Learn by your mistakes

If I'm going to write about yesterdays subject that came up
more than twice during the day and night, 
I think I will resumé it like this...
To learn by your mistakes.
No one is perfect, thats just how it is. 
We can only learn and get stronger and better from who we were yesterday.
But you need to learn how to see your mistakes coming before you make them.
Or create them.
Break old habits, and if something doesn't feel right, don't do it.
Or the opposite. But rather think twice!
Listen to yourself.
One thing I learned with the years is to be quiet.
Believe me, I can be super social. 
(I'm a woman, that's just our nature, we need to speak more than the men)
But I also learned how to observe.
And the more quiet I get, the more I see.
The more I understand.
And the more I feel.
And I have to tell you that silence can be beautiful.
Speaking without words is even more beautiful.
I appriciate those people I can be like this with.
They are very few of them but they are worth gold.
And I really appriciate them. A lot.
When I can feel completely relaxed and don't have to say a word
but we still understand each other.
I believe its more of speaking with the heart than the mind.
And one thing is ALWAYS right.
Music does connect us. 
I've been through it before and I believe that we all disconnect
our heart as soon as we open our mouth and the brain gets connected.
I'm still going through some old patterns, but I learn from it everyday.
I'm deleting all negative things around me.
But I always give people a second try even if it takes time.
I also see same patterns repeating with different people.
And I now choose wisely who to interact with and to be honest,
I've met so many nice people for the last few months when I've been home in Sweden.
And many of my old friends barely pick up the phone anymore.
It hurts my soul to be disconnected from some people, but I've learnt how to accept and let go.
And we meet so many wonderful people along the path we are walking.
And for sure there is always a reason why you meet certain people.
(I've said this 12234322 times before)
Yesterday I met a girl from Chile and the thing she wrote to me today made my day.
"Yes, it was a great experience to meet you too!!
You are such a inspirational soul that shows everyone that everything is possible!!!"
I give myself a pat on the back sometimes.
But I'm not letting it effect my ego.
When I know that I've done something good, I just feel good about it.
When people are honored to have met you and see you as an inspiration and wish that
they could do the same, live their lives as I do.
It means more than you think.
For me, I'm just trying to make a living and live a life abroad.
For me, my life is not different than yours.
I may have been traveling a lot, seen a lot and don't have any fear.
But that's the ONLY thing you need to get rid of.
Since I learnt how to be strong, independant and do my own thing,
I have become a big inspiration for many people I've met.
And I'm deeply deeply thankful and greatful for all this people.
Specially those who are a big support for ME.
I know I'm a strong woman and that I try to do my best in everything.
(That's the Swedish side of me)
But having people coming to you (or meeting) for some reason,
they find it easy to talk to me about anything and everything.
I love that they do that because the more they open up, the more I grow too.
Listening to stories, to see everything from another perspective.
(I seriously should study psychology)
I observe. I feel. I see.
I appriciate that a lot, but who is there for me? 
The strongest women are almost always the most fragile ones.
But I learnt how to live with being like this.
An empath as I call it.
And I accepted that one of my mission on this planet is to help people.
Therefore I do my best to help someone.
Even if it just comes to listening to someone.
But trying the best that I can, no matter who it is.
I deeply appriciate people coming to me for help.
I know myself how hard it can be to beg someone for help.
(Specially when you are a Swede)
Or actually knowing and seeing the problem and not knowing what to do about it.
I just get happy when people come to me.
It's a matter of trust and respect.
And this is something I appriciate.
I feel good.
But I still need to have my higher Gurus or some inspiration myself because who
do the strong women turn to when it comes to recharging their own batteries?
This year have been one of the most crazy ones in a long long long time.
And I think that it's not over yet.


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