I hate to break it to you....

But I've been thinking....

And I've realized that those kind of people I look up to the most in my life is the strong people.
Mentally strong.

Should I say SMART people?
The kind of people who have their own thoughts and own personality.
People with selfcontrol, respect, opinions, pureness and honesty.
And the most important of all.... Love.

Of course, being a bit retarded is always on my good list too.
This is pure awesomeness with other words.

And the kind of people who doesn't NEED any substances to be themselves.
(Then they are not themselves)
That's what I respect the most out of a friendship.
The kind of people I feel most relaxed with and I can just be.
Just be myself without someone judging me, being boring or what ever.

I want to thank those people in my life for just being themselves.
Specially if they make me happy when I'm down and make me smile just a bit extra.
Sometimes I don't even have to do anything specially with those kind of people in my life.
Just to be around this person is enough for me. Close to them.

Weak people can drag me down easily.
Without me knowing it myself most of the time.
Since I've been lost before, it's easy to loose myself again.
But I promised myself not to this time.
It's just pretty sad that some people in my life can effect me very very strong.
And some of those people are close and sometimes the effect isn't the best, which is sad.

This is everything from me tonight.
Time for bed. Thank you all strong people, for being there!

Peace & Love <3 to ya'll


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