Back in the Tantric community...

Hello dear readers!

So, here is another update.

I know I’ve been bad with my updates but it’s because we don’t

really have internet at home in the jungle.


This update is going to be about SEX. Just so you know ;)

But no details haha


So. Anyway. I’ve been thinking… Like always…

I do have the time for a lot of thinking now haha.



When it comes to men, I really know what I want now.

And one of those things is a MAN and not a little boy.

Maybe because I grew up all of a sudden and became a young woman?

And to be honest, I prefer a mental connection or

at least something that feels a bit special instead of a one night stand.

Or meeting someone with a childish behavior and just thinks about how to get laid.

Because that’s just a boy to me.

Been there done that, time to move on.

Everyone is different, and I do like different types of men,

but in general I have my characteristics of a man. 

(Not the outside, just the inside)


And of course I want to get laid too but I like to be brain fucked first.

There you have it.

Even if it's just with a guy I maybe never will see again

I mean....otherwise I could go home and my dildo could give me more pleasure haha

I need a connection, fire and passion. SEX is so much more to me.

It shouldn’t be too easy. If so, you get bored and want to move on…

I never tried the whole thing when it comes to having an open relationship

like everyone else here in the Tantric community. (not everyone)

When I like/love someone I don’t really want to be with someone else.

It’s still hard to get used to. I just think that some people are not made to be that way.

Being an Aquarian is already hard enough haha ;)


I mean, I’m single and I can sleep around if I want to, but I choose not to.

It's not my thing. It’s not hard to get laid on a SEX island like this.

Yes, that's what I call Koh Phangan. It's a looooot of sexual energy here.

And it's not hard, specially not if you are a Swedish blond young woman.

I never had so much attention in my LIFE!

I do it when I want to and if it feels right.

I’m a good girl actually, even if I have my slutty sides.

(EVERY WOMAN has it deep within)

And the ones who says NO, lies!


I just hate that I’m so picky. Or… actually… I love it.

Cuz when someone shows that they like me or want me,

it’s my turn to respond and I like to handpick my men very wisely...

I would like to say that I have a lot of self respect and don't pick the first best.

Should I say that I have been with enough guys

to know who is a good guy and an asshole?

Well... sometimes it’s hard to tell… but you learn from your mistakes, right? ;)

I do know now after the Tantra 1 workshop, the difference between love and sex.

It might be a very simple thing to say,

but when it comes to knowing it can be a lot harder.

I thought I knew… Oh boy was I wrong.


I'm doing the Tantra 2 in january wich is going to be really nice and interesting.


What ever happens, happens. I let my faith be in Shivas hands.


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