Oh Crap


I looked inside of my album today on facebook.
My RAJA LAUT album from when I worked on the boat.
I should NOT have done this...

Here it comes...


Royal Langkawi Yacht Club

Chicken Island, Thailand.

Tim and me in the marina in Langkawi, Malaysia.

Twin cabin onboard Raja Laut.

Snorkeling on Phi Phi, Thailand.

Me inside a baby-pool in the ocean. I'm chillin'....

Oh, okey.... enough with the pictures now.

I miss Asia, there you have it.
I am home and I want to leave again.
No long trip this time but I want to go back for maybe just a week or 2.
I miss the marina in Langkawi.
I miss the pool and the bar
I miss the god damn boat.
I miss my cabin
I miss the fun I had
I miss the ocean
I miss the mystery
I miss the sunsets
I miss the heat
I miss Joeys food
I miss the experiences
I miss the freedom
I miss the lonely nights sailing and watching the stars
I miss the sailing
I miss the diving
I miss the beautiful things I've seen

And .... I miss YOU!


To GO list....

New York
San Fransisco
Los Angeles
New Orleans



Isla Mujeres

This is how it looks right now.

Last day on the Paradise Island!


The bags are packed! The room feels so empty.

Koh Phangan is the best place I visited in Thailand, without any doubt.

So, if you are going to Thailand, this is the place I recomend.

Many people connect other people that they have met during their

vacation to the place they have visited.

And so that place become their new favorite place.

But that's not how I think.

And since I've actually been alone here on this beautiful island,

I can't connect it with anyone else. (Not more then Yoga practise haha)


But how can an island like this have so many desert beaches,

be so beautiful, have so many un-touched areas,

be so quiet, calm and peaceful and no major traffic.

And the best – NO IDIOTS!

Just some weirdos, but all people I've met have been NICE!

I haven't been down at Haad Riin,

where all the other tourists spend their time and go to the fullmoon part....

Maybe that's why?



I stay on the relaxed little hippie side.

Well, the whole island is a bit hippie like, and that's more my style.

Just like Isla Mujeres. The weird Island with weird people haha.

I love it and I'm going to miss this place actually.

The first place in Thailand that really attracted me.


I liked Phi Phi too, but that was more of a party attraction and meeting people.

Over here I can be myself and I don't have to worry about anything.

There are NO problems at all!


Oh well, there is only ONE problem right now....

And that is that all the ATM machines doesn't work since the island

didn't have electricity for a whole day.

I'm leaving tomorrow and have 20 baht

in my wallet and have to pay for my bike and a taxi tomorrow

So, HOPEFULLY the ATM start to work tomorrow morning.....



(big problem tomorrow) haha...

Later update.

Haven't had any music to listen to lately since my phone got stolen.
And Spotify doesn't work here (or on my computer)
But YOUTUBE does!!!
And WOW, I forgot the feeling with awesome music just pumping in your ears.
Goosebumps on the skin and you just feel like standing up on a table and go nuts!!!!!
(Oh I miss those days hahaha)
Like there is nothing else in the world that mattered....
And you didn't even cared if you fell down. Music is a trans for me.
When I say that I have to be specific that I mean GOOD MUSIC.
Music with feeling, flow and movement. Music that is ALIVE!!!!
(And I can shake my ass to)

I thought about MUSIC when we did music meditation in the Yoga class.....
They said that you have to listen to calm and relaxed music, and more symphonies etc.
And that all other stuff is not good for you. blah blah blah...
Yes, maybe for meditation and relaxation....

But no matter what, NO ONE can tell me that House music is not good to listen to.
I will NEVER stop listening to electro, house or heavy dubstep.
Yeah, Dubstep is nice. I like it. Not many that like it, but I do!
I love music and it gets me going.... I feel good with music.

I want to dance now. Dance dance dance...(like a kitty cat haha)
I see myself dancing my ass off on Annicas birthday
when we are going to have a nice reunion wiith the girls.
Looking forward to it alot. :)

UNTIL THEN LADIES, I give you this.....


Gay Dog!

Not so many days left now.

I have today and tomorrow left on Koh Phangan then I leave for Bangkok.

Back to Apple guesthouse, where I started my trip almost 9 months ago.

Seems like it was years ago....


Today I've been hanging out with a dog on the beach.

(True friendship you know haha)

I was remembered about the dog Miwa, the dog on the Pirate Camp in Phuket.

Then 3 other male dogs came and entertained me as well.

One of them tried to hump my little friend.

What a GAY DOG!


I also picked up trash from the sea... Bottles and cans!

That's at least what I could do today, this really boring day!


When I left, my dog friend followed me.

I don't think he knew where to go, poor baby.

And after watching Earthlings yesterday I felt sad.

The other dogs barked at him because he walked into their territory.

He walked close to me so the other dogs wouldn't attack him.

When we were out on the street, I almost didn't want to take my bike and leave.

But I did, almost with a tear in my eye.

The dog followed me about 2 blocks and then just stood in the middle

of the road watching me ride away... And him with a questionmark in his head.

I wanted to take him and make him mine, but we all know that's not possible.

So I went to 7 eleven and bougt a pack of hotdogs and took the bike back to the dog.

He walked around and looked very confused and lost.

I gave him all the hot dogs and then I left him.

That's the only thing I could do to help today....With food.

Sometimes I wish that the people in Asia

could treat their pets like we do in Europe and USA.

And actually have them as PETS!


Take care everyone.

Thai massage

I met the massage girl today that called me fat but pretty couple of weeks ago.

She is soooo cute. :)

She remembered me and wonder when I would come the next time.

The moment she was going to ask for my name again,

I turned around and she saw my tattoo and then we both laughed and she said:

- Aaaaaaahhhh Leeeeeeeee!! I remember!

She grabbed my fat on the stomache and pulled it at the side and said:

- Go away, go away, go away!

The we laughed together again.

She blessed my stomache and wished that my fat would disapair. HAHAHA...

That's ok, I wish that too. As long as I've got my tits and ass still there, I'm happy!

Her massage is more of a therapy and exercise because

I've never had a Thai massage the way she does it.

Up, down, back, forward, twist & turn.

Sometimes you feel like a big baby balancing on her legs.

(She even dresses you afterward haha)

But she does it absolutely the best!!!!


After that, I went to town and bought food for the rest of the week.

So I know that I'll manage during the rest of my stay.

I've decided that my boat and bus trip to Bangkok is going to be my fastingday! :)

I sat down at the weird table at the food market.

But there were no weird people around today.


I had the usual - Fresh Carrot / Orange / Ginger shake

and a fried rice with vegetable. All this for 50 baht! :D


I felt such a strong happyness inside of me when I sat there.

I LOVE Koh Phangan!

I don't ever wanted this feeling to go away with happyness.

It was a long time ago I had a smile like that on my face.

I noticed that people smiled back at me and even said Hello to me,

even if I didn't look at them... Some even waved at me!

Thailand has very good sides when it comes to the people :)

And that made me smile even more.


7 days left today, until I'm home again.

I can't wait anymore..... I wanna go noooow!

Love to everyone.

Unexpected payment

Today during my trip to town, my lovely Havaiana flip flop broke!
I had no flip flops anymore.
My best flipflops I've been wearing for a year almost non stop is GONE!
I can't walk around with sneakers everyday and neither high heals.
Every time you enter a store in Asia (the smaller ones) you have to take off your shoes.
And to sit for couple of minutes and tie your shoelazes and then take
them off couple of min later again whould be a pain in the ass.

So I walked around in town barefoot. But it was really hot on the ground.
I found a new pair for 25 kronor :) Good ones too!
When I bought them, I saw myself in a keychain!
And couple of other of my friends....
So I bought myself and 3 other friends (souvenirs)
for 25 kronor as well.

50 kronor, all together wasn't bad at all.....

Oh yeah, and my water heater broke too.
And I really need it. So I had to buy a new one :(
60 kronor extra.

BUT. A water heater is one of the best things you can have while traveling.
Took me couple of months until I bought one,
or realized that they were necesairy.
I can do MY OWN tea or coffee in the morning,
heat soup, noodles or what ever needs to be heated by water.

And it's perfect to use tomorrow when I'm gonna try:
And if you wonder what that is......
I have ONE word for it and that is: SHIT!

On Koh Phangan you find SLOW CHILDREN!


The VISA run with the Hollywood driver!

For those who wonder what a VISA run is, I'm gonna tell you.
It's those stupid rules many countries have.
That you can only stay in the country for 30 days for exemple.
So after 30 days you have to leave the country,
and if you don't, you have to pay a ridiculous amount of money for overstaying.
Some coutries don't let you in without a visa for exemple.
Thailand : You get 30 days when you arrive by airplane.
15 days when you arrive by car or bus. Stupid.

I left my room at 19.00 yesterday.
Took the bike into town to get some food before my trip.
(For those who have done it before, know that you don't stop on many places for food,
so be prepaired to bring something with you if you never done it before.)
I went to the usual place at the food market.
It's something weird with that table because everytime I sit there,
someone very interesting come and sit down next to me.
Yesterday a couple sat down beside me.
The man from England and the woman from Israel.
Fully normal people, looked like anyone else.
I started to talk to them, and they told me that they work as HEALERS.
They explained how they did it and how it works, and it all depends on the person.
I got the womans number and I'm gonna call her as soon as I stop doing the Yoga.
Because I decided to go and get a HEALING.
I ACTUALLY HAVE TO! (even how broke I am)

And YES, I am totally BROKE, Again. I even loaned some more money until I arrive home.
My new Visa expire 4 days before my departure back home is, so I have to pay for overstaying.
2000 baht, which is the same amount of paying for a Visa run.

I continued to the ferry, the nightboat.
This was actually one of the best transportations I've been on during my traveling in Asia.
The boat was full of matresses on the floor,
you had a number and then everyone just laid down and had a sleep next to eachother.
Very nice to actually lay down on a matress, sleep and wake up and you are there.... great.

So there I was, spooning a fully stranger and got spooned by another stranger.
Welcome to Thailand, where everything can happen.
The guy next to me spoke loud tothe man next to him.... Oooohhhhh...

But we had more to come.
Got picked up by a mini bus who drove us to the border.
The driver was angry, cranky, stressed,
and actually pushed the gas in the curves where you normally hit the breaks.
So, in my mind he was "The Hollywood driver"
who made the tires scream like they only do in Hollywood.

And with my luck, OFCOURSE the loud man next to me and the man he was talking to
were going to be in the same mini bus as I. Thank you God for loving me!
I was tired and passed out, woke up couple of times when I almost hit the roof in the car,
bumbed into the window and stuff...
And when the driver almost killed us couple of times. HAHA!

At the border the driver were screaming and were very unpolite.
He was just friendly with the thai people.
We were only stupid FARANGS in his eyes.
I told him to cool down, and take it easy. And I told him to smile! :D
And woooooh... The result was that the POLICE and IMIGRATION gave me CANDY!
HAHAHAHAHA....... I don't know what he said about me in Thai though,
and I don't think I wanna know either. The only thing I understood was smile haha.

We survived the drive back, and we got on a early ferry since we had our fast Hollywood driver.
So there I sat on a ferry for 2,5 hours looking at the sea and some buddhists.

And now I'm back on Koh Phangan again.
I'm eating a whole chicken...
Seriously, I bought a WHOLE CHICKEN!!
Yeah, vegetarian it is...HAHA. Or not maybe right away :P
And I don't want to label myself as a vegetarian
because I know that I will break it once in a while.
Definitly when I arrive back home and I'm gonna GET STUFFED with grease!!!!
But until then I start slowly and when I'm finished with the grease,
I'm gonna continue trying the vege style.
So, let say it's a EXPERIMENT OK?

I miss Joeys Tiramisu made with Oreos. Ooohhh... YUM!!!

Until next time my friends.
18 days until I'm back in Malmö again.
I seriously can't wait!!!!!

Best Sunset

Last sunday when we had our day off, I took my bicycle in to town.

After one of the big hills, I looked at the sky.

I was amazed. It was absolutely beautiful.

One of the best sunsets in Thailand I've seen.

Luckely I had my camera with me,

so I tried to take a shot without a working display.

And I got more amazed of myself to catch such a great shot

of not knowing what I'm taking picture of exactly.

And it's the SKY you should focus on. Not the palmtree.

Doesn't the sky look magical?



Pizza Please!

Here I am. Feeling better today.

No migrain and no vomiting.

Today I feel great! Woho!


I sit on the floor in my room, killing ants with my thumb.

One after the other walks by and I just push my thumb down.

Sorry.... Sorry.... Sorry.... Aaaand Sorry....They are everywhere!

I drink some green tea.

No, not the one you buy in the store,

since the Thai people add SUGAR in everything, and by that I mean EVERYTHING!

Even if I love the green tea/ice tea you buy in the store,

it won't do me any good. Maybe better then a Coke....

Just water and green tea, cold with ice. Good!


I notice that I am still on my purification.

And by that I notice it when it comes to food.

All the sugar I've putted in my body lately.

I just want a greasy pizza. A SWEDISH GREASY PIZZA!

Oh, I miss Swedish pizza sooooo much!

Ohhh, yum yum yum.... I'm watery in my mouth :)

Every time I buy a pizza in Asia I get so disapointed.

I had couple that were ok, but not like home. Oh maaan!

See, this is what I'm talking about.

Addiction to something good. A great taste!



I am a good exemple of a person that have to much

energy in my Svadhisthana chakra!

I have to focus on my Manipura instead :)

See, I'm learning something over here!


More later... Need food.

Dreaming about a nice pizza.. Mmmm...

Wonders of the world

Were sitting on wikipedia and found wonders of the world.
I know that accept United States, that I've been talking about - Egypt
and the pyramids is one of my next destinations.

Wikipedia says like this:

Pyramids in Egypt
Coloseum in Rome (been there)
Great wall of China
Taj Mahal in India
Golden Gate bridge San Francisco, US (see, another reason to go there)
Old city of Jerusalem
Chichen Itza in Mexico (Been there)
Grand Canyon, US (Been there)
Great Barrier Reef in Australia
Machu Picchu in Peru. (on my list allready)
Aurora Borealis (Northern Lights)

What Wikipedia didn't mention is that Sweden also have this northern lights.
Mostly in Kiruna or Abisko, Lappland. And they last about 10 minutes.
I would love to see one!
I guess that I finally have to go north then...
Then I can try to ski as well haha.


Later amigos

An Island full of weirdos.

This is far out the best place I've visited in whole Thailand.

I am very sad that I visit the place NOW and not earlier.

I feel so secure here and it's definitly ”my kind of island”.


Today I've been a good good girl.

I took my killer crocodile bicycle and seriously went around half of the island.

I was away the WHOLE day!

I was suppose to go to the beach where they have

the fullmoon party, but it was a bit too far for me.

I could have made it but the 2 hills 3 km before the beach literally killed me.

I made it up from one, but I had to drag my bike since it's not really the best going up hill.

In 40 degrees celsius, and boiling hot sun this is a pain in the ass.

When I made it all the way up, I realise it's more then 1 to go.

So Lee said HELL NO and went down again. Haha.

Half way up the hill... had to stop and breath. haha.

I made it all the way up, now it's time to go down again. HAHA!


So I went back to town and found some cheap food at the foodmarket.

An OLD Italian man namned Nino sits down at my table.

He invites me for a drink and watch live music (JAM SESSION)

at a place near by where I live later that night.

I need to social a bit so I didn't say no.

He leaves after a while but I decided to stay a bit longer and listen.

I haven't heard good live music for a while,

and some of the people that were jamming were really good!

I have to say that it's something with me and men with guitars haha.


All kinds of weird people showed up.

mostly old hippie westerners but also young and local guys.

I loved it. I think I had goosebumps the whole time from enjoying everything.

Somehow I had Josephine, my dear friend from home on my mind

when they were playing some "blues/country music".

I could see us together in a van in the States,

going for our long road trip we talked about,

and just sit and sing in the car and have alot of fun.

Oh maaaaaan.... I miss you!


Not so good light in the video, but that's not important.
It's the music okey?

And I also have to say that the Thai guys look good over here.

I do not find Asian guys attractive, but here.... They look allright.

Maybe alot because of their cool relaxed style?

I decided to go home and back to bed since I've been exsausted from my bike ride earlier.

I left right on time because I even got a free ride home

from a girl that also do Yoga. Sweet!


When I got back, there was a ant invasion in the room.

I left the cereal box open, and forgot it. SMART!

It's the second time, some thing takes time to learn I guess haha.

Now – bed. Nighty Night friends.

If I were American...

And if I could choose, I would come from California!

The people seems to be so much more relaxed and laid back over there.

And like Eddie said: We are the ”greener” state! Sweet!

I'm a West coast girl, even at home.

Here (on Koh Phangan, Thailand) and in Mexico is the only time

I love the east coast!


I mean, I'm from Malmö. ;)

Why have so many people moved to Malmö lately?

We are chill, relaxed, easy going, know how to have a great time,

and yeah.... we just don't give a flying fuck! (Excuse my language)




But to the point - Californian it is!

Very nice people over there....

And my next destination after being home for a while is United States.

Yes, Shannon I will see you in San Fransisco!!! :)

Maybe going back to Mexico as well,

but I had a plan to be there 2012 when the Maya calender ends.


Suck on that one!


Peace, love and understanding my friends.

Koh Phangan!

What a beautiful trip on the way over here.
I just have to say that I LOVE to travel alone.
There is nothing better. I feel so free.
The only problem is when you meet someone.
You feel attached and can't leave or do what you want to
or meet other people when you feel like it.
Of course you CAN, but somehow I meet more weirdos when I am alone.
And I love it. And when I say weirdos I mean it as a good thing.
You can also say speciell, cool, not like everyone else and odd.
And that's not bad. It's awesome!
It is so much easier when you are alone, but it also depends where you are.

Well, to start with the trip over here from Phuket started off in a mess.
I got picked up, the driver drow to another shuttle bus.
That shuttle bus was absolutely FULL of people and bags.
I was the last one in and I had to share ONE seat with a guy and all the bags.
Thank you mister travel agent that told me that it was only one bus ride there.
After couple of hours when I could not feel my ass anymore
and when me and that guy practically had a really cozy and
sweaty ride on that seat together....It was time to get off.... Thank god!
To another bus, again.
And from the bus to the ferry that first went to Koh Samoi
and then the final destination KOH PHANGAN!

Ferry stop in Koh Samui.

On the ferry to Samui, I started to talk to a Swedish girl from Gothenburg.
She couldn't go home because of all the closed airports in Europe.
Damn this vulcano on Iceland!
We talked and talked and talked, and it felt like I known her a long time.

I haven't been that social lately, but since last night I guess I changed.
And I also think that people notice this from my energy.
One after the other came up to me and talked. The whole day!

When the swedish girl left, a american girl (Californian) came and sat next to me.
She started to talk fluent Thai with a family. I was impressed!
A long story short, it ended up with us open up for eachother
after 5-10 minutes  that we have known eachother.
And it continued the whole trip, non stop!
And we talked about everything!
I was actually impressed by myself doing that. It was nice!
She lived on the island, were a teacher and had a store with her thai boyfriend.
Decided to change numbers right away, and I'm hoping to see her soon again.

I came down to a bungalow that I've been recomended namned Happy.
300 baht. Oh, expensive! Ok, but for one night only until I found another with at least a fridge.
Otherwise money will be like sand thrue my fingers.
But for being on the beach and being here on Koh Phangan
I heard that it was a good deal. And it was not far away from Agama Yoga.
So, I decided to go for a walk and have dinner. (breakfast)
I walked and walked and walked...
Agama was far away, at least when you think like me
– That you have to be there 08.30 in the morning!
And I am not a morning person.... so you can guess why I think it's too far away.
I arrived there anyway, they wanted 350 baht a day for a stay,
for a 4 times smaller room then this one on the beach.
RIP OFF! Thank's, but no thank's!
So, I went to the building next to Agama.
7500 baht per month and they had a fridge, it was clean, had a TV and free internet.
Felt like a hotel and I had 2 beds... Sweet!
Maybe I can do a business and rent out the other bed? ;)

I walked back and this island was not the other islands in Thailand.
It was quiet, alot of beach and nature.
You could hear the sound from the crickets and frogs.
You could hear the sea.
Here is not much traffic either. Calm and nice.
It's a bit Hippie like, almost like Isla Mujeres.

I sat down in the sand. It's almost fullmoon,
As many of you people know, Koh Phangan is famous for their Fullmoon Party.
I will not go there since I will be CLEAN for a month,
but maybe I will END my trip before going home with the FULLMOON party! (?) Who knows?

I didn't need a light because of the moon was shining down on me really bright.
I never felt so relaxed for a long time.
Couple of meters away I hear chillout psycadelic music running from a speaker on the beach,
I look over there and I see a small small bar with not even 10 people inside.
I see people smoking and chillin'.
I see neon lights and moving green lights going around and around.
I didn't go over there, I sat down in the sand for a minute.
Smiling and enjoying. Alone.
After my first hours on Koh Phangan I decided to go to bed
since I am going up really early in the morning tomorrow and change hotell.
I do love a life on the beach where you feel free.

This is what I woke up to. Oooh, lovely.

It has been great so far anyway.
Why didn't I come here earlier?
I love Hippie Islands =)

But better late then never.

In my memory...

Sometimes I wish I could turn back the time.
Turn back the time and experiense the fun I had in Mexico again.
I know that one day, I will be there again.
If I plan a trip ever again, my heart belongs to Isla.
I think I left a part of myself over there....

See yourself.
This is how fun you have when you make turbans of your own hair! :)
Also see the beautiful turkish girl Rana and her beautiful mother.
We had so much fun together. CRAZY!
I miss the water. the clear blur water in Mexico.
The people and the peaceful living I was living over there....

My heart do not belong to Asia. It belongs to the other side.
A little bit I also left in Turkey when I was there...
I sometimes wish that I could go back there too. But who knows.
Maybe some day...


Ubud, Bali

Second day in Ubud.

The only thing that is really really expensive here in Ubud is the food.

Sometimes it's the prices we have is Sweden and that's alot.

Ubud is in general expensive and exclusive.

Mostly rich ”resort people” who lives here and do alot of shopping.


Yesterday we went to the market, wich is cheap!

I wanted to shop until I dropped, and I wish I could.

But I can't and it sucks. I miss shopping. :(

Anyway, all 3 of us made a really good deal though.

A big buddah's face to hang on the wall, so all of us bought one each.

In Sweden I think I have to pay around 1500 Sek for the same thing.

I payed 120.000 rupiah wich is around 80 Sek. Best deal in town!

My first really souvenir to bring with me back home.



AND, we got another weird mask each - FOR FREE!!! =)



And then I found a t-shirt, not a typical tourist t-shirt.

This one is from Ripcurl, hand painted I guess.

A Bali t-shirt, with all the places we've been to in Bali.

Really different and cool. Likey likey alot.



And now I don't know if I have to move back home to my own appartment

when I arrive home since the girl that lives there now is moving out

the first of July and my roomie on Möllan is going to move in with his girl friend.

Hmmmm.... I really liked Möllan and that appartment.

And the guys of course. What should I do?

Move back to the appartment I haven't been in for 2 years?

I don't know about that. I rather not.

The thought hitted me couple of times tonight,

and the only thing I miss about it, is my sofa and bed.

To decorate, paint, and re-furnish in the appartment.

I wish I had more money so I could buy shit loads of stuff here

and send back home to my appartment and just decorate the whole

appartment as good as new when I go back.

Ohhh, that would be so much fun!!!!!

I can spend days of doing that kind of stuff.

And it feels like it haven't gone one second since I started.



Today have been a girly day. since we are going to have ”A DIVORCE”

on tuesday morning, like Annicas dad said on the phone ;) haha.

Me and Annica went alone in town to get a acupressure massage,

get a haircut and coloring, lunch and then were suppose to go to the

art museum but it rained alot and didn't have umbrellas.

So we had a wet t-shirt contest on the way home with our white t-shirts.

Annica won big time.


And btw, my hair is really short now.

Haven't been this short for over 10 years.

But I needed it and it actually feels really good, I like it and the colour too.

Like my mum and Annica said – You look old and mature. HA!


I discovered SIMS on Annicas mobile phone today

so I've been hooked on playing SIMS for hours and hours. =)

Tomorrow we are going to the museum's around Ubud,

and I'm gonna try to pack my bag somehow, so I can be

ready to rise and shine at 05.00 on tuesday morning. Gaaaah!

Hopefully I'll see a bit of Singapore before my

other connection flight leaves to Phuket. (damn this Phuket)


Time to sleep.


Take care my sweet sweet sugar....

Flight booked!

Fixed myself a ticket away from Bali on tuesday to Singapore.
From Singapore back to my favourite place - PHUKET!
(Very very ironic joke)
*The never ending story* Land of the lost!
Lucky me, it's just a short stop to meet Maja & Keilan hopefully.
And then Magnus I guess.
I have couple of days before I start the Yoga course so I guess
I'll stay only couple of days and then be heading to Koh Phagnan
to settle down a bit before the course.

Tomorrow we are leaving Uluwatu to see Ubud a little bit better then from a car.
There are no stores here and food are expensive.
We walked very far today just to eat somewhere else and buy credit for our phones.
But without luck because they didn't sell any credit, just in the next village. HA!
So, I fell a sleep on the beach in PADANG PADANG instead.

Well, anyway. I don't have much more to tell you guys today.
Not more then the mosqitos loves me, but that's nothing new! :)
At least someone does hehe.
I can't wait to get back home in june actually.
I miss everone soooo mucho mucho!

Love and peace

And by the way:
- KARI, du skrev ingen mail i ditt inlagg och hur har du funnit min blogg??
Med tanke pa att Joe inte har hort av sig alls till mig sa slosar
jag bara min dyrbara tid pa ingenting kanns det som.
Men jag hoppas att det gar bra for Jonas och Espen i alla fall!
Ha en bra dag.

Dream land, Uluwatu and Turtle Island

Unexplainable things have happened lately.

Dreams that I had months ago became reality.

And I remember them so well, but it's not the action that is happening in the dream,

and the people I am with, just the places I visit in my dream.


Today we drove to ”Dream Land” in Bali.

When we arrived, I saw a beach, big waves, cliffs and a sunset.

and people were selling stuff on the beach.

In my dream I was with 2 people. One girl and one boy.

I had this dream when I came home from Mexico,

so I thought it was Adeline and Tim in my dream with me.

Apperently not. It was Annica and Johan.

And in my dream it they were selling swedish stuff on the beach.

So maybe that's the connection?

And that's just one thing out of many...

Today has been a long day.

I spendt way too much of my last money that I don't have.

And like I said to Annica before,

it's a really pain in the ass for me to be around people with money because

I feel like a F*cking looserand I can't do anything about it really.

So, I TOTALLY understand how ”MR. FUCK” felt in the

beginning of my trip when we were in Penang, Malaysia with Frix.

It was a bit hard for me to understand it when he told me.

But now I know how it feels like.

I am down on my last penny's and I can't do shit about it.


I can't think clear, I am unfocused and lost.

But I also feel lonely no matter how many people I have around me.

But now at least I am comfertable with it.

And of course everyone around me can feel how miserable

I am feeling because of this too.

The vibe between me, Annica and Johan is not the best.

And that's a fact, no matter what they say!

That's also why I said that I need to leave, soon!

I don't think they can't understand how I feel.

And I don't think they want to either.


Anyway. Today we went to the Turtle Island.

We heard it was suppose to be free big wild turtles on the beach etc.

They really ripped us off, because it was worth shit.

They had 20 turtles, not in the wild.

On the beach and in water but it was like a big big cage.

Then they had other funny animals as a big Bat, birds, snakes etc.

But it was just to rip off tourists, wich I HATE!



We ended up in Uluwatu, wich is nice and quiet compared to KUTA.

Got a big big room, shaped lwith 7 squared walls.

It's gigantic, you can probably fit 7 more beds in here.

The bed is in the middle and when I walked inside of the room,

it looked very familiar. Like I've been there before.

Another dream I had, but this one I can't remember really.

Or place in my head.



We saw monkeys and Annica and Johan payed 70.000 (60 kr ca)

to se the Balinese dance. I could not afford it, so I waited outside.

I sat on the side and a monkey and it's baby came and sat down

next to me and looked at me. Nice. Just nice.

In the same moment our driver came and he said he have been looking for me.

He paid my entrance fee so I could see the Balinese dance as well.

God bless this man, he was so kind.

The Balinese dance was really cool.

Spirituell, and speciell.



The last couple of days I had weird dreams, and I remember them well.

Last night I was in the United States,

jumped off a bus middle of the country side to search for someone.

It was a weird feeling but I found this someone (who ever it was).

There were horses and goats around me and I came to a ”Bed and Breakfast place”

It was a feeling like I was home.


That's it for today.

See ya'll later, ciao. Peace and Love. / Lee


Hello, Yes, Transport?

Bali, for the second time.
Yesterday was one of the best nights in a long time.
But you can feel you are getting older now,
all 3 of us have been completely dead today.
It was a blast, so it was worth it. Long time.
And we went fucking nuts at the SKY GARDEN!

I love Bali!

More to come later.
Surf's up dude.

Goodbye Kuala Lumpur!!!!

I am so tired of this now.

But I am ready, I am more then ready to say GOODBYE to KL!

And Goodbye to the BED BUGS I'm sleeping with.

Goodbye to being dirty and nasty.

And say HELLO to Pretty and Sexy again.

Say HELLO to a nice tan AGAIN.

To go back and say HELLO to the nice swimming pool in Bali.

The free fruit for breakfast and enjoying sitting on the balcony with a smoothie.

Going back to painting maybe?

But when I'm going to be there, I'm going to miss my ”laughing crew”.

My spaceship and the captain of course.

But I have a new crew now and I guess that we are going to laugh

as much as the last time as well, when LeeLee go ”BLANK”.


Today have been a long day.

But it needed to be done so I can leave tomorrow!

I took Johan with me to the imigration in Putrajaya, just outside of Kuala Lumpur.

Poor little thing, he sat there with me for SIX HOURS and waited.

And waited.... and waited....and waited....

I felt bad about draging him with me, but after all those hours of waiting -

I finally got my ENTRY stamp!!!

Or not a stamp, it actually was a whole page in the passport.

But I got it anyway, without major problems so now I feel free.


Otherwise, not much to say today.

Nothing new. Same same.

I hope I don't bump into my stalker again on Bali.

That would be creepy, but then at least I have good friends with me.

I learned my lesson over there haha :P

(OR DID I? hehe)


Goodnight party people.


My facebook status said: I need a job!

I got this answer from Peter:

What you need to do is find your passion, then follow it.
The Universe will then provide everything you need, exactly when you need it.

Synchronistically, I received this quote by e-mail today.
Take note Lee:

"To find out what you love to do demands a great deal of intelligence;
because, if you are afraid of not being able to earn a livelihood,
or of not fitting into this rotten society, then you will never find out.
But, if you are not frightened, if you refuse to be pushed into
the groove of tradition by your parents, by your teachers,
by the superficial demands of society,
then there is a possibility of discovering what it is you really love to do.
So, to discover, there must be no fear of not surviving." - Krishnamurti

Thank you Peter for your note!
I appriciate it alot, such I appriciate that you are writing good stuff to me,
just when I need it. It's just in the right moments!
And you should know that I listen to you alot,
and I think you are an wise, good, smart and peaceful man.
Thank's for being nice and careing about other people!
You are a very special man and I'm greatful and happy that I met you.

Thank you!

A nice day at Igors boat, Isla Mujeres - Cancun in Mexico late february 2009.

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