Brain crash

This whole Yoga and meditation is doing good for me.
Or should I say "my brain"?
I went to Maha yesterday for a follow up treatment.
I forgot the first time but she told me to come back later the same day. 
*PUH* Lucky me.
We talked a lot about the problems I had.
On my first meeting during my TTC, my problem was a different thing.
Which healed and never had problems with it since I took the remedy.
*knock on wood*
She asked me back then if I had a head injury in my life.
I said no.... Then I stopped... 
Wait a minute. I did have a head injury. 
A concussion at 2005 when I fell from my bike.
I forgot about that.
(Maybe because my memory have been a bit fucked up since then?)
So... The problem during my TTC and STILL, is my headaches and migrains.
I started talking about this when Maha asks me if I get stressed
over tests or somthing that I have to prove?
And it's been a lot of that lately.
It makes sence to me now,
but I would never think about how it could be related.
My brain works slower (still good) but it has to work 2 times more than a normal brain.
So, that's why I get tired and exausted when it comes to learning.
And everything because of a concussion.
I still need and want to keep my brain "active" and moving...
So, just talking and writing in english for me, is a good thing to do.
It takes a bit of effort from time to time,
but it's going better and better for each day.
I do have a problem when I don't understand.
It's like my brain don't want to work with me.
I can start crying beacause of that. Seriously.
And it can be such small and simple things,
that you might laugh at afterwards.
But hey... It's a brain damage, what can I do?
Maha told me that it can takes 20 years for a brain to recover fully.
Somthing is not right to 100 % she said.
I always knew that I was special hahaha...
She will give me a remedy today and she said that I might not have any problem 
with my head again. Hopefully, hopefully!
Back to normal? ;)


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