whore-house... (kind of) the hookers hang around in the bar downstairs.
But I had two great nights here no matter what all the drama was about.
I'm trying to see the good things in everything...

And if it's not that great, I pretend it is and I feel better...
Sometimes it's just easier then.

Now I have to study for my diving cert test, then I just have the 4 dives left and I'm finished.
Good, 1 thing that is done (soon) and 50 million to go....
The only thing I can think about right now is that I want to take my DRIVING LICENSE!
(And that's the only part I want to go home)

Well.... Many things in my head. Need to eat breakfast now.
Before I freak out and go crazy... Koko...

Hasta luego amigos.

Wicked game

There is actually no better word for it. For what I want to say.

It's just a wicked game...


My camera is broken.

The display doesn't work anymore cuz there is water inside it... Again.

Second camera that I break, same way.

So, I have to buy a new one.

Oh lord, and now I'm not working either... For now anyway.


I left the boat yesterday and Chan almost flipped the dingi over

when letting us of. Good, all my bags were wet.

Computer and everything were saved (lucky me, being so fast).

But all of us got wet, and Sherry went in the water twice.

That was it for me, it was too much. Everyones mood was fucked.

And specially mine. It was so bad I almost flipped out....

So, instead of taking a sneak ride with Sherry and Caroline who was going shopping,

I took a cab alone to Chalong and found a nice big big room.

Expensive though, but I'm not going to stay here for many days.


Puh. Finally alone. I went online and talked to Sofie and Annica.

Felt good to talk to some friends back home...

Then Joey called me couple of times,

being drunk and wanted me to come and drink beer...

So I did, and I met the russian owners of the catamaran,

and Rick and of course the drunkest of them all – Tim. (As usual)


And one long island icetea later, I was happy. Haha.

It feels so good to be alone.

I can walk around naked, sunbathing on the big balcony I have,

watch (or listen) to the Music on the TV. Drink what I want, eat when ever.

And I do what I want to, I don't have to ask someone and it feels so good.

Woho. I'm back on track.

On the meatmarket again. :)


Where to start? I can't sleep.

I've been laying here in my bed for more then 1-2 hours,

trying to get some sleep but it doesn't work somehow.

Even if the bed is moving like a baby crib.

I've just been thinking about tomorrow, when I'm leaving this boat.

I've been waiting for the moment for a while now but never did it.

I'm actually moving out!!

I've had the same bed for more then 3, almost 4 months now.

This have been my home for a while now.

It feels weird to leave now when I think about it.

Then I can imagine Aldam and Joey, who have been onboard this boat for YEARS.

I'm going to miss this boat.

Having a moving bed that putts me to sleep and many other things.

I've had an amazing time here actually.

No matter how many fucked up days I had, but like they say...

”What doesn't kill you makes you stronger”.

And don't forget the S in makes ;)


Now to something else then the boat.

I think it was good that I didn't leave the boat today as I was supposed to.

I slept way to long, so I was tired the whole day.



A Swedish agent came onboard to see Raja Laut,

because they are having a day-charter in 2 days with swedish channel 5.

Staff party for Channel 5 (Kanal 5) for Håkan in ”Färjan”.

I talked a bit to this guy, wich was very friendly.

He asked me why I quited my job now when Kanal 5 are coming etc etc.

He gave me a bit of hope, cuz he offered me a new job!!

I got his card and gonna call him as soon as everything here is finished.

I don't know what kind of job, but I think he can figure something

out because he seemed like a real deal, that knows what he is doing.

A real ”stockholm profil”.

Who knows? Anything can happen. :)


So, let's hope for the best. The only thing I'm worried about right now is

my Visa. I have to PAY for the visa run later on if I'm going back to Thailand.

But... If I got a new job, that's nothing to worry about.


See guys, everything works out for me in the end after all.

I just have to make the right choices and make the right time.

And then the puzzle pieces fits. I'm having a plan again.

I just have to get some more time to think about it before I make up my mind,

where to go and what to do.


CUZ, in march.. the 9.th, my beloved and lovely friend is going to asia.

Annica Cederholm. Her and I is catching up somewhere here in Asia.

And then she (and I, I hope) is going to live with her family in Philippines.

That's going to be amazing. :)


Well... anyway. that's all for today...

I'm gonna try to get some sleep now, again.


Hasta luego amigos.


So, where should I begin??

It's a new year... Wait, hold on. Is it a new year?
Wow. It IS a new year!

And folks, I can tell you this...
I feel like what I deserve today.

Yesterday was wicked.
It was WAY to much champagne for Lee.
We shared a bottle of
Tsarine Premium Cuvee Brut champagne.
Very good one actually.
Then I had another bottle of champagne. (don't remember the name)
After that I felt more then ok. =)
We took a cab to Nayang beach and watched the fireworks
and landterns and then we all had a happy new year.
I was supposed to take the cab over to Patong and say Happy New year to T,
but he had to work for 24 hours and there was no time.
So I just made several phonecalls to him during the night instead. HAHA.
Poor thing.

Then... Me, Kalle and Sherry took a cab to Surin beach.
And when we got there... I got shocked.
We get to a place on the beach,
everything around is cheap and nice. Thai style.

But suddenly, from NOWHERE.....
There is a HUGE stage, with a DJ playing very nice house music.
There is a BIG bar and huuuuundreds of people!
It was very luxury and comfy.
The people was very snobbish, having backslick, white shirts and
nice dresses and smoking their fancy cigars.
They all look Italian and Russian. A bit like Al Pacino style hahaha.
Or STUREPLAN in Stockholm. :P

Anyway. We decided to shake our asses for a while and
then sit in the bar next to the place (cuz it was cheaper)
and then go back. And apparently we did.
Next thing I can remember is that I'm in the cab,
holding my "100 plus drink" in the hand, falling asleep and got the drink over myself.

Next thing is walking back on the dock with an empty bucket for Moët champagne in my hand.
Then I woke up in bed this morning with a towel next to me so I guess I had a shower.
The phone was next to me, I tried to send a text but I guess i passed out half way.

Great success Lee!
Very Great.

I really liked the old school phone.... ??

So, today I've been laying on the sofa all day watching a lot of episodes of Weeds.
I'm on the last season now. Finally.
And now it's time for bed....

So, fellas... Good night and happy new year

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