It's getting cooold

I'm getting closer and closer to my goal. 
My only problem is that I have a hard time to wait with certain stuff.
I want stuff to happen right away.
Yes, I know. Patient!
But one thing that really slows me down is that I'm freezing.
Litterally freezing my ass off over here in Sweden.
For many many years I've been struggeling
with this when it comes to the winter time in Sweden.
My body just don't want to work with me as I want to.
Just as I'm writing this, my fingers are cold,
my nose is cold and I have dune shoes on together with socks,
and my feet are like ice cubes.
My body is just not made to be living in this climate.
I'm an air sign, I can't stand the cold wind,
this makes me unbalanced.
I think I just need more love or more hugs so I feel warm.
It's been too little of that lately.
But it has been pretty nice to spend time with myself too.
Since I just had problem on the guy front this year.
Except with one, who I really enjoyed my time with but everything comes to an end.
And staying in different countries is hard sometimes.
I'm used to it by now.
Many of my friends thinks that I'm silly because I freeze so much, 
but they have no idea how my muscles cramp, I get tensed and I can't relax.
Or, I need to move my big ass some more and get my circulation going.
But how easy is that when I don't want to leave my bed or take away the blanket?
I look outside the window and it has been raining for the last 2 weeks.
Almost every day. I get sad.
I turn into a child and I don't want to go out.
But I get restless and I'm almost starting to climb on the walls.
The thing is that I HATE clothes.
I'm one of them woman that wants to run around naked.
To feel free.
And putting on one, two, tree sweathers, 2 pants,
gloves, socks, hat.... the list is long....
I'm an island girl, LESS IS MORE!
I want to feel connected.
Feeling the sun, the wind and the water.
I want all the elements to be alive so I can recharge.
But sometimes it's really nice with a little cold... just a little.
I haven't enjoyed a fall (not even winter) in a long time.
And I hope that I won't in a long time either.
But sometimes you miss it-
To spend time in your house, 
listening to some good music, have some candles, incents,
drink a hot cup of tea or chocolate,
buckle up on the couch, grab a blanket, watch a movie and just relax!
And preferably with some good company. 
And let's not talk about giving massages.
I love giving massages to my clients when it's cold outside,
relaxing, warm and nice in my apartment.
It also gives ME energy.
When I'm not able to go outside.
I miss the nature.
I'm a nature girl.
There is no nature here.
Just grey and a lot of buildings and traffic.
City. Even if I grew up being a city girl, I have never been one.
I miss the jungle. 
I miss the Thailand jungle.
But, my home is calling me.
This is not my home.
It's just a stop over, a base. 
My BATCAVE. This is my hideout.
Where I land and rest until I continue my path.
My home is in Mexico.
I can tell everyone that I used to live there.
Not in this life (even if I've been there 3 times)
And my spiritual connection is strong there.
So, what do I do?
I was aiming to get back to Mexico in November.
I manifested it and yesterday I booked my ticket.
First to London where I'll be spending 2 days with some friends and then continue to Mexico.
I'll be spending some time there for couple of months and study Spanish full time,
8 hour a day from a school in Sweden.
It's going to be a challenge to dicipline myself.
It's not going to be just Playa Playa Playa.
But I made a schedule for myself already.
First thing in the morning will be Yoga.
If I don't dicipline myself and do it myself, it will be at Poc-Na. 
Oh, how I missed that place.
After that it will be a breakfast,
the beach and around lunch time it will be studies.
I even signed up to be a dog sitter.
I think this is a very good thing for me, since I love dogs and I want my own.
I also think I'm going to end up with adopting one.
(I just feel this is going to happen)
I was a dog sitter for 4 dogs in Thailand the last time I was there,
and that was piece of cake!
(except from that one ran away, but she was found)
so what would the problem be now?
Nemas problemas! 
A good company while studying.
His name is Buggy.
And I will live with my beautiful Mexicana hermana (sister) Maribel to start with.
Then I get my own place so I can study in peace.
Oh, how I miss all my friends over there.
And from Thailand.
I appriciate life so much, and everyone I meet.
Just please, take me home to Mexico now! :)
I can't waaaait any longer....
Love Love Love
And Peace


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