Just reflecting of what have been happening in my life for the last year,
and boy I have a lot of stories in my bag.
Instant connections, old connections, new connections, lost connections.
In different locations around the world.
It feels like my life have been on full speed for the last year.
In every way and all kinds of crazy turns and directions.
Makes me feel lost sometimes.
Not lost in my mind but confused when enter a new location.
It takes a long time for me to re adjust, everytime.
Not just mind, but body too.
Mostly get a cold, migrains, etc. 
But I can be on one of the other places instantly in my mind.
So I live in my own little dream world.
My happy land.
When I escape life for a while, it's when I listen to music.
I listen to a lot of music.
I created this.
My life.
I choosed all this.
It took a while and I still haven't reached a final destination.
I don't think I ever will.
But hey, look where I am.
Look how I climbed, how it changed me.
I am in Sweden, but I have 2 beautiful islands that I can call HOMES.
Both, on different sides of the world.
Amazing places, amazing people.
Yeah, some drama here and there but this is something you can never escape.
I attracted it to be like this. 
I manifested it.
I'm happy and so greatful for my life and what I've been experienced so far. 
I've done a lot.
I've seen a lot.
Not everything, but more than I ever thought I'll see.
Many sides of the crazy world we live in, 
many sides of myself
Many crazy people from all over the place too.
But what I have experienced is that in the end,
we all win on being honest and respectful towards eachother.
My manifestations are always very strong.
I learned my lesson about being causius about it.
And being clear and specific WHEN you want something.
It's been "not the right timing" for me many times in life.
I hope I learned my lesson by now ;)
But I'm still learning and still growing.
You have to take risks in life.
Many risks.
Not too many.
Still use your brain.
That's how you know you are living.
That is life.
Listen to yourself for once.
I have always been one of those who "thinks with my heart".
Some people "think with their mind".
I saw a spiritual documentairy the other day that explained more precise
that what we need to do is to combine the heart with the mind
and the mind with the heart to work as it suppose to do.
It takes practise. 
And can I be a real yoga teacher now and say that it's mostly just about awareness.
Being aware of everything you do.
Every step you take, where you put your focus, how you are breathing etc.
Try to think about these small things when you are walking or doing something.
Just listen to yourself.
That's all for me tonight.
Peace and love


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