Who doesn't want to live in a paradise?

I woke up this morning and decided to do an

adventure trip with myself today. With my mind.

I was in another state of mind when I left my bungalow.

I said to myself: Lee, this is one of the best day in your life.

It was the correct answer.

I decided to take photographs during my day of peace and harmony.

For documentations, so other people can enjoy it with me too.


Nobody was home when I woke up. Yes!

Alone, better. I was not in a social mood today.

Adventure trip!

I never went on a adventure trip alone before, just with Michel.

But since I'm not home and Michel is not here, I did it alone.

I know he would like it though.

So anyway, I took my camera and I left my bungalow.

At the left I heard the monkeys scream in the jungle,

then it becomes completely silent.

The only thing you could hear was the sea.

The waves coming up on to the beach and far

away you can heard a long tail boat driving around.



You heard the sound from my flip flops in the sand.

Flip, flop, flip, flop....

The sun was burning on my shoulders.

I'm was completely alone on the beach.

Suddenly in front of me a man walks by, from nowhere.

Alone on a empty beach, what do you do?

Do you say Hello or do you continue walking?


I looked down in the sand when I walked

so I could see that I didn't step on any crabs.

I think it's beautiful how the crabs can create such cool small sand balls.

It's like art and it's pretty.


In the water I saw our dingy floating around, next to couple of long tails.

I continue my walking on the beach.

Until I reached the restaurant! Time for a breakfast stop!

I walked in and I sat down. Nobody comes.

The chef and the staff had a lunchbreak haha.

I think I sat for 10 minutes before someone came with the menu.

I got my lemon juice anyway,

but had to wait for my club sandwich until the chef finished his lunch.

If you did that in Sweden, you'll get fired haha.

I didn't care. I was happy anyway.

Welcome to Thailand everyone.


I had alot of time to photograph my

adventure day at the Pirate Camp, while waiting for my food.

I remember sitting and watching my foots in the sand.

The feeling was incredible.

Sandy of course, but the sand was soft, hot and nice.

The more you dug with your foot, the colder sand you got.

(I love to play with sand, even if it makes you dirty.)



Down at the beach there was a little thai girl

running around and playing with 2 good looking golden retreivers.

She was throwing rocks in the water and the dogs tried to catch them.

This went on for 20 min at least, while I was waiting for my food.

It was hell of a show but suddenly the girl got

wet on her dress and decided to go up.

The dogs were still in the water,

waiting and waiting for someone to throw a rock out there...

Then I thought about Astrid, Sophies old dog.

My best friend who is no longer with us. :(



I sat there for a while and looked around me.

In the background they putted on Jack Johnson.

I looked at the beach, the waves, the boats, the dogs,

the sand, the palms, the costumers around me,

the kid running around and everything that surrounded me.


And I thought: What a life I have.

I will never treat this feeling I have right now with something else, ever!

I fucking love this place. It's so different.

The only thing I dont want to do today is to be social.

I wanted to be alone. Alone and become one with planet earth.

I think I finally overwon my fear on lonelyness.

I'm happy for myself. One more check on my list.


Finally, I got my clubsandwich.

I was starving. Then I decided to continue my adventure.

I walked for 5 minutes, then it was too hot and I really wanted

to write everything I had on my mind down on a piece of paper

or the computer so I decided to walk back again.

I stopped on the way and took of my sarong,

layed down on it in the sand,

took of my bikini and went in the water.

Nice to work to get the tan lines off when you are alone! :)

The water was hot, clear and nice.

I layed in the water for a while.

Listened to the waves, played with some shells and rocks,

went up and then did the same 3 times.



I went back to the Pirate camp and there was still no one there. Nice!

Got in the kitchen and had some more to eat.

Munch. Some left over pasta. Yum.

Mishko is an excellent cook. Her food is healthy and good.

What else can I say more then JAPANESE?!

I love Japanese food.

And I like Mishko alot even if I haven't talked to her that much.


I sat outside the kitchen for a while,

just looking around and listening to everything around me.

So many animals and so many sounds.


By this time I was really tired in my mind (and from the sun).

So, I finally got back to my bungalow and could write

everything down from my private adventure trip I had today with myself.

I layed down in bed, under my lovely mosquito net.

I felt like a princess, like I always wanted.

Why didn't I get a mosquito net when I was a kid

when I really wanted to be a princess?

Well, I finally got it so I guess it's never too late for anything!? :)

I putted on my fan, and I started to write...

I was thinking about how great my day today had been

and how aweful my night, the day before was.

It's funny how everything can change in just couple of minutes.


I fell a sleep, and I woke up when it was getting dark.

”The Family” was home again.

Kaishu was calling my name outside my bungalow.

Miwa came running towards me and went inside my door.

I gave her a big hug, and she gave me a big kiss with her stinky breath.

Good girl. Time for food! Perfect timing. Fresh springrolls!


That was my day at the Pirate Camp today.

My adventure trip. The perfect day!

I don't think I've ever felt such harmony with myself.

I will go for a late night walk adventure trip tonight.

We'll see how that ends up.


See you later dudes!

Patong Style.

Yesterday were supposed to be a good night out.

It was a day off so, we went to Patong.

The only place to party but wich I hate alot.

Supposed to have sushi, but ended up with a bad pizza at a bad place.

The night was doomed to be bad from the beginning.

I think I never felt so miserable in a very long time.

And it wasn’t the first time with this person.


It just felted like I broke in half.

Some people just do different things, what I believe in.

Things I don't like and it pisses me off, (even if it's not my buissness)

Because for me those things mean alot

and are shown with respect, dignity etc.

All self-respect flew away just like that.

That's not the way I do it, or live my life.

I'm just against it. I Hate it actually.


After a while we just went seperate ways and as soon

as I turned my back I had a smile on my face again.

Funny huh? I was looking at people on the street and then

went to a shitty club where they played shitty music,

just to dance it off. It worked.

And then the israelis came and noticed my blond hair. GAH!

I also tried to blend in, between all the thai hookers.

Didn't work though.

But now I know what it feels like, THE Patong style.

And it wasn't my style at all.

I feel sorry for those who do it every night.

But everyone is different, and I bet there is many who DOES like it.

I guess I'm just too old school for it and still respect myself?

Konichiwa Bitches.

I think that Robyn is the coolest swedish singer icon.

She totally has her own style and her own

company and her music kicks ass!

When I saw her at the airport in Denmark (while working)

she was sitting at the playground for kids and playing

with some Lego while waiting for the baggage to come.

Didn't care much about everyone else around.

She was my favorite singer when I was a young girl.

When she also was just a young girl.

When she made her big hit ”Do you really want me”.

I even cutted my hair just like her. THAT was crazy!


One day when I stayed in Phuket couple of months ago,

I played the Thai version of MTV on the tv.

And then I saw her music video to ”Konichiwa Bitches”.

I missed that song, hard to be updated with good music when you travel.

Never heard it before, but I liked the video and the song alot.

Robyn is back in my heart.

Pirate Camp Day 4

The fucking rooster woke me up again.

But today I was prepaired. EARPLUGS HAHA!!

So, I fell a sleep again and woke up again at the same time like yesterday.

Breakfast and the walking in the mud out to the dingy and to be boat.

Working 08-17, sanding and varnishing.

Lunch was great! I love japanese food!

When boss Jory came, I jumped in the sea for scrubbing the boat from the outside.

Alot of seacreatures get stuck on the boat and it's really hard to scrub off somehow.

It was nice with a bath, but I was really tired from sanding all day.

After that, time to get up and get dressed.

Today was the last celebration of chinese new year

so the thai had a market with food, things, performances, etc etc.

We went there, to a vegetarian restaurant and

splitted 7 plates between 4 and a half person.

Drack some wine and continued walking around,

I haven't had a glas of wine since my time on Raja Laut.

Oooh, it was good! :)

Tried some piña colada on the way and then took the car back home.

I felt good. I was happy. I had a smile in my stumache.

Not because of someone/thing else, just myself.

I felt sparkly and confidente.

Windy ride home in the back of the truck,

then we just sat and talked in the door of T's bungalow.



Went in for writing my daily story down before going to bed.

I can do this for a living god damn it!

Tomorrow is just work for couple of hours and then we

have couple of days off (monday I think) before continue sanding and stuff(?)

On my list for tomorrow: Shop for some hygien products,

internet café, vaxing, massage and alot of drinks at night.

My eyes is seeing dubble right now so I think it's time for me to go to bed now.


Good night party people! :)

Pirate Camp Day 3

Woke up from the rooster at 06.06.... Mad!

Put some earplugs in my ears and went to bed again.

Woke up at 07.10 again, time to get up and start working.

Fucking ROOSTER!!!

Breakfast. 2 toasts with peanut butter (didn't have something else)

And coffee. The coffee they have is good, tastes like Balinese coffee.

The coffee just sinks to the bottom of the cup.

But I really miss the Swedish coffee though!


Nothing interesting to tell you guys today actually.

Not more then I've been sanding the boat today,

in the sun and it was too hot like always.

The sun makes me really tired, after work I just passed out in my bungalow.

Woke up an hour later or so and just wanted to drink something really cold.

Actually Tim came with the idea before I asked.

Sounded like a good plan to go and drink a cold lemon juice.


Still tired, I guess you get tired when you can't do or go anywhere...

I'm a bit restless, but I see everything as a mission for myself.

I always make it anyway :)

Then it was time for dinner. Mishko made some vegetarian food.

REALLY NICE Indian food! Yum Yum.

And her and Jory's kid Kaishu (or however he spells his name)

have been asking questions all day long.

He is 5 y.o. and he never stops.

Why, where, what, when etc. Mostly WHY is this and why is that.

And sometimes you don't even got the answers yourself haha.

He is so cute. He speaks Japanese, English and Thai. :)

Smart and cool kiddo. I miss playing with kids.

Kids makes me happy, it's nice! :)



This area is a really nice place to stay actually.

I like it more and more every day, but not the spiders though.

I don't mind the rest (geckos, ants, mosquitos,flies etc)

I know one person that would love this place (I think).

And his name is Michel Legnered.

He would enjoy this alot, the little hippie.

So, anyway.... I will show you how it looks like now.

With video and pictures.

Video has to be uploaded later sorry.



Some orange funny insect. :)

Enjoy and have fun. Time for bed again.

Pirate Camp day 2

Up at 7.10. I woke up earlier though because I had a fucking rooster

almost next to my ear at 06.00 (?)

Breakfast? No, just coffee and I was ready to go.

Walking out to the dingy in low tide, everything is muddy.

And after that, it was just to start sanding.


Oh maybe I forgot to tell everyone before what kind of job that I'm doing?

I'm doing some sanding and varnishing on the boat Sapphire.

I got the job through Tim. Lucky me!

Anyway... The sun was burning, I got dizzy couple of times.

Water Lee, Drink water!!! I felt the sun burning on my skin!

I haven't got up early and worked since my job on Raja Laut.

So I was a bit tired and sore haha, but it felt good.

I love to do things my way, my own tempo and be in

my own little world while I do it (mostly with music in my ears)

As long as I got it done and it's good right?

Finally a short stop for lunch (pasta),

then back fast again to be boat and continue work.

My back was red by now.

I didn't think I could get more burned then this but apparently I could!(?)

Jory asks me if I wanted to take a break from the sanding,

I could get in the water and clean it on the outside.

- YES!!!!! The fins was too big, so I cramped couple of times but it was ok.

Tim comes back with the dingy and says that we can stop

working because it's too hot. Sounds like a good plan!



I feel really dead, not social at all and feel cranky (period time).

I drink a cup of tea, paint a new painting in my sketchpad, and try to relax.

And then a late lunch/dinner at the restaurant nearby with T.

I was hungry but in the same time I just wanted to lay down and sleep.

I was exsausted, so everything was just spinning in my head.

His mouth was talking but I don't think I heard a word.

The only thing I had on my mind was a bed

(and going to party on Phi Phi again)

I wanted to dance in the water again....

I can tell you for sure that it's NOTHING to do here.

No car, no motorbike (NO LICENSE either hehe)

No internet and taxi is too far away and too expensive.

So, it's a bit lonely here.

I feel really lonely actually, even if T is here.

So, back to lonely days where you update your blog

on the computer and upload it later, reading,

listening to music and doing paintings

in your sketchpad and some more writing.

(View from the boat, up to shore where we live)

I actually just wait until my baby, Annica shows up 10th of march.

So, work until then is just perfect for me so we can travel for a while.

Otherwise I think I've spend too much money on FUN,

while just rolling my thumbs, instead of making money!

So, I guess I have to thank the mother fucker Tim.

I can always go back to Phi Phi and give away

flyers with free buckets at night hahahaha...

But that island is dangerous!


No, now I have to stop this... It's time for me to go to bed!

Early morning tomorrow.... again...Puh.


Hasta Mañana amigos.

The best year in your life?

So, I've been told that 25 are suppose to be the year in your life?

Why? What is so special with the age of 25?

Do you reach a different level in life or what?

Do you get more mature or more crazy?

You get more adult and change your life mentally?

I don't know? You tell me??


The only thing I know is that I'm trying to enjoy everything in my life.

And by that I mean that I try to appriciate everything I have and everything I do.

I try to see the best thing in everything, even if it's bad.

Most of the time it works but sometimes it's just enough and against what I believe in etc,

you can't accept everything in life either.

No matter how kind you are.


Well, anyway enough talking about that now.

It's my birthday today, still.

I was suppose to celebrate it on Phi Phi island today.

Then I got a really early phonecall this morning from T.

He said something like ” If u want this job, u need to leave the island TODAY!”

"But, but, but...."

So, all my plans to get wasted and go nuts and have

fun dancing with good company and dinner for my birthday,

just went down the drain.


No good dinner, and no celebration. Nothing. Nada. Fun!!

Well, I need money so I guess that I just have to think money too then?

Fun, on your birthday? No? Why?

Well, I pack my bags and try to get ready mentally in my head,

going back to Phuket AGAIN. I can't beleive that I'm still here....

So after my packing, I meet Carro, Carro and their friend My

that went over to Phi Phi for a daytrip.

I say goodbye to Mac,

(that also gives me a banana milkshake for my birthday)

Kate and everyone else. There were so many haha :P

And we all planned to celebrate my Birthday

together and get really smashed. What could I do? Nada.


So, I felt really sad when I left.

It felt like leaving Isla M.

I say goodbye to Carro, Carro and My because we had different tickets to different boats,

so Phi Phi was our Goodbye stop! I get on the boat with all my bags...

Put in my earphones in my ears,

pump ut the volume and listen to some good house.

Suddenly I feel better, stronger and more powerful.


MUSIC. Wow, it can bring out emotions so easily!

I take off my clothes on deck and lay down in the sun and just enjoy the day.

I arrive back in Phuket, people trying to get off the boat so fast,

specially the Japanese people....

I don't know why they are in such a hurry?

Well, anyway.... there I stand, packed with bags and

having Mr. T picking me up in their car.

Still not really ready for it yet,

but I'm trying to deal with my fears and I always impress myself.

I sweat like crazy, my bikini is wet. And it's not from swimming earlier.

My t-shirt was soked and it had nice boob marks hahahaha....

We stopped for buying some alcohol and mixers,

going to the internet and a snack.

(For me it was Mc Donalds haha)


And then we went to the ”Pirate camp”.

My new home for 4 days (at least).

I take my bags, put them in my room (a bungalow).

I get my Birthday gift no 1, a big ass spider crawling on the wall.

And when I say BIG ASS SPIDER,

it's not 5 cm anymore. Now we are talking like minimum 12 cm!!

And BIG! The bungalow is open, so everything can come inside.

Snakes, geckos, spiders, cucarachas, mosquitos.... you name it.


I scream T's name and he comes and chases it away.

I make my bed, put on the mosquito net,

(otherwise I would refuse to stay there)

and then I decided to go and take a shower,

since I've been swimming in the sea and still felt salty.

I go into the toilette, and there comes birthday gift no 2!

A bigger spider than the first one.

We are talking 20 cm (with the legs of course)

I scream T's name again and begs him to kill it.

He does. And then it goes small...But I took a picture anyway ;)

After shower, I get paranoid and everything I see is spiders.

So, I go outside of my bungalow that is on the beach,

look at the sea outside, listen to the waves,

hear the sparks from the fire that Jory made,

eat some dinner that Jory's wife Mishko did and try to

relax and make myself a big drink.

Listen to his kid running around and talking to T.

while the cute puppy Miwo is begging me for some food.

Everyone goes to bed early but I stay up for a little bit longer.


I'm just trying to enjoy everything this day,

even if it wasn't in my plan to go back to Phuket.

It could be worst actually. I had a good night anyway.

Sitting around a fire, with a drink and a cigarette,

nothing close to you, just animals, the tropics and the sea.

We are in the middle of nowhere.

I like it. It's different. It's nice. It's nature, kind of.

It's not Phi Phi, where you dance on tables.

So, I see this days as a REHAB for me and experiense this too.


It's funny because couple of months ago

I hoped to celebrate my B-day with T.

Alot can change for couple of months, that's for sure.

But I'm glad I did anyway, even if I didn't got a gift =(


Anyway... I put on my music and go to bed,

and now I'm here. In bed. Matress on the ground.

And I'm going to pass out any second because

I'm going up in couple of hours, working! Gah.

So, this was everything from me, on my 25th birthday.

No more gifts now when I go to the toilette thank you =)

Pirate Camp!

I know I haven't updated myself for couple of days.
And right now I don't have the time.
So, I'm just going to tell you that I work on a boat for now.
Sanding and varnishing.
I live in the middle of nowhere outside of Phuket, Thailand.
We call it PIRATE CAMP!
I have a nice bungalow for myself next to the beach.
No store, no transport, no nothing.
Today is a day off and I'm in Patong with a prostitute haha.
Time to drink my sake and go and eat sushi, I guess??

I update myself more later.... when I have the time.



Yes, here we go. 3 more minutes and I'm gonna be a step closer to the age of 30!
Happy Birthday to me! YAY!
And by the time I finished my writing now, I'm old(er).

Day off, drinking tonight and tomorrow is going to be a blast.
We are going to get so smashed! :)

countdown... Officially 25!!!!

Smell u later

A nice memory

It's one of those you just remember....

A good memory that lasts for ever.

It's like watching those movies when you the

happy people dancing and having fun, really enjoying yourself.

That's how I felt last night.

We were going from one place to another on the beach....

They played really nice music,

and everyone knows that nice music makes you dance, no matter what.

So anyway... Me and Kate started to dance in the water.

Holding our beer in our hand,

spinning around and didn't care about anything around us.

Then I remember she said something like -

” I wish we never would stop dancing in the water ”

And that's when I knew I was happy.

If I died in that moment, I would let everybody know I died happy!

I aswered her that this is going to be hell of a nice memory to remember.


And another thing... Late night street burgers in Thailand is the shit!

You pay like nothing and they are awesome!

I'm afraid that I'm gonna be stuck on this island for a while.

It's just too much fun here. Dangerous haha!

And what I said before,

I think you need to spend a certain time here to get into it, and that's true.

Now I'm in and it's perfect!

I just want to finish this nice island with a good dive and see a shark.

But, it's expensive and I can't afford it. But, I have a birthday soon,

so everyone can sponsor me with some money mouhahahhaa ;)


That's all folks...

Me and Kate!

Retarded again

Last night was soooo much fun. I went retarded delux.
We were a big group of people who went out together.
First we had some buckets at a reggea bar who later that night had thai boxing.

It was fun to watch and see the guys go nuts on eachother,
showing the girls that they are macho.
Suddenly I was at the beach at STONERS BAR,
(good name haha) still drinking my bucket.
Looking at some fire shows with some psycadelic music in the background.

After a while I just couldn't sit there anymore, so I had to take a walk.
I was just another retard walking around stumbeling and giggeling.
Everything that came out from my mouth was just bla bla bla bla...
Oh, barbeque. I need to eat. Food. And then I met a kitten on the way.
And ..... No.... Lee it's time for you to go to bed, ok?

You don't want to end up like these people on the boat,
flying off hahahaha.... So, slow down....

Ok, anyway I went home and I texted Sofie.
I had her in my head during my whole stay on the beach,
when looking at the fire shows last night.
Sofie told me so much about this island,
and since she stayed here for a while, I think of her when I'm here.
So, my video that I recorded is dedicated to Sofie.
Even if she is back home again,
I still want her to experience the same feeling that I had last night.
(and of course everyone else too)
I know that she has been in the same places as I've been too,
so now we know what we are talking about.
Yes, I know. That's love! I'm such a thoughtfull friend =)
I love you Sofie, and your new boobs that's not done yet ;)

Welcome to Sweden = Thailand?

I think that Phi Phi has the worst internet connection in whole Thailand.

Oh no, wait... Whole Thailand is bad with internet connection!

But Phi Phi is just expensive with it, maybe that's why?

And Wi-Fi for my little baby is not on my mind,

then I could sit here for hoooours!!

So I do like this... Go the the beach, write and clear my mind,

drink a coffee shake (not the best shakes like they had in Bali haha)

I wish though. Save it and go somewhere I can upload it.

(View from the beach where I sit at the moment)

Trying to get online....Not working...


Phi Phi is a really nice island, and I think you NEED to spend alot of time

to get into the enviroment here, the vibe etc.

But for me as I feel today, it's just another island with mostly swedish tourists.

Those typical swedes that never travel, come to Asia and complain.

Oh it's too sunny, the water is not hot enough,

there beach is dirty and bla bla bla...

It's too shallow, oh there is fishes in the water,

Oh I'm afraid, I don't want to swim.


Do you expect it to be empty of sea creatures?

GO HOME THEN or shut the fuck up!!!!

(Sorry for my anger haha)

But ok, it's just girls, I haven't seen any guys (YET) saying this.

I don't want to hang around with swedes when I'm on vacation.

I can do that back home and hear their whining there instead haha...

I want to be around nice locals,

traditional and friendly people that don't complain aoout shitty things.

Things could be worst. Imagine when the tsunami hit Phi Phi Island!

But sadly all the locals live of making money of us stupid travelers.

But if you are nice to them, they are nice to you.

I really like the guys on the beach though, they are soooo nice and friendly! =)

Well, now it's time for me to save this and go and upload.


Ciao Bella!

Phi Phi

I have alot of memories on this island even if I haven't stayed over night at Phi Phi.

I arrived at the dock and got flashbacks from when I was working on Raja Laut.

Bringing guests up the dock with the dingy.

Walking down the beach, remember walking around

and tried to get credit to my phone.

And waited for Aldam to pick us up with the dingy again,

that brought us out back to the boat where it was nice and calm and relaxing.

No noise and no sound, just the sound of the nature nearby and the sea.

That was relaxing, but I think it was too relaxing for me.

I get bored after a while.


So, now I'm here and I have no idea what I'm doing here actually.

I think I just woke up on the wrong side and haven't met any people yet.

Slept 3 hours and came here and fell a sleep after a while.

Dinner, internet and then I decided to go to bed again.

I'm gonna start fresh tomorrow instead.

I think I just went here because of Sofie's talk about Phi Phi.

Many people in my own age, and many bars and shit, but I think it's really expensive here...

I don't know, maybe it's just me being paranoid now when I spendt alot of time

in Bali where it's half price as in Thailand.

Many Swedes everywhere... I go nuts on these fucking Swedes!

And the funny thing is that people asume that I'm Swedish

because of my blond hair, so they start talking to me in Swedish.

Yay. I'm a perfect exemple of a Swede!!!

Blonde, Boobs and Blue eyes. WTF!


Something else I got nuts on is my hair.

I think I need to cut it.

I don't want too, but it's really damaged from swimming in a pool for a while.

It feels like plastic and it's hard and crusty.

My friends said it looked like a broom. Nice.

I brush it and I loose my hair. I mean really loose it.

Yesterday my brush was completely full of hair!!!

I'm pretty scared of it right now, what if I go bold?


So, I told Annica anyway to buy a good shampoo for my hair.

Actually I have given her a whole list!! :D


KNÄCKEBRÖD (a hard bread)

Lösgodis (candy)

Blondie Shampoo

Specialised egg, just for me =)

Some pills


Eyebrow color and a blusher from H&M

(I'm a H&M freak ok!?)


Oh I miss H&M!

Nice store with nice clothes, always something for anyone!

And I miss köttbullar! OH! Meatballs...

With mashed potatoes, lingonberries and gravy.




Patong, AGAIN?

I went from Jakarta, back to Phuket (Patong)
I fucking hate that place but I really wanted to meet up my friends
Carro and Carro from back home, and another girl called My.

I walked to the bus station in Jakarta, trying to find the post office.
10 people show me different directions. I go nuts.
Finally when I find it, it's over weighted 14 gram,
I took something out and then it was 4 gram.
And then finally it was ok,
I tape the box together and after I put on the tape, it's overweight again.
FUCK OFF!!!!!!!

I take a look at my watch, shit I'm late to the airport!!!
I get on the bus, it's not until 10 min it leaves.
Ok, TAXI!!!!!!! Go, go go, fast, fast, fast.
This was not my day apparently.
Tired, haven't showered for 2 days and I was stressed.
So, anyway 50 min relax in the cab and then hurry again.
But the fucking taxi drop me off at the wrong terminal, yes, not my day!

So, a shuttle bus stops, I get on and I have 10 min before they close the check-in desk.
The bus stops and 3 stops.
Just before my stop one guy from AirAsia sits next to me.
I talked to him and said I was late.
He takes up his phone and put me before everyone else.
VIP cuz I was late. That's fucking service!!!
That was really good and nice of him.
I ran and ran and made it just in time! Puh...

So, I arrive in Phuket and take the mini bus to Patong
(1 hour later then I thought)
Carro and Carro had waited for a long time so I sat down at Starbucks,
I charged my phone so I could call them,
had a breakfast at 16.00 and waited for them for a while.

And then I stayed for free at their resort. (TONY RESORT)
Nice swimmingpool, big ass room with 3 beds,
Carolina offered her matress for me. so we made 4 beds of it :D
Balcony, HOT WATER (first hot water shower I had in 1 and a half months.)
Fridge, aircon etc etc. Wow, luxury! :D
We went out the first night, but it was like all the other nights.
Shit. I still hate Phuket.

The second day we just layed at the pool, like all day.
Later we went for massage (worst ever)
and after that I met up Tim, that was in the neighbourhood.
(yeeees I knoooow lalalalalaaaa)
Everything was like always. Or seemed too at least.
We had some food and beer and a swim in our pool
after that we just said goodbye to eachother.
10 min later I realised that we said goodbye to eachother
and probably never gonna see eachother again? WHAT? AGAIN?
Ohhhh.... :S

yeah yeah. I left Phuket this morning anyway.
So, now I'm on Phi Phi Island.
Only had 3 hours of sleep so I'm gonna go to bed now and have a walk later tonight.
Gonna try to contact Sofie and talk to her.

Cheers loved ones.


I'm confused. Traveling confuses me alot.

Where am I? What am I doing here?

Where am I going? Etc etc.

Religion are very confusing too.

One day you're in Thailand where everyone is Buddhists

and where prostitution is leagal (?)

The next day you're in Bali where everyone is Hindus

and there is shitloads of tourists, you can go

dressed how ever you like on the streets. It's ok!

Bali is the only place in whole Indonesia that is NOT muslim.

So, I go to Jakarta and totally forgot how it was in a muslim country.

(Like Malaysia for exemple that's also muslim)

So, people stare and guys follow me and talk to me.

They are just friendly, but many men can be so annoying.

But I don't feel secure. Not when I'm alone anyway.


So, what do you do?

Buy a BURKA and go fully dressed in 38 degrees so they don't look at you?

Or just don't give a flying fuck and ignore them?

Yes, that's what I do! I will not change, I am me!!!

And yes, I am blonde, got big boobs and blue eyes and I'm a girl...

It would have been much easier to be a guy though.

So... What to do? You go home, watch a movie and go to bed

early because of your flight in the morning.


I had my fun today though, taking pictures of some kids on my block.


Now I'm gonna be more confused again.

Going back to Thailand 1 more time.... This fucking Phuket.

But I will not stay there, hopefully. I really want to go to Koh Phagnan

(actually not over the Fullmoon party)

But for a Yoga class that is for a month,

the question is if they have it for less then a month,

because I have to meet up Annica in Manila march 10!

Oh, I'm looking forward to it sooooo much!!!

A real friend. One of my best best ones.

It's hard to believe actually (that she is coming)....!

Peter has been telling me for months now about the yoga,

and I've had it in my thoughts for a while but never had the time....

But now I do (until march 10) And I think I really need it too.

It's good for me. Makes me relaxed and focused on other things.

I realised that I'm safe back home.

But this is a thing I need to do for myself, to be alone.

I try to deal with all my fears.

And when I don't have any more fears,

I know I'm completed and satisfied with myself. Being strong.

Or strong-ER! I try my best with everything now.


One thing I forgot to tell you guys is...


When I did my diving certification,

I fell from a wet slippery stair and landed on my ass.

Hurted my back, but my pain went up the whole spine and I still feel pain.

I have hard time to breath once and a while because I think one of

the disks got fucked up and gives pressure on my lungs.

I went to a good chiropractor / reflexologist / massage place in Bali.

It was the best massage ever, but unfurtunatly it didn't help enough.

I felt better, he could see where in my whole body I had pain,

and it was true. He was really good.

My kidney and liver is damage from drinking alot and eating weird food.

Pressure on the lungs and pain in my legs too.

Mostly stumache problems....

Now I only wish that someone cracked my back

like it was before so it feels good again.

I seriously feel like an old lady, whining for myself about it....

Oh, ah, ih, eh, aw, ow....



ENJOY IT!!!!!!!

Now it's toilette time... Later dudes.






Needs a celebration... Woho!

So I'm gonna post a retarded picture of myself.

I think I'm in another dimension, reaching for my tasty water! XD

Live reggea music at Joes.
And here we have the Indonesian DJ, very funny guy.
Showing his iPorn T-shirt.
And make sure you leave your ego outside before you enter the bar!
That's the best!!! :D

I'm exausted

I had a really great time the last couple of days,

I've been cracking up with laughter and cryed so I almost

pee'd my pants cuz I was laughing so much.

But now I have to get myself together again,

focus and make new plans in my head.


I'm in bed right now, in bed with my little Mario.

At least I always have one man in my bed that stays haha.

(Mario is my travel mascot for those who doesn't know)

Just trying to relax and listen to some good music.

I don't know what I would do without music,

I think it's the only thing that makes me REALLY happy!



Today we spendt the day at Hard Rock Hotel here in Bali.

The biggest pool on whole Bali. And yes, it was HUGE!!!

The pool at Hard Rock in Penang was just a baby compared to this.

We decided last night to rent a cabana for a day and split of 6 pax.

The weather wasn't the best but we had a great time anyway.

I think everyone was kind of OFF since the night before.

So, we were mostly swimming and hanging out in the pool only.

We went for some shakes and after that we felt kind of mellow and tired.


(Best shake in the world)

So we just went back, took a shower in the stinky bathroom that smells

like rotten eggs when you turn on the water. Nice.

Then I went for dinner at Bamboo corner with Lynn and Eddie,

and had a nice big cucaracha walking up on the table while eating. GAH.

And I had my first Bintang beer. Not a day too late.

And now I'm here, nothing interesting really.


I know something I need to tell you...


The american couple I've been spending some time with here,

(Lynn and Eddie) is absolutely awesome people from San Fransisco.

They are the ultimate couple. I am so happy for them.

They are so lucky to have eachother.

I think that is the first couple I've met in a very very long

time that really COMPLETE each other. It's so cute.

They are the PERFECT match!

They have been married for 11 years and it looks

like that they still are really in love. And I bet they are! =)

They decided not to have kids and they are traveling 3 years in total.

This is their second time in Bali.

Wow, I am so amazed. I'm serious really shocked.

This is what people are trying to find. The big love.

Their soulmate, their lifepartner, their everything.

And they still can party like rockstars! (with me of course)


Here we have from the left: Lynn, then Fabian and Lynns husband Eddie!


I hope everyone on earth could find the same thing.

The Big Love. It's amazing.

I just dream about it for now.

So, now it's time for bed.

As a end of this night I send you this funny, cool video to watch.



Hasta Mañana amigos.

September Deluxe

Earth, Wind & Fire - September. A classic.

I've been singing on this song in my head for I don't know how many months.
And I've been thinking, I NEED THIS SONG!
It's a song that makes me happy and in a good mood.
Then couple of weeks ago, I watched the movie BABEL and for those who have seen it,
it's the song (but a remix) they play in the club with the deaf Japanese girl.
Last night, Eddie played it on his IPod.
So, today I decided to go throug all my music that Captain Stephan gave me.
And guess what? I HAVE EARTH WIND & FIRES Whole CD!!!!


And I found Lenny Kravitz. Oh yeah. His back in my life again.
One other song I've had on my phone for ages, and ALWAYS works is:

One thing is for sure....

Happy Happy Joy Joy

Nostalgic Zombie today

I don't feel like a strawberry today.
I feel like a zombie.
Yeah, I have to leave Bali soon otherwise I'm gonna die young.
I found some old pictures from last winter, before I left to Mexico.
I have so many feelings running around today.
I don't know if it's because I've been looking at pictures.
And then I just look back and enjoy all the good times I had then.

This picture is from Kungsparken in Malmo, in december 2008.
It's when I was a dog sitter for Smilla.
Me and Johan (that I lived with for a while)
was taking many walks during the winter. That was a nice time.

This is outside where I lived.
Half of our crew that always sticks together.
From the left Linus, Jonas, Marcello, Me and Emilia.
This was kind of a "Goodbye thing" for me, that night.

The best POO in the world. Marcello, I love you!

My retarded friends Elin, Max and My.

Many sunsets in the summer around West Harbour and the Turning Turso.
From the skate park or the dock. West Harbour is always nice in the summer.
And also many bicycle tours at night with Michel.

Folkets Park is close by and I there you spend alot of time in the grass,
drinking beer in the summer when the kids is playing with
the water from the rose in the background.
Or breakfast, or lunch, or just hanging around.

Annica in my old appartment. On Lasses surprise birthday party.
He was too drunk though and fell asleep in the bed, in the background.
Nice picture. That was fun! Good times.

Also one of my favourite places back home.
Pildammsparken. Sitting there, watching the watershow at night.
And being filosofic. Spend many nights with Michel and Johan there.

WHY can't it be summer always in Sweden???

Jonas and me. I AM HUNGRY!!!!!
Taste a bit Maroccan! :) A warm, kind and loving friend of mine.

That's everything for today.
I'm gonna sit here and miss everything back home today,
and then when I go home I'm gonna miss everything here and all the fun I had.
FUCK. Why can't I never be satisfied?


New York 04:03
London 09:03
Amsterdam 10:03
Bangkok 16:03
Mexico City 03:03
Sydney 20:03
Tokyo 04:03

This is what I look at, at the moment.
But who cares about time anyway?
They just make you stressed.
That's why I don't wear one.

Hmmm...something interesting to say today?
Yes indeed.

I had an uninvited visitor (stalker freak as I may call it)
in my room last night at 2 pm.
Lucky me, I was awake watching a movie.
My door was unlocked,
but I tell you for sure that from now on my door is LOCKED at night.
I kicked him out very fast. It was a bit creepy.
But I guess I have myself to blame for making BIG mistakes?
But still.... It's not OK!
Today I met a very nice couple from San Fransisco,
and I guess we are going out tonight too! :)
Another reason to go there, agree Shannon?? Hehe

I'll be heading back to Phuket in couple of days I guess.
Another time in "PUKE-et".
I don't want to, but I'm meeting up Carro & Carro i guess
and we'll go somewhere else. No plan.

Then I just have COUNTDOWN to MARCH 9!!!!!!!
PHILLIE is next, and some good diving too! :)
I'm gonna see my BABY!!! :)
I miss you so much.
I think I'm gonna kiss you LONG TIME in the Asian way when I see you!

Now, time for some RUM RUM RUM....
(I'm on again) Geez.

Will I survive Bali?


Oh, my head!!!

I had an absolutely CRAZY night last night.

Alot of fun and alot of dance.

My whole body is sore from yesterday (I guess from surfing too)

My little finger is totally numb. How?


I woke up 17.00 and just had breakfast and a swim.

Now I'm ready for sunset and a ”lunch”

with some guys I talked to in the pool.

And I was right, all the crazy shit happens when you are alone :)

I love to have fun, that's my middle name!

And this is just the beginning. Lee is back in business!

Last night I met Henrik Larsson (football player) and then Bam Margera!

(Or at least I pretended they were Bam and Henke in my head)

Just as I pretended Jérome was David Beckhamn hahaha.

IS THAT CRAZY???? (Well, it worked)

Suddenly I was in a dilemma.

The situation never happened to me before,

and I hope it never will again. But it felt cool in a way :)


Last night I heard I was crazy (in a good way)

And I guess I love to hear when people tell me that.

Crazy and fun, that is me! ;)


Time for finding more CP in my life :D


Frustation & Retards

Day 1 on the surfing board.

I know how angry I can get when things don't end up like I want them to.

So, with other words – Frustation.

After trying surfing for almost 3 hours and did not make it up,

standing on the board, I gave up.

Or actually I didn't give up yet, cuz I'm going back in

1 ½ hours to give it 1 more shot, but I am soooo exsausted!!!

I gave up after 40 min in my brain, and after shoking salt water for 1 hour.

And the perfect wave is not easy either.

The beach has nice waves but there is sooooo much plastic.

You walk up and you are absolutely covered with it.

(Last time I'm swimming there, 4 sure)

High tide and low tide, it looks so easy, but FUCK it's hard.

Why why why, I want to!!!

I know now that it's not a sport for Lee Lee now anyway.

Just a cool sport to watch cuz there is always nice men

on the beach to look at hahaha.


This is my first day alone.

Completely alone. No traveling buddy anymore.

No Tim, No Frix, No Judith, No Sofie, No Adeline, No nothing nada.

I'm alone in my big room (that I pay alot for)

And tonight I'm going out. Alone. That's going to be awesome!

All crazy shit happens when u are alone,

cuz you don't have to care about anyone else, woho!! =)

I do miss them alot. I miss Sofie really much.

It all kind of sucks that our trip together went sooo wrong!


Well, I miss all my friends back home like crazy.

My friends mean more to me then they know.

They are my family. In wet and dry. Fun and Bad.

I know my friends are always there for me, no matter what.

Otherwise it's not my friend.

Yes, of course you fight. Friendship is a relationship too.

Nothing in this world is perfect. And NOBODY is perfect.

But I know 1 thing 4 sure, and that is :


All my best buddies is totally fucked up retarded and I love it.

I miss retards. Where is all the crazy people?

Why is everyone so fucking normal here?

I'm getting bored.

The problem with me is that I'm getting shy and don't know

how to act with normal people. (And people just think I'm a bitch haha)

That's also why girls don't like me.


I texted Jossan yesterday, I was watching a video online of us....

When she goes CP and show her bra =)

And GOD, I miss our fucked up crazy nights.

Humping to house music and just go WILD and don't give a FUCK!!!

From this moment on, I'm gonna stop care!!

We'll see where I end up in couple of nights ;)

I'm gonna try to find a retard now. BYE!!


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