One year ago, today!

It feels like yesterday.

That day when I bought that special cake.
And I suprised you for your B-day with an all day jungle tour.
That day was really nice.
We watched the eagle feeding, had a boat trip into the mangroves.
Walking in the batcave, feeding the monkeys and saw they swim.
Watched animals, went to a fishfarm and then had a nice fish for dinner.
In the end we took ourselves a good swim.
It was hours of fun.

At the same night we were drinking at the reggea bar, and I made the band sing for you.
When we were on the beach celebrating your day together with everyone else.
You hated me so much for that, but you loved it! I know it!

But a year have gone by now and I am not there any more.
And neither is he, and not Frix either.
Nothing is the same and it never will be.
But I remember it as it was yesterday.

Today you and me are one year older and one year wiser (I suppose).
If you read this, I want to wish you a HAPPY BIRTHDAY!
No matter what, you will stay in my <3

Have a great Birthday T, where ever you are in the world!


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