A karmic cycle?

I decided that this blog is going to have a change
since I started writing in it again.
I decided that it's going to be more about my spiritual experience
rather than what I did yesterday or what ever.
You people might think I'm crazy, but you know what? I am! :)
Or as we call it in Swedish: FLUMMIG!
Ever since I was in Mexico on Isla Mujeres,
I've become more aware of what's happening to me.
I can't say that I know 100 % of what is going on, but my awareness is stronger.
Right now it feels like I'm going in a circle.
A karmic cycle that goes around and around that I have to break out of.
I mentioned this to others and I need to break myself out of it.
I won't say that I'm doing something wrong,
but there is apparently something I need to change.
And I'm trying to figure it out.
In situations that I've been in before,
I try to take a different path and see where it takes me.
Risk taker? Yes, that's me.
But how else would you know or grow?
Many times (specially on the island),
I've experienced that I'm doing the same thing but with different people.
People remind me of others,
and they even can look a like other people that I've met before.
They can do the same things, mean as much, say the same things
and this can make you go totally insane.
Sometimes it feels like I'm in a dream and I have to pinch myself.
In both good and bad.
I learn from every mistake and when I don't,
I apparently have to do the mistakes over again until I learn.
I don't take everything too serious these days.
(Otherwise I'm really Swedish)
Life is just a game and it's not like we are going to get out of it alive.
The last time I was on the island I met a local man, let's call him Papi. 
I normally never date any locals because I know how they are.
Specially the latino ones ;) haha
I won't go into details but things didn't end that well between us.
But he will always mean a lot to me anyway.
When I came home to Sweden again and I just started to "forget" about him
and tried to accept and let go of everything that happened between us,
I "bump" into a man that reminds me of him.
Literally the same day.
He was just there and I kind of had to go through some stuff again.
Of course he is different in many ways and not the same person,
but it felt like him in spirit sometimes.
Same style, same long dreads, same latino accent,
same speach, and he even did same things as he did - But it wasn't him. 
It was a different energy and I felt what I felt with Papi.
It reminded me in both good and bad things.
And if you just met someone, I didn't want to be going "crazy"
over things like this but it made me go a bit too crazy in my head sometimes.
But, I kept most of it inside of myself (Or I write it down).
And it's not the first time it happens.
This is just one story.
Not enough; What are the odds that he lived on the same island in Mexico?
What are the odds that we have same friends in Mexico
and we both meet here in Sweden?
And he more or less had the same lifestyle as Papi?
Is this the law of attraction again?
I think so. 
This time I learned my lesson already and I will not get emotionally involved.
And, he has a girl friend so I'm absolutely not getting involved.
But I do feel connected and I think that he could be a good friend in the future.
Actually he already is!
I believe in him, but I never believe in lies.
I heard them already and I'm too smart for the smooth talk. (Sometimes)
Karmic cycle?
Who knows if this is a part of it....
But it feels like I broke out of ONE pattern already.
Everyone knows deep within of what's right and wrong.
And only YOU decide what emotion is going to survive.
The one you feed.
This is a good quote I really like:
That's it for today!
Hasta luego amigos, grande besos!!! 
Spread love and not lies.
Truth will always come out sooner or later.
Be good to people.
Much love, Lee Lee


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