Sacred Geometry in real life

I am very fascinated by the sacred geometry and spirals.
This have been hunting me for a while and the
more I read the more interesting it gets.
Mostly because I have been experienced it in real life. 
It feels like I'm reading about my own experiences,
but I have never known what it is. 
And now I get the answers.
The spirals started hunting me since I visited Isla Mujeres in Mexico.
The circle of life, unity etc.
Then I started seeing spirals everywhere.
I still do, but not as often.
This is the symbol that I tattooed on my arm.
It's Mayan and it's called Hunab Ku.
I know it's not a spiral, but it's connected. 
White and black, yin & yang etc.
This is also very powerful to me. 
It stands for transformation.
Read more about it here: 
It's something beautiful.
Somthing I can't explain.
Something that is extra ordinary.
Something that is not "normal" to this world ....yet.
I think this is something that we will experience in a different life.
Or when we have been waking up and are ready for it.
The people I know that have been close to a near death experience, 
know a lot about the spiritual world.
Why is that?
What is it that opens up for us?
Or what is it in the human brain that opens up
when we do a psychadelic drug?
I have to say that I have been close to a near death experience,
but this is something I have barely told anyone.
It happened in Thailand.
I left my body.
And my body litterally just collapsed on the ground.
It was frightening, but it was amazing at the same time.
It took me couple of seconds, and I came back again.
I can not say what happened to me except that I wasn't there.
I couldn't move.
I have to add that all this I'm writing has been without drugs.
I am honest and I will tell you that I had an experience long time
ago when I was taking muschrooms. (please don't judge)
That completely change my view of this world.
It was a complete spiritual experience.
And it was beautiful. Amazing and vibrating.
And since that day, my intuition have been getting stronger and stronger.
That was the first time I experienced to see the sacred geometry.
And the chakra colors.
It's different shapes all the time. And different changing vibrating colors.
It's been coming more and more to me lately.
When I'm completely sober.
Sometimes I have to close my eyes or shake my head to see
if it's correct what I'm seeing.
I mostly get it when I've been sleeping, wake up from a dream, or just laying down.
I don't know if I should write too much about it without sounding like I'm going koko.
But since I decided that this blog from now on is going to be about
my spiritual experiences,
so I will write about it and I don't care what other people think.
Believe me, I think I'm going insane many time anyway. 
I most of the time experience vibrations, or wave like patterns.
Everything is vibrations, energy and to hallucinate without drugs is really trippy.
It's not something that I see all the time, it just comes to me from time to time.
But it's beautiful. 
So, what ever you do. Enjoy this and don't freak out if it happens to you.
You are waking up, you start to realize that this world isn't how it suppose to be.
This is just the beginning.
Everything is going to be just fine in the end.
Just make the best of the situation.
And LOVE. Don't forget to love. 
This is the most important.
But... start with yourself.
While starting to do that, more love will be spread around you.


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