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Goodmorning everyone....
So, last night we had a BBQ in our house.
It turned out to be fantastic.
A lot of people showed up (12 of us all together)
I bought 4 fish (red snappers) and 2 chicken breasts.
Rice and fried vegetables in oyster sauce...
And corn.
Mae brought corn fritters (Canadian style)
Ralf and his wife brought spareribs and wine
I had 2 glasses of home made organic red wine that Mae also got
from one woman that lives on the island and have a destillery with Phangan liquore. 
It was so fruity and nice, compared to the other red wine I was drinking ;)
Everyone got along, and some already knew eachother and it was really a nice night.
Good times for sure. And such a mix of people. 
Israelis, swede, danes, japanese, thai, german, canadians. 
Wonderful mix. 
I also made a deal with Sharon (Lindas friend).
Linda and Sharon have the website www.phanganist.com together.
On the website you find many things.
Of the island of Koh Phangan of course.
Parties, locations and soooo much more.
My deal with Sharon was to write my blog, on their website. Daily.
I can write about what ever I want to so I guess
my blog here will no longer be in use later.
Or, I'll just post the same blog here as there. ;)
So, now you can follow me on this island in detail.
I love it. Good for my ego hahaha...
To be continued...
(I'm having breakfast with Stine at Ananda and I don't want to be too rude haha)

Smell u later :D


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