Steps to developing intuition!

I was going through my books and papers, but mostly notes from traveling.
I found my book from 2009-2010 from South East Asia.
I was scanning through the book who is filled with recepiece, numbers, notes, destinations, quotes, letters, astrology and wise words.
I stoped for a minute and found this old one.
I don't know where I got it from but I wrote it down in my book.
And to be honest, I can't believe that these words actually came from myself.
I don't think I understood what I wrote completely back then, but now I really understand.
Here it comes.
Steps to developing your intuition.
1. Believe that the intuition is real. Labratory test have demostrated that scientists
can not replicate experiments that have been successfully conducted by scientists who do.
2. Realize that the humans spend a lot of time in denial.
We don't recognize the truth because it may be too painful or might force us to change our beliefs.
So, before you dissmiss new information ask yourself if you have evidence to back up your denial.
3. Undestand that the truth cannot hurt you. It may ruin your day,
but in the long term it will set you free,
4.Ask for guidance and be open minded. "Ask and it will be given".
5. Entertain your mind through meditation,
Your mind consists of layers. You must align them so that the information can flow from the deepest up to conscious awareness,
6. We all hear inner voices that can be compared to old tapes.
These are parents of former teachers, "You should do this, you shouldn't do that".
Go past them to the voice of intuition.
This has serenity, a peacefulness that never tries to manipulate.
Learn how to recognize the difference. 
7. Finally when insights come, look for consistacy.
Do they meet the factors or fly in the face of them?
Look closely and be honest with yourself.
So, here's a little bit you should do. 
Much love to you all.


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