No expectations

I know that I take a long time when it comes to my updates.
I just have too many things on my mind.
And I've been having a lot of people around me lately.
I do like to spend some time along once in a while and
do all the necessary things that needs to be done.
(Organised mind)
But, I know I will have that time before I go home.
So, I've just been having a social life since I got back on the island.
Yes, I finished my English techer training on the 24:th.
YAY! You can now call me an english teacher.
I went back to Koh Phangan the 25:th (on Fullmoon) together with Megan.
Megan wanted to experience a Fullmoon party to the maximum,
so I thought... I might just take her there.
And DID she experience it to max? Oh yes she did!!!
And... man... I don't know if the first one or the last one was better.
Both were pretty good. 
Accept that I came home with injured knees, but it was worth it.
And I actually slept around 05-06 (am) and not 12.00 like the last time.
Megan and I did split up quickly though, and she had a more rough time than I had.
I had to pick her up in Haad Rin around 10.30 ish... So you can imagine.
Took her days to recover...
During the time she spent here with me, we went jungle trekking to Bottle Beach.
1,5 hour walk up and down the mountain to "Bottle beach".
You follow around 650 plastic water bottles on the little "road" they made there....
And we took a taxi boat back.
She also told me that she attracts Brazilian guys a lot. That's her thing.
They find her. And many of her ex boyfriends are Brazilian.
I haven't met so many "latinos" in general in Thailand.
BUT, since I've been spending time with Megan lately, they all showed up.
Everywhere, from nowhere... 
I definitely want to go to South America. A lot.
I have to say that I surprised myself by listening to what Swami told me.
"How would you know if you never give it a try?" 
So, I gave it a try without expectations. 
One word: AMAZING!
I love my life. Good times. Good memories.


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