Spotless mind

Sometimes my boogie man shows up in my head.
Today I talked about him with Malin.
I told her stuff that we have been through together.
I think she understood how this effected me to become the one I am today.
And I am happy to been growing so much stronger.

You meet different kind of people in your life for a reason.
To learn. To grow. To love. To breath. To experience.
It's kind of weird to talk about it, because it's like it's never happened.
It's an old chapter in the book and you should continue reading instead of go back.
I erased and moved on.

It felt like a movie. A real typical american movie.
But it wasn't. It was a part of my life once.
A tragical and very dramatic movie. But a good one.
Sometimes it feels weird to watch those kind of movies.

So where is he now?

I have to say that Eternal sunshine of a spotless mind is still one of my favourites.
I can cry. And cry. But now I just listen to the soundtrack! :)

And don't want to erase someone else from my life ever again.
This time I won't make mistakes like that.
No matter how much I want to. I have to live with the pain.
But those kind of people you meet for a reason, are defintly there for a reason.
Even if you can't explain it.

Listen to the song. And feel it.


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