Study in peace

So, back to the whole thing to be alone.
I'm glad that I have got the discipline to take my time and actually study in this paradise.
But I'm kind of used to it since I did my TTC in Yoga.
Back then I didn't have a life at all.

My wish was actually to leave Sweden for 2-3 weeks to be alone and to study in peace.
I got what I wished for!

Since when I'm back home I have a lot of friends around me all the time and don't find any space for myself.
I'm not complaining, I love my friends. But my retarded mind can't concentrate when I have people around me!

I did find friends here too,
but they all left.
Sad but good for me at the same time!
I really need to pass on these tests!!!
So I guess I'm back to
being a good girl again ;)

Study study study and being alone.
But you know what?
Reading about cars and how they work and all this, makes me very interested in cars. I'm a car freak since before, but even more now!!!

I want to learn more about them...
And I want a truck god damn it


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