The big bad wolf

For a long time, I've been wondering how this person is doing.
Why? I don't know. I've just had this person on my mind.
I haven't seen him since before I left to Mexico,
and the end we had on that chapter didn't end so well.
Well, not for me anyway. But that's my karma again I guess.

But I'm over it, loooong time ago.
But couple of days ago we talked online.
The last time we wrote or spoke was a really long time ago.
He told me that he was sorry for everything and how everything happened and ended.
He thought about it alot he said.

It felt good to hear it and I appriciated it alot because he is a good man.
And everything happens for a reason.
If it wasn't for me, he probably haven't met his girlfriend that he still have today.
I am glad that he is happy, and I am happy for him!
We all find what we are looking for sooner or later.

But I just wish to see his face one more time.
(This does not mean that I want something.)
But that short short but intensive time we had together, changed me alot.
Therefor he is special to me no matter what other people says.


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