Extreme Fishing

Waking up in the sofa an early sunday morning.
I zapp the channels and I find the programme "Extreme Fishing" with Robson Green.
I recognize the country right away....
- Thailand!

He caught the biggest Stingray on 225 kilos in a river in Thailand.
The thought hitted me. So many weird and big fishes I've missed or had no idea of
that may have been under me, during sailing or just being on the water.
Creatures I've never would have expected living on this planet.

Extreme Fishing with Robson Green freshwater stingray fishing thailand

To see the enviroment in Thailand and hear the crickets and geckos, makes me miss it.
Everywhere I've been, my soul have grown bigger and opened up more.
A nice experience of life (depends what I've been doing).

Don't get me wrong here, I am so glad that I'm home but when it gets cold outside -
I miss everything about sun, heat and wearing less clothes.
And don't let me start talking about clothes...
Now when I have to buy almost a whole new closet.
I get upset even if I'm happy that I've lost weight.

Watching Robson Green trekking in the jungle,
being hungry for 4 hours and then walk up to a food stall on the street,
hoping that there is something to eat.
And then watch his face when he just see frogs on the grill...
That is how I felt many times over there. (at least in the beginning)
And had to stick to something "normal" for me. (a normal Westener)
Like a sausage on a stick or something...

Next in the programme he leaves from Bangkok to the Philipines for more fishing.
Wathing they fishing squid at night because they can't get any fish during the day makes
me thinking about the time I had on Raja Laut.

This is a normal day on Raja Laut and we had a Waho in the hook.
It was a hell of a dinner I have to say.
This is it for me. I will lay here and watch the Extreme fishing and some more Asian programme.
I only wish I could go scuba diving soon again.

Best feeling I've ever had in my life :)

Over and out buddies. Ta taaaaa!


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