Test after test

Hello friends...
The last week have deffinitely been challenging to me. Spiritual.
Since my friends arrived, I noticed a lot of things "being in the way" over my practise.
I even cancelled 2 yoga classes I was suppose to hold (today and 2 days ago)
Because of what...
Today is one of those days. Tired and lazy days.
Yesterday was kind of the same, but I have my reasons.
Yesterday I just thought I was lazy but not feeling so well.
But this morning when I woke up, my throat was swollen and I could barely breath.
That's why I had to cancel my class today.
I went to the same clinic that Annica is in and I have tonsillitis. YAY! :( 
I think that it must have been something with Annicas virus or something.
Jesse felt bad when he left too.
My lungs are fine tho, so that's good news.
I am very connected with Annica, my best friend.
When she is sick, I am sick. 
When she is sad, I am sad and so on.
Now, we are both happy and enjoy our friendship in a clinic
in Haad Rin here on Koh Phangan. 
It's a nice memory together... again.
Why go to the beach when you can stay in the hospital together?
We laugh about it.
I went there to see her, and checked myself at the same time.
I had a light fever and felt bad,
so I went to the bed next to her in the hospital and passed out.
Woke up, ordered some food and then were on the computer for a while.
Now I'm home again.
That was my day...
Oh, yeah.. we watched Animal Planet too.
A cat guy, who loves cats. Like the whole day. Crazy cat guy!
When I came home I went straight down to the nudist beach,
took a swim and watched the sunset.
And far away (at Samui maybe) there was a really nice lightening to sit and watch.
I love this place. I can't believe I'm leaving it... for a month.
I'll be back here again though... 
But, I'm going to miss it. A LOT!
So... Fullmoon. 
Fullmoon was crazy. I had so much fun.
And all I had during the whole night and morning was 5 beers and one bacardi breezer.
I was just dancing all morning...
til sunrise and then continued until 10.00 when they turned off the music.
Me and a Canadian guy stayed on the beach until 12.00 or something.
I am very receptive with other peoples energies so all the high people
on E or what ever they have been taking, 
it felt like some of their energy have been pushed over to me.
Which was great. I felt awake and happy! It was crazy!
I remember some people asking me what I was on....
My answer to that was: I'm a YOGI! :)
I came home soking wet in white clothes and sand in my pockets.
Sun was hot and I was tired by that time.
I slept 2 hours and got up again.
I couldn't get that Canadian out of my head.
He made me laugh so hard and he was very confident with himself.
Which I like. A lot. 
But you know, backpackers... 
Now I'm going to start packing my stuff.
I'm out of here in 2 days. TWO DAYS!
Smell u later


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