Love your life - You live now!

Me myself and I start a new life today!
This is the beginning of something good.

To start with I have to say that I am so greatful and thankful to live the life I do.
And now matter how much I've been complaining about life before,
this is my time and I realize that it's good. And it's very good.

This morning when I woke up I wanted to stay in bed.
My cranky mood from yesterday was still there.
But 20 min later I was on my way to school on my bike.
Alert and on my way, I woke up during this grey sunday!
Those sundays when you normally stay in bed.

After half day in school and a bit of lunch we had our massage.
And like I told u guys yesterday, I picked one of the guys!
I asked if he was strong.Yes in deed! GOOD!
And yes yes yes, what a nice massage he gave me.
All pain - gone! :D

And then it was my turn.
More then 1 hour massage and I was sooooo sweaty.
But I love it, rather hot and sweaty then cold and freezing!
I am just a bit nervous when we are going to have our first "real costumers".
4 people in a row. That's going to be sweaty! :D

Every singel person I've done massage on have been falling a sleep.
Everyone except my little "test-rabbit" Joel.
I think I make him nervous. Haha ;)

But I know, I'm good with the massage. :D *brag brag*

Yeah, this is the end of the day in school.
Everyone was pretty tired and wanted to have a bit fun! :D
And it was actually one of the teachers who taped up his hand in the window.
God I love this school. It's so much fun at the same time!!!

Well, on my way home from school, I was just happy happy joy joy!
Everything was just sooo good. Life is just perfect.
I love my life. Nothing did really matter to me.
And it still don't.
Not the rain or the cold or taking the bike home.
Not that I couldn't see anything from my glasses either.
I was just a happy person on a blue bike in the rain.
It jus did me good, or even better!

I love what I do, and I love myself for taking such a good step in my life.
A real big step and study something and don't stand on the same ol',
same ol' step that I've been doing for years.

Changes are good. And deal with all difficulties in life do you good as well.
Just do one thing. Think first and act later!
I am so god damn happy where I am today and what I've been experiencing in my life.
I've been a very negativ human being before, but when I look back -
Yes, you maybe deal with small "everyday problems", but I am a lucky person.
And no matter what, everything is going to be ok in the end too!

But I have to say, it haven't been easy.
Life is not ment to be easy.
You have to do it the hard way if you want something good out of it.
That's also why I respect persons who have experienced alot in life.
Bad things, but have been strong. Like me! :D

I am a happy happy joy joy person at the moment!
Of course everyone has "those days" when everything is shit and you feel lonely.
Hey, I'm still human. Nothing is perfect!
I don't think I've been happier in life that I am now, age 25!

Age 25 they say it's the new 30!
This is when you go through changes...
And I can't do anything else then agree.
Everything is perfect in life.
Well, there is still some things still missing but that will come when the time is right.
I am in no hurry.  This is only the beginning.
This is when my REAL LIFE STARTS!!!! :D

Those days will come sooner or later, I just have to let go right? ;)
Man, work, money and kids...Sounds more of a problem then it is!
Work is easy to get, I'm gonna go to Denmark soon and have a look!
But if I get a fulltime job, I won't have time with my study.
So my focus at the moment is study and during the time I have to be poor I guess?
Since I have to pay for my study alone as well, since the course do not qualify to take a "study-loan"
all my money goes to this, rent and other small bills.

I barely have food on the table at the moment.
Winter is here to stay now as well I think and I don't even have a real winter jacket.
It kind of sucks but it could be worst.
I could have been without a roof over my head.

After all, I choosed to leave Sweden twice and live poor and work my way up myself.
And yes I was in pretty shitty situations.
I experience the world outside of the bubble I lived in.
And I did a big inner journey in good and bad.
It have been a long journey and not just around the world. Within myself.
And I don't think I'm finished either. There is more. Much more.

But at least I know myself better now since I learned to be alone.
And of course I've been doing many mistakes during the way.
Without support or REAL friends and family, you may do a couple of wrong steps.
But you will learn what's right and wrong.
I had many many many up's and down's along the way.
And if I can say it like this: The worst asshole beside me for a while as well.
Yes, that's right. Asshole but at the same time a very good guy. But lost.

I was lost for a while. We were 2 lost souls wondering around trying to find ourselves.
I found myself on Koh Phangan and the other one is still searching.
I think I've been experiencing more about life in 1 year then I did for 15 at home.
And sure, some pictures of the world and humanity is destroyed
but some are stronger and more powerful then before.
But I am happy to realize many things in life and the saying in Swedish:
"Det är vad du gör det till" is just so right.
"You create your own world" with other words.

I am still glad to be home, because now I don't have to run from my problems anymore.
Because now I am problem free!!! :D

Well, does problem with men and sex count? Naaaah....

Hasta luego amigos!


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