So, how is it to be back home?

Except from that I am still stuck in a "Thai mode" sabai sabai, everything is fine.
I'm happy, it's sunny outside and I'm looking forward to a autum in Sweden to be honest.
I bought myself a fluffy vest so now things are even better ;)
I catched a cold when I got home, of course.
This is one of the things I never get used to.
Aircondition on the plane.
Climate change. Delux.
Nose is blocked and I can barely breath, but I'm happy anyway.
Music in my ears all the time.
Re-living memories.
Eating blueberries at the moment, very yummy.
Living in my own apartment again. 
With Marcello.
Chistofer is here to visit and Magnus just arrived too.
We are back to being a good family again and everyone is welcome to visit again.
My apartment is starting to look like a real apartment again too.
And I love my house.
I love the family we have.
My Swedish brothers.
Thailand for one month was a blast, like always.
Better experience everytime I'm there. In many different ways.
After 2 years. I still find new places on the island. 
And this time was a lot of adventures.
I had good energies around me and a nice experience to be in the jungle instead of the beach.
Except from one of the dog that I took care of, ran away in the jungle.
But she came back and it was fine.
I'm a very lucky girl.
I'm glad that I also inspire my friends to come and visit or ask me of tips.
Sofie came to visit and we had 6 days together of intense exploring of the island.
And heavy dancing!
 And let's not talk about the Russian. Waawee.
Good times.
Now I'm home.
And glad to be home. I came to Koh Phangan to recover from shit at home.
But it ended up, me healing just after couple of days and then I had to recover
from Thailand now when I'm home in Sweden. :)

I Love my life sometimes.
And I make it work, I make it happen.
And so can you.
Wish for it. Work for it. Want it.
Don't say things you don't mean to say.
Ask for it.
But be careful with your words. And thoughts. 
Attract it. Get it. 
You can do it. 
Just take the step!


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