I have to tell you that I love you....

I was sitting and waiting for Megan on a staircase with paint all over my face.
The street was crowded with drunk people.
I noticed in the corner of my eye that someone walked by from a far distance
and then stopped and stared at me.
And then tried to move on while staring at the same time.
I raised my head and looked at the guy.
He gave me the biggest smile I've seen in a long time and I smiled back.
He turned around and the first thing he told me was:
- Normally a conversation starts with a "Hello, how are you".
I start my conversation like we have been married for 12 years
by saying that I LOVE YOU! I really do... 
..... Conversation went on....
That was a very different and interesting conversation.
I like everything that is different, so I guess he had me at "I love you"? Haha
And of course, I took everything with a pinch of salt
because it was on the fullmoon party.
But, we sure did have a great time. 
Thank you Mr Argentina! :)


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