Sorry, this one is going to be in Swedish. you'll have to Google translate! ;)

Trodde aldrig att jag skulle sitta där på bussen och känna en saknad igen.
Inte i Mexico. Inte igen.
Mitt senaste besök i Mexico slutade i tårar, detta i glädje tårar!
Samma saker upprepar sig men med andra människor och en uppgraderande bättre version utav sist.
Jag är chockad av att det alltid har blivit så bra när jag varit här.
Helt fantastiskt! Hela tiden!
Men... All good things come to an end...
Det är lika svårt att skiljas åt med någon man gillar varje gång.
Tyvärr händer det oftare än beräknat att man hittar någon man gillar och skiljs åt.
Inte för att man inte gillar varandra, utan mest för att man bor i olika länder och måste tillbaka till den så kallade "verkligheten" igen.
Men jag antar att det är en del av att vara på resande fot.
"Köp en resa, lev, bli kär och kom aldrig tillbaka" det där sista är det svåraste bara... Att aldrig komma tillbaka!
Jag vill mer än gärna aldrig komma tillbaka.
Jag går emot normen,
i oktober är allt möjligt för mig.
Jag kan åka where ever, when ever!
(Om pengarna tillåter det)
Jag har intalat mig själv att inte bli kär i någon jag träffar som är i från ett annat land men i dagens läge är jag väl mkt inne på tantra spåret och även om allt man har kan vara kärlek så är man väldigt öppna.
Problemet är att jag kan inte hålla känslor tillbaka längre, jag blir kär i alla jag träffar (one way or another).
Jag antar att jag har för mycket kärlek inom mig!?
Just nu känner jag bara för att åka till Arizona...
Hoppet kommer jag ha uppe länge,
för utav alla jag träffat när jag har rest så måste jag säga att det här är en av de bästa jag träffat hittills.
Men, så är det. Livet går vidare och även jag måste tillbaka till verkligheten.
Min verklighet är dock lite annorlunda.
Spenderar min verklighet med folk som är på semester, vilket är bra då alla är på glatt humör och har en trevlig tid!
Mitt minne är fantastiskt och jag har fått dela något underbart här - igen!
Det är jag oerhört tacksam över för det trodde jag aldrig att det skulle ske, inte så bra som det här!
Men jag VET att jag kommer till att träffa honom igen! Vet det!
Puss på er alla

Same place

Different cycles!
It's like time just went back.
All the memories I put to the side are there. I've been working on it and all the good things came up, all the bad things disappeared. Which is good.
I realized that I come in peace now.
I can't turn back time but I do miss my friend. A lot. Retardation nation on Isla Mujeres = yes!


So this American/Israeli (yeah what else) finally contacted me.
Apparently his mail was in my junk.
Isn't that a bitch?
And now it looks like I'm going to Cozumel and see him today and dive with him at 16:30 and stay there with him for a day or so...
I'm done at the hospital and don't need to be back until Monday for a check up!
So, I'm really looking forward to visit a place in Mexico I haven't been before.
And to dive, of course! :)
And it's going to be nice to see him in bright daylight hahaha ;)

What to do in Cancun

So, I wonder if I'll ever going to see this guy again...
I got so attracted to him just for his brain.
Yes, there you have it. A smart guy attracts me. A lot.
And from one thing to another,
I realized that I'm not so into working in Cancun.
I'll prefer Isla Mujeres or at least a smaller place with less traffic
and people that are pissed off at the "gringos".
(American tourists) 
No, give me that hippie island and I'll stay there for ever. And ever.
I was in the hotel zone in Cancun today.
One word: CRAZY!
All the big ass resorts and shit... and rude... 
There is nothing to do there except from partying or go to a beach.
I will start in Thailand and I'll see where I end up.
I want to do Yoga and give massage always :)
Makes me happy!
And do Tantra. That's what I need.
Gahhh.... Hormones talking.
xoxo over and out. peeeeace

Hormones and connections

So... what's up lately... 
Yeah so, I've been staying at Isla Mujeres for the last 4 days.
I left today and I think that was good for me,
because I don't want to get to attached to that place.
I have wondered since 2009 if the place still will be one of the best I visited.
My answer is still yes.
The vibe is just so different to the rest of all places I've been to.
But it have been a weird time for me to have been back there.
Some people I know, some of them I've seen before and to be honest,
everything is the same.
I've been experiencing the same thing I did 2009, all over again.
I can't really explain everything,
but the people I've met have been reminding me of the people I used to hang out with.
It's like a dejavu. Again. 
I don't know if there were a lot of "unsolved business"
for me on this island when I left the last time.
Heartbroken and with so many memories.
I decided to go back to all those places and just let everything come to me.
Go through it in my mind.
Some things have been hard,
but I'm much stronger and independent today than I used to be.
But, I decied to make those memories better than the last time
and leave the island when I'm in peace.
With a smile on my face.
And that's more or less what I did. 
Everything you wish for will come to you. 
One way or another...
It was the perfect ending of staying on the island.
I've always had some sort of a spiritual connection to that island.
Things that I've wished for, became true.
People I've met, things I've done etc.
So, I was suppose to leave last night...
But I wanted to give the beach bar a last chance so I stayed one more night.
Something just told me to stay a little bit longer.
And isn't it always like that, that you find me most interesting person on the last night?
Well, it's ALWAYS like that for me anyway.
It's like god is teasing me a bit. 
What happens is that I'm with 2 polish girls (one of them reminds me of Adeline)
and a American guy from Cali named Mike. 
I came down to the beach bar and I see a guy next to Mike in the hammock.
It's weird to write this but I felt a connection right away. 
Or an attraction anyway. I think he felt the same thing haha.
I can have an attraction to many guys, but not like this.
His name was also Mike or Michael. 
It might seem weird but when I write this too, but he reminded me of Mr.T in a way.
But a better version of what I met when we were there.
We talked, talked, talked, talked and talked.
Smart, good looking and a good vibe.
And being on hormones...
Yeah, that's not making it easier, let's keep it like that.
First of all, my stomache is blowded,
swollen from the hormones that makes the ovaries bigger.
And the hormones makes me horny as a wild cat.
That's a fact!
So, I slept more or less one hour last night before I lef
t and spent all time with this Michael.
I left with a smile and the feeling I had when I left was
much more different to what it was the last time.
On the same dock as we were stood crying the last time,
I stood with a smile and I let the past be the past and I have been
trying my best to do the PRESENT better and live in the NOW.
It worked, even if I could look back of what was in the past.
I enjoy everything so much more today and I don't think about the consequences.
That's pretty much what I'll have to say.
I'm going to Tulum in couple of days to see Pierre-Olivier (P.O) 
And go diving with him in the cenotes (caves) and stay there for a day or so.
Can't wait to get there and to meet in again. 
I haven't seen him since 2009 :)
Much love to all of you!

Cancun, Mexico

A short little update.
I'm at the Copenhagen airport waiting for my gate to open.
I've been here since 05.30 this morning.
I arrive and my ticket have been canceled. (?!?!?)
I went to the Novia ticket office for help and they have just canceled
the ticket since it was bought late last night.
The clinic that I'm in contact with, I guess they have a problem with their credit card?!
Anyway... I had to buy the ticket with my own money and get it back when I arrive.
So, they changed the route for me.
I fly from Copenhagen - London
London - Miami
Miami - Cancun.
It's going to be a long flight and I need my rest.
I've slept 3-4 hours tonight and I'm already exausted.
Since my flight didn't board 7.35, I have to wait until 10.45 instead.
So, you can guess what I've been doing....?
I've been walking around in all gates, just being reminded that I don't miss my old job at the airport.
I sure did have a great time when I worked there with many co-workers,
but in general... I'm pleased to be out of there!
Now it's time to board and soon I'll have some sun :D
Mexico here we come!
See you in 3 weeks Sweden

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