So let's talk a little bit about TANTRA....

Tantra is a big subject that many people just reffer to sex.
Yes, it's sex but it's so much more than JUST sex.
I never mention to guys that I'm into tantra anymore. 
(Not for newly met guys anyway)
Because everytime I've done it,
it's just sex, sex, sex and in their mind it's something else.
If they haven't read about it or taking some course of some kind.
Many people confuse it with KAMA SUTRA.
Kama sutra is mostly different sex positions.
Tantra is more a spiritual connection and how to grow together.
To become one. 
To reach a deeper consiousness. 
Into the devine.
For some people it's about GOD.
I'm not so much into the whole GOD part,
I believe in something bigger than God. And always have been.
During my Tantra 1 & 2 workshop at Agama Yoga on Koh Phangan,
I learned the difference between sex and love.
It's 2 completely different things that people confuse one with the other many times.
I was an expert of this before.
And it is hard to seperate them sometimes.
Sometimes very hard.
I think that this was one of the things I liked the most.
I liked both workshops a lot.
And we learned much more (even how to deep throat a banana hahahaha)
And just to make things clear, there is NO SEX going on in the workshops.
This you have to do on your spare time in your rooms.
It is a Tantric community I lived in, and most of the people are very open to everything.
Even when it comes to sharing partners.
This is something that is hard for me.
I believe that you love everyone in different ways and some may touch your heart
in a different way than the other.
To be willing to share what you have with someone but including other partners,
it feels like my energy goes to waste to someone else. Maybe I'm wrong.
I have never been into the whole "sharing partner thing" and don't think I ever will.
But who knows in the future?
I believe that sharing your energy with many people is not so good.
Why not focus at one at the time?
And letting that grow instead?
I've been finding my own partners and only the first one was in the community.
But I left him to go to Mexico and never saw him again.
I have been in another mind blowing "relationship" that I can't even put down in words.
The most intense, but the most perfect I had.
But... he didn't know Tantra, but it was exactly what we had!
On all the levels. 
It was just too perfect that he didn't know how to handle it.
The most powerful thing I've experienced on those workshops is a TRANSFIGURATION.
So what is a transfiguration?
The picture ALMOST shows you.
You can do it with anyone you like, you don't have to have a partner.
But it's a good way to get to know the other person.
The focus is eye gazing.
You should sit in front of each other, cross legged or how ever you feel comfortable.
Look your partner (or who ever you are doing it with) deep into their eyes.
You will look at this person as a goddess or god and see the beauty of him/her.
And love the person no matter what, just give and just feel.
To get a good connection, you should hold your hands in a special way as well.
And don't loose your eye contact.
They say that the gate to reach the soul is through the eyes.
And I have to say that it's something magical with this.
We did it in the workshops and I was totally blown away by the guys.
Some men I got scared of, some felt creepy, some wanted to fuck me,
some really felt strong, some loving and some men were absolutely beautiful
and really touched my heart. 
People I've never met before, never said a word to.
I have even started crying while doing this to certain people.
I will never forget one man, his eyes and characteristics were exactly like my grand fathers.
He gave me a big smile and I couldn't hold my tears in.
It was him to me.
Then we moved on to the next person and I never saw the man ever again.
Back to the subject:
You should not talk and you should at least try not to giggle or laugh.
It's hard for many people because it can get you into a very "awekward" situation sometimes.
Sometimes in this moments when you feel completely naked.
And you can be naked while you do it too, but I was reffering to the soul.
You are showing the true you and it's absolutely beautiful.
I believe that it's just the matter of how much you desire the other person.
How a look can change everything.
Build up an energy, a tension between two souls.
To feel a spark or a light in the other person and within yourself.
And keep it alive and not letting it die.
It's pretty easy to let it die after couple of years of a relationship.
I have tips for that too! ;)
And you help each other to open up and grow together (if both are willing to)
Male and female energy.
Yin & Yang. 
Sun & Moon.
Plus & Minus.
When it comes to the man, here is the fun part for them.
And the main thing for them is not to come.
No load. No sperm. No cum. Save it mister!
It's hard and it takes a lot of practice, but I believe that it can work.
I KNOW it works.
And it doens't mean that you should STOP having sex.
Yes you can do this to, to save the energy.
But then you are not doing Tantra, that is celibacy.
And how fun is that??
For sure you have to take breaks many times,
You have to work together on this.
It doesn't happen over a night.
There are specific breathing excercises for this, doing headstand and other things.
First time I experienced this, I didn't know how to react.
It was something new and it's still new to me. 
I'm far away from the advance teachers on the school.
But for sure it helps even if it feels like you are going
back to the unexperienced "sexy time" in the beginning.
And when this is complete, you have a desire for your lover,
you are automatically more passionate,
loving and you automatically build up a sexual feeling.
And you just want more and more and more! 
How great is that!?
In my own experience I take it very slow if the man is not experienced.
It's new and it can be very intense for some people.
I realized that I am already a person who can be pretty intense
and in these situations it can get too powerful for some people.
And we all have different energies so with some people
it won't even come up as a subject to talk about.
"Just weird hippie talk".
But if you actually can manage to have a GOOD relationship
AND GOOD SEX with the help of TANTRA,
WHY wouldn't you want to go for that?
To learn how to evolve, grow and have multiple
orgasms and lovely pleasures at the same time?
Of course everyone is different and like different things but,
then I just have to add: TALK. Communicate. 
If not with words, with body language.
Look behind her/him and look within.
There are also many rituals and prayers for love making in Tantra.
Before and after.
But to be honest, this is not my cup of tea.
Or maybe I'm not just there yet.
So I won't go into that some more.
If you are interested in knowing more about TANTRA,
Please watch this 7 min video of Swami Vivekananda Saraswati, 
who is ONE of my Gurus.
 Much love and sex to everyone!


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