Where does the wind take me?

My only problem in this life is money.
(isn't it like that with everyone?)
I see myself as a very free spirit, being where I am today.
What I did so far during this year, have been one of the biggest challenges in my life.
And really trying to STAY here without having a 100 % income is hard.
That's why I'm doing a TEFL course, to become an english teacher.
I CAN'T manage to survive on Yoga. I'm sad to say it.
Maybe if I get a teaching job in Chiang Mai and yoga at the same time?
But there is still so much stuff that I need to go through...
And when it comes to my own practice too. I don't know if I'm ready.
To get a job on an island like Samui or Phangan after the course is hard.
It's easier to get a job on main land. But I don't want to work on main land.
I want to be on Koh Phangan. That's my island.
Just like Isla Mujeres is "my island"
I can get a job everywhere in the world, but I am not done with Thailand.
Today I'm opening up my own bank account.
That's a big step.
But I'm still not convinced about if I'm going to go home for 2 months
and take my drivers licence and go back, or if I'm just going to stay here...?
It seems to me that, enjoying a Swedish summer, see my friends,
fix some paperwork and go back in september and have a job waiting
for me when I come back... seems better...
I just have to be 100 % that the work will be there when I come. 
That's my money waiting.
I'm just afraid of being stuck. In Sweden.
So, I'm thinking... Booking my trip back to Thailand already would be a good idea.
And taking my drivers licence would be a really good idea.
Specially since I paid for it already.
I let the universe decide for me.
Shiva, I need your help.


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