This week has been one of the most boring ones in a long long time.
You have to force yourself to stay at home all day everyday.
Because I KNOW that if I do something else,
my mind won't be able to concentrate to do something else.
Yes, I'm a very AIRY person. 
(Don't let me explain what it means to be an airy person,
because then I would need to post 3 posts about it haha)
And it's enough that we have a kid in the apartment.
I'm hiding in my room and I try to study,
but the only thing I can think of at the moment is liqurice.
Surprise huh? haha
I need to go and buy some sunday candy.
And I do want to play with Liam instead too, because children are just too much fun.
I'm going to do Yoga at 2 hours.
I might not just go because I NEED to sit here and study hard.
And AFTER I've been studying hard, I can do my OWN yoga at home. Hopefully.
Or I just end up eating more candy and study some more.
I went to the store. I needed my swedish candy haha
And now I'm eating my dinner from yesterday.
It's going to be a long night with studying. Again.
Signing out. Over and out!


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