Tonight I had a dream about the freaking boogey man again.
If it was a bad dream or not, I can't tell.
But I woke up with an uncomfertable feeling in my stumache.
He never leaves me. He is stuck in my dreams.

Well, anyway... In my dream he was here, in my home town.
It was all the same, like the "old days".
But the feeling I had when we left each other wasn't the best, and that's the one I still have.
Which isn't good. I saw him around in town with new woman everywhere all the time, on the phone etc.
Trying to be something he is not.

That's not something I liked because that's not the one I want to remember.
I want to remember the real one. Not the fake one.
But somtimes people feel lost and afraid and they build up a wall.
Ask me, I've done it many times.

In my dream I was afraid of walking down the street and see him.
In the same time I was happy to see him.
He is not alone. No matter how lonely he feels.
He will always be in my heart, no matter what.

By that, I mean the real one.
The one who can cry, the one who can open up and the one who is strong.
The one who let go of the ego and could be caring.
I don't even know if this person is alive, more then in my dreams anymore.

Do something. Wake up.

Then I realized it was just a dream. Puuuhh...
No more boogey mans pls!

Postat av: sophie


Några tankar att fundera kring.

2010-11-14 @ 14:06:10

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