Today is "one of those days" when I don't know if I should cry or laugh.
I have so much inside of me that just want to come out now, but I just don't know how to speak.
But it feels like I have nothing left to loose.
And if I loose, it was not for real from the beginning.

I decided to keep my calm inside and don't worry though.
Everything is going to be allright. Sooner or later.
Again I fear the fear....

And when I should focus on my massage with costumers, that's what I do.
My private issues have to wait.
I don't wreck my day for anything.
I had my first 2 costumers today. Tess and Elin.
Very good and nice feedback as well :)
Tomorrow it's time for Johan, Tess brother!

It's crazy how much I love to do this.
I really burn for this. And I learn more and more every time.

Lucky me that had Elin and "talk to" during dinner as well.
Feedback and support from a friend is always nice.
And Elin is a smart and strong girl even if I've always seen her as "my little Elin".
The youngest mother of us all, but yet not a mother! ;)
Broccoli soup with crisp bread it was. Yum yum.
Since it was a dark and rainy weather, Elin decided soup was the best.
I agreed :)

I have to study more. Study and study haaaaard!!
But now it's time for bed, and then it's time for Yoga tomorrow.
But not the morning class, it have to be at 12 because the first class starts in 4 hours,
and I haven't even gone to bed yet. Jeeez...

It's time for bed.

And no matter what happens, I will hide you in a big place inside of my <3


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