Hello Koh Phanganers

Time for blog post numero dos.

I’m at home in our big nice house in the jungle.

Packing my bags and getting ready to leave the island again for a month.

Next destination: Kota Kinabalu, Borneo, Malaysia.

Really looking forward to some unexplored teretory in the world.

My friend Joey that I used to work with on the yacht in Malaysia is getting married.

Joey was the chef on board the sail yacht while I was a stewardess.

We became very good friends during this time!


During the wedding it’s a purple theme in the church and red theme at the party afterwards.

My mission for today was to buy a purple dress.

Found it in Thong Sala after all.

I already have a red one, so that was good at least! :)

The only thing I need now is a belt.

I also found a wedding gift. Just a little something.

It’s really hard to buy a gift for someone you haven’t met for more than 3 years.

And specially when you’ve never met the bride either.

I’m so happy for him (them) though.


I should definetly pack my bags. It’s a lazy day today though.

I have a lot that I will keep here with Linda while I’m gone.

I mean, I have a massage table, a bag I sent with the mail from Sweden and then a big plastic bucket with full of stuff. A big backpack and a small one. That’s a lot!!!

I’m bringing 2 of them that’s all. 

Feel a bit sad because I will separate from Linda and Stine.

Stine is going home to Denmark again and Linda will be right here with the 3 dogs – Dottie, Truls and Tommy!

Amazing dogs by the way.

We howl together in the dark and we wake up the whole

neighborhood with dogs in the middle of the night…

I love Thailand. Really. And all the Thai dogs.

Dogs interest me a lot. I’ve always been a cat person, til couple of years ago.

I really really REALLY want a dog. I saw a clip with the minions today.

I love animated movies. Puppy. Watch it.

That’s me hahahaha…



Postat av: Fam

Hörde din intervju på p3 och blev nyfiken på äggdonation.
Vill gärna kolla in din hemsida men hittar den inte.
Du får gärna maila den till mig.

Tack på förhand! /Fam

Svar: Hej Fam. Hemsida? Jag har ingen hemsida dessvärre... Vad är du intresserad utav att veta? Hur hittade du mig btw? ;) Härligt att höra att du gillade P3 intervjun och att du 'r intresserad utav donationen. Maila mig privat på lee_persson@hotmail.com eller snabbast på facebook. (Kan skriva in min mail där också)
Lee Persson

2013-11-13 @ 18:50:24

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