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Hello there Koh Phanganer.

Let me introduce myself.

My name is Lee Persson and I’m a full timer Koh Phanganer since October 10.

I’m a Swedish young woman at the age of 28.

I have been living here on and off in 2 separate times before.

First time I visited this island was during a backpacking trip

I had in 2010 in South East Asia.

I started my backpacking in 2009.


I was away for 10 months and during that time I also

worked on a beautiful charter yacht in Malaysia.

Continued my traveling to both Thailand and Indonesia after a while

and one months before I went home,

I ended up at Agama Yoga’s First Level Intensive course here on Koh Phangan

by the help of a dear friend that I met in Mexico 2009.

I truly recomend everyone to do take that course. 

It changed my life!


After the course I flew back home, and I came home as a new person.

I grew up, I found myself and started to believe in myself again.

I became a woman slowly.

A changed life also ment a change of proffession.

I finally knew what I wanted to do with my life.


I went home, paid off loans,

sorted my life together while I changed my proffession at the same time.

All I wanted to do for 3 years was to go back to Koh Phangan.

And surviving the winters in a cold ass country like Sweden was a pain in the ass.

And it's the same thing every year, I never get used to it.

That's how much of a VIKING I am. 

I'm just born in the wrong country.

If I were going to continue in the Yogic track, I had to aim to be a teacher.

Then I can work as it, while I work on myself at the same time.

Win Win situation.


In January 2013 I did my teacher training at Agama Yoga.

It took a while, but I never stopped believing myself.

I push myself to the limit all the time.

Sometimes I scare myself that I'm not afraid of anything. (Almost)


But I have to say that this was one of the hardest thing I have

ever done in my life so far… Mentally. Only!

But it was worth ever single minute of it.

And it’s not until now afterwards that I really

have the time to melt everything I learned.

We were a family of 24 (?) beautiful people from all over the world.

Everyone was so different and unique in their own way.

And for 3 months we went through heaven and hell together.


After my teacher training I stayed on the island for 3 more months

(a total stay of 6 months and 1 day over stay and a fee of 500 baht)

And during that time, I felt so open and free.

I had one of the best feelings in my life.

I was happy, lucky and felt so much love towards everything.

In the beginning it was very different to blend in with ”normal” people again,

but couple of weeks in ”freedom” from the school

made me have such energy to do what ever I wanted.

Things I’ve never done before. I was full on with everything!

I had an amazing time with other words.


Then it was time to leave, go back home to Sweden,

get my super expensive Swedish drivers license and sell my stuff and leave again.

A big process, not like US and A, that more or less gets it in a Chocolate Kinder Egg.

During the time at home between my studies, I decided to do an egg donation.

(more about this later in a different post)

And I decided to do the donation in Mexico.


I have this thing with islands. I love the sea and the island life.

But this island is as unique as Koh Phangan is, but in a different way.

Name: Isla Mujeres, Quintana Roo, Mexico.

Many of you may have been there already.

I’m sorry to say it but the sea here in Thailand has nothing to offer

when you compare it to the caribbean sea.

It’s clear blue, aquamarine. Turquoise.

That’s where I was going in between my studies. That’s my island!


The actual clinic I was going to is located in Cancun,

which is a ferry ride of 25 minutes.

But I lived many of my days during my stay on Isla Mujeres.

Last time when I was there was beginning of 2009.

A very memorable time there when it comes to happenings in life.

It was also my first backpacking trip and that also

gave me another perspective of the world.

It ment a lot to be back there. It felt like yesterday.

I just went back in time and the people I met this time reminded me 

of people I met the time before in 2009.

But this time it felt 10 times better. And I felt grown up!


I guess I have to say I’m one of the tourists that says:

”And then….I met this guy” …

Amazing guy. From Arizona. Very special.

I won’t name him, and go into details cuz that’s not just cool.

I can call him Mr Arizona.

He knows who he is and I am just a very happy woman that

I had the possibility to have met him and had him in my life for a while.

And what happened after that was that he came to Sweden to see me.

After my donation,

right after I passed my license and before coming back to Koh Phangan.

Very hectic time for me mentally.

Didn’t really think so much about it back then but NOW when I think about it,

I had so much shit to take care of while I wanted

to be with Mr Arizona at the same time.

Having someone over from another part of the world is not everyday it happens.

It ment a lot, no doubt about it.

After little bit more than a week in Sweden, we both said goodbye.

He went back to Arizona and I went to Thailand. Traveling life.

You meet amazing people, share something nice and might never see eachother again.

Detachment. Still working hard on that part. Still very hard.


Sometimes I want to slap myself in the face because of it.

I let the destiny decide if we are going to meet again.

If it’s ment to be, it will be…and that comes to everything!


I arrived in Bangkok, october 8 after a 20 hour flight total.

20 minutes after I arrived with far too many bags into my hotel room,

in the middle of Khao San Road, my ex knocked on the door.

Instead of me sleeping,

he showed me around Bangkok and he helped me doing some arends.

We are still good friends. (Even if we had almost 2 years without talking)

Also a very strong connection and we are very alike.

Also an American,

who have been living here in Thailand with his 1 year old kid and a Thai wife since I left 2010.

Won’t mention names but lets call him ”The Libra”.

He will for sure come up in other blog posts.


Two days in Bangkok and then I took the night bus to Koh Phangan.

18 hours total. Bus and boat. 

Just arriving at the dock in Thong Sala, made me so happy. 

I made it here, AGAIN.

And... this time, it's for ever. (Or we'll see where I end up)


Being away from the island made me appriciate it a lot more too.

I live with 2 amazing women in the jungle, close to the Sri Thanu area.

Linda and her visiting friend Stine from Copenhagen, Denmark.

Almost family in Scandinavia too.

It’s just 20 minutes away with the bridge from Sweden.

Now me and Linda are roomies but I’m leaving for a wedding in Malaysia tomorrow.

And then to Chiang Mai for a Thai yoga massage course.

I’ll be back in the beginning of december and then I will

have a new built house in Sri Thanu area.

And my good friends Brahm and Mae who have the Drum jams

on sundays will be my new neighbors.

That’s all for today. That’s a sneak peak about who I am and what I’m doing.

More will come tomorrow. Stay tuned! 


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