Happy New Year!

So.... The end of 2009.

Where the fuck has 10 years gone? I think I missed them...
Times fly by very fast. One day you are here and the next day you are somewhere else.

So... What have I learned this year?
Don't worry be happy! =)
Keep a smile on your face and you will get a smile back.
Does not matter how smart you are, but if you are a great person you will get far.
Further then you think.

This year has been one of the better in my life.
I've done alot allready, more then many people back home.
And more then other people have done during their whole lifetime.
And I'm still going. 2010 is just my beginning.
I want to be as experienced as I can get.

It's new years eve.... We just had a 6 days charter with a American family (N.Y)
Very nice and friendly and they gave us 10.000 baht in tip each. =)
So, now we are on the dock in Yacht Haven (Phuket)

I'm off this boat in couple of days.
I allready quited but I need somewhere to stay for couple of days,
and I need Kalle to help me taking my diving certification.
So, we are going to use the equipment from the boat.
Wich is very friendly of our captain Stephan.
Yes Kalle, I know ou maybe gonna read this and you are a FUNNY GUY!!!
Thanx for all the fun during the last weeks onboard Raja Laut.
I don't know who would cheer me up except you. =)


And, the good news I was hoping for didn't happen.
Tim, (the little cocksucker, excuse my language) got the job.
So, he is sailing to Cuba with my ex crew I worked with for a boat delivery.
I'm gonna get more sailing experience now and then try to cross the pacific from here.
And I'm not talking about stewardess anymore... I hate that.
Now it's just SAILING!!!!!
We'll see how everything goes though.
I want to be back on Isla Mujeres by june or sooner.

I am too tired of writing right now so I will upload some pictures
of the last couple of days...
From previous charter, Christmas and until .... now....

Enjoy. Cheers. Love.

Previous charter... The older man is the founder of LOGITEC!

Here we have HITLER trying to Waterskii in Thailand...

And I'm enjoying myself. Made myself a nice pool in the middle of the ocean! =)

Christmas... (This is from when I wrote in my blog the last time.)

Christmas dinner at the Yacht Haven Marina in Phuket.

Merry Christmas in Phuket

How to celebrate Christmas in Thailand 2009.

We just arrived in Phuket, at Yacht Haven.

Last days has been very messy.

We checked out from Phuket after our charter.

Going to Langkawi and spend Christmas there.

3 hours after our check-out time, some guy called captain and said we're gonna

have a charter on the 26th, IN PHUKET!

WTF. So, we could only do one thing -

Leave Thailand for a day (to Langkawi)

And stay one night and then go back to Phuket again. Really sucked but we had to.

Anyway, I spend 1 day/night with Timmy and then we were off again.

Arrived just now, just took a shower.

Putted on my new red dress I bought here.

And my new pair of high heals. (also with red in it)

yes, first time in high heals for over 6 months or so.

I feel girly, almost overdressed but it's christmas once a year so what the heck.

My mood could have been better, but it's always like this for christmas.

Let's not talk about last night....Ohhhh...

I have ONE of all my loved ones here... or well, I left and he's still in Langkawi.

Just popped up a bottle of Rosé wine and we are waiting

for everyone else so get ready so we can go for Christmas dinner on the dock.

It's not like the christmas dinner we have in Sweden but food is always nice.

I miss the swedish food for christmas though.


Bilden “http://d7732056.u37.surftown.se/images/jb.jpg” kan inte visas, då den innehåller fel.



And normally they celebrate christmas the 25th, but we'll go out tonight.

So, me and Kalle the other Swede on board,

are going to have a normal celebrating CHRISTMAS after all, yay =)

But without Kalle Anka (Donald Duck)

Yes, if you guys didn't know, all swedes watch donald duck

on tv for christmas at 15.00 on chanel 1. That is tradition.

And yes, it's true. Ask any swede and they will say : OF COURSE!!



Oh I miss swedish christmas even if it sucks every time.

It's just a routine... and once without it, you miss it.


And I miss Joey. He left us yesterday.

He called me from Saba (Borneo) and I got really happy that

he called me even if it was only one day ago I talked to him.

I guess that this is my sentimental time at Christmas time.

I miss all my friends and everyone I love.

Here is our new captain Stephan, a cool man.
With Joey in the middle of course, and then Moi...


To something else. Me OR Tim is leaving soon.

One of us is going to take a good job offer and be away for 5 months.

But only ONE of us. I don't understand how I will manage without this person in my life for 5 months.

Again. It's longer then the first time we were away from eachother.

I really love this person as my friend.

Some days I hate him though, but that's something different.


But, a job is a job and both of us really wants the same thing.

I just wish both of us could go. I really would love that.



Now, to everyone back home... and where ever you are....

I want to wish you a merry merry merry christmas.

If it's white or yellow... it's up to u, be careful with the snow though.


Cheers and Love.

Last day...

...On the charter.

Not for me, not yet. Haha. :P

Gah. Finally.
Now we can celebrate with a drink or two tonight. :)
Sweet. I have to be careful what I write on my blog from now on.
I get more and more readers for every day that goes by.
But, what to do... It's online so anyone can read it.
I planed to put up some pictures here but the new chef is waiting for the computer to use it.
So, I guess I'll have to go...

Hasta luego... I'll be back soon.

Crazy december


Where to start?
January is going to be a beginning of something new. Again.
I quited my job now.
I don't think the new job is going to kick off anyway.
So, I don't expect anything.
But if it happens, it happens.
But as soon as I'm off this boat, I'll go to Kuala Lumpur and from there....
We'll see how everything is going to end up.
I want to do alot of stuff.

I have a lot of contacts now when it comes to boat jobs etc.
So, I have many back up plans.

Christmas is getting closer.
Just couple of days left...
And I have no idea if we have a charter or not.
I just want to be alone, with some friends.

And friends...
How can you tell who's your friend or not?

I read Annicas blog... www.ajmbetski.blogg.se
And she is absolutely one of them.
I almost started to cry when I read it.
So, now we can be 2 sensitive emotionell girls.
Thank you for being you Annica. And being there for me.
For being a friend. And yes, it's true....
- You can have friends, and then you can have FRIENDS!

And specially thanks for dedicating a song for me....

Merry Christmas... everyone...who is my friend.

For the rest... FUCK OFF!

And, some of the people I really thought that were my friend,
showed me the complete opposite.
Makes me sad how someone can treat a good person so bad.
But, it's their loss, not mine.
It's up and down. I hate then I love.
But I can not ever accept to be treated like this again.

The person still mean alot though.

Christmas is coming to tooooown

Hey yaaaaaa'll!

Went to a internet cafe for some recepie online.
It's time for Lee to be a house wife and bake some nice shit for the crew.
Ginger bread man and some of our nice swedish negerbullar....
But we are not alowed to call it negerbulle anymore so we call it chocolate ball.
Negerbulle is directly translated to NIGGERBALL!
But those niggerballs are for sure YUMMY! :)




It's time for some Christmas feeling.

I have none right now...
I had it one time when me and Sherry went to Starbucks in Langkawi for some coffee,
they had decorated the place very cosy and nice and were playing christmas songs.
But I guess the day will come that I feel lonely, miss my family and friends around christmas.
We are going to have charters during Christmas and New Year.
I wonder how that would be.

I went Christmas shopping today in Phuket.
I also bought myself a pair of high heels.
Woho, I feel like a girl again and I don't have to walk around in my flip flop. :)
I bought gifts for everyone exept Tim, his gift has to wait.
Tim also decorated the christmas tree at their guesthouse (rainbow) the other day.
It was funny to watch, in +40 , sunny and suddenly a plastic christmas tree with
fake cotton snow and a american going crazy with the lights and decoration. :)
He even did a wooden christmas tree for decoration when he was working.

Wow, now I feel land sick. I have to get back on the boat.

Talked to Cap Rick before we left Langkawi, he is no longer our captain.
And he told me that it looks very bright for the possibility of the new job.
Still holding my thumbs for the best.

Our new captain is a canadian guy named Steven.
A new chef will arrive today and yesterday a divemaster came onboard.
Another Blondie, swedish guy named Kalle. HAHAHA!
So, now we are many crew!

Well... time to goooooo.... hasta luego

Johnny K!!!

flixster.actor.pane.162652591 - flixster

I still think that this dude is the best!
Look at him. How can you NOT love this guy?
Johnny Knoxville. Yes, you're still a hottie!

Lumut Photo shoot

Hello everyone.

Yes, the Indian wedding on board was great.
Nice experience and they really shaked their asses.
The same day, (before the wedding) Me, Joey and Sherry had a walk around in Lumut.
Not much to see, but we had out fun anyway.
Joey ended up as a photographer and me and Sherry were just in his photo shoot that day.
The pictures turned out to be really great actually.
So, I'm gonna post some of them here... And the rest is going up on FB.

A Swordfish in the marina.... ??

Joey: Now ladies, take off your clothes...

Prayer time...


Not Sherry. She enjoys it. Haha.

One Chinese and one wannabe hahaha.


Pretend to be angry at eachother hahahaha...

Oh, SILL (Herring)
I love Sill! Let me hump it!!!!

Joey and me sailing in the rain

Me and Joey goofing around when Cap is not around.
Singing and sailing in the rain....

Got to love this guy.

My song....Or Your song!

As many Swedes know, this song is the theme song for the travel agents FRITIDSRESOR.
And their commercials.
So, every time you see a commercial on TV for trips to Thailand etc,
you dream away to a nice paradise.

Well, you know what??
I am in that paradise, and I have the song on my phone.
So every time I listen to that song, it reminds me of the commercial....
And that my life is great over here no matter what's happening.
Cuz, if I would be home I would just miss it here.
So, I'm gonna stop whining now........

The song is GREAT!


Goodmorning people!!

Normal time to wake up today. 07.40
for the meeting at 08.00 like every morning.
But both me and Sherry noticed that no one was awake.
Cap came out and said: Mission for today is to sleep as much as you can,
cuz after the wedding we're going back to Langkawi ASAP.
It has been raining all night, and the preporation for the wedding tonight is all wet.
It's really beautiful and sweet, and we haven't done anything.
Really sweet!
They hired catering people to do everything so the only thing we did yesterday was:
Sleeping, watching movies, taking walks here in Lumut.
Joey took pictures of me and Sherry on the way so now we are his models too.
We also went swimming and did some water aerobics and then a niiiice dinner.
And we get paid of doing this. Niiice.
Our mission accept sleeping today is to go jogging and swimming.
To work that FAT girl!

I don't have so many pictures from Lumut yet, Joey still has many of them.
So I'm gonna upload a picture of a PRAYING MANTIS.
Or as I would like to call it, a walking stick.... But it's not the same.
This one I found on the toilette in the Yacht Club in Langkawi.
It was HUGE!!!!!!!!
(As you can see if you look at the wall in the back)

Well, time to do something else now.

And by the way... I have urine infection. Just great. Fucking shit.
When things are moving on in a good direction for me, other things seems to go wrong.
Well, I'm going to a pharmacy right now anyway....

Take care buddies...

Cat Cat Cat


A sailors life

Navigation room

I really live up to my dreams.
Sometimes it's scary, but I like it.
No, I love it.

was one thing that I heard last night in the navigation room.
Yeah you heard me right.

We'll see how fun this can get.
I love to have fun!! Weeee....

Sailed from Telaga back to Kuah yesterday with the new Catamaran.
Pictures are coming later, it was fun.
And I still hope for the best, learning how to sail and shit.
Can't tell you guys anything right now until I have more info on this
but I'll be back on this later... soon. very soon.

Now, breakfast time. 

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