Once upon a time in Mexico...

Today when I woke up, it felt like the heavy stone I've been carrying for a while was gone.
Not really to the full, but almost.

This is an end of the chapter.
And a start of a new.
I have a new and great apartment, a start of a new and good life.

I had weird dreams last night and my boogie man was of course in it (again).
He is the only one that is stuck.
Stuck in my old chapter, and he won't let me continue on my new and good.
Not yet.



This morning I looked at my painting that I have on the toilette when I was in the shower.
When I saw this painting on a toilette for the first time,
I saw it hanging on my own toilette in my vision.
But the toilette was not mine (then).

I thought: I need this picture. I got to have it. I'll do anything.
Now almost 2 years later,
it's hanging on the exact wall that I visualised it to hang on in the first place.
Cool huh? It's been laying in a box for almost 2 years now, and now it's up!

Sometimes there is no explaination for what I do.
I did bad things before.
Like stealing the painting for exemple.
But every saint has it's past! :)

It's also a funny memory, because I was on a restaurant in Cancun, Mexico at the time.
And I was with Adeline (my french friend) and having lunch.
We had sailed from Isla Mujeres to Cancun with Lee's and Igor's boats.
Pete and Gail(?) had just left us and after lunch I took it in my bag and went out to Adeline.
I asked her to move her ass up and start to walk, while I should explain to her later.

She didn't understand a thing.
She just sat there with puppy eyes, a diet coke and her cigarette saying:
- Ooooh Putain ... Oh Leeeeeee noooo... come ooooon!!!

And that is the story of my beloved painting on my toilette.
Days and weeks after this we laughed and laughed about this.
Maybe not that funny story after all, I think you need to be there to understand.
And if you know me, you would laugh anyway! :P

But it's a great painting? Isn't it?
Can you see what it is? If not... Look again! :)

Postat av: YogiSinzapatos

Yes I was there (& Gail). I don't see what it is though. Tell me

2010-10-11 @ 00:44:05
URL: http://a-plan-for-peace.com
Postat av: Lee

it's a man & womans face, kissing. it's the lips! can you see i now?

2010-10-11 @ 11:08:46
URL: http://gemigenalvedon.blogg.se/

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