And suddenly everything became clear to me...

One single meaning changed my whole point of view.
Or the whole perspective of everything.
When that thought hitted my mind, I asked myself:
"Why haven't I thought about this before?"
It was so simple. And it felt right.
It was true. Or at least it feels like it.

Everything became clear to me in a second.
All my feelings changed.

And I was in a "Aha, of course" moment.
Lucky me who reacted that way, otherwise I would have been sad.
But I'm happy!

I am happy to love myself, and I am happy to love someone else.
I am also happy that I can feel this sort of love.
You can feel love in so many different ways.
Because there is LOVE, and there is LOVE!
(You know the different)

I am not IN love, I just LOVE!
Of course I would love to be in love with someone.
Love is powerful and it's everything we need.
And from now - I will love forever!

But I think I got my answer ....


Another thing that made me happy yesterday was this:

"I am so happy that I like you so much, because I really do.
Lee, you are for real.
You are unique and honest. You are not a fake."

"I like to be around you, you are so special and I feel
so relaxed and can talk about most things with you.
You are a "real" friend."

Sometimes I give and give and give without getting anything in return.
I don't expect anything in return because if I do or give someone else something,
I do it with love and compassion.

But sometimes... just sometimes...
It would be nice to feel that someone cares about me too.
People are just used to, that I'm there for everyone.
But who takes care of me?
When this happens, I love even more.
Sometimes I even cry when someone does it, because I get so thankful.

I am so greatful to have those friends I have today.
They mean more then anything in the world to me.
Sometimes I don't even have to hang out with them,
sometimes it's just ok to see their face and it can make my whole day!
Isn't that love? I think so!

My only problem is that all the people I love the most, have left me.
Or the oposite. Or at least many of them lately...

So. Friends. I love you all.


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