The power of Ignorance

Ignorance is the problem for missundertanding.
If people didn't missunderstand each other, there would not be any problems.
No world wars etc.

You can ignore yourself and you can ignore others.
You can listen, but you may not be able to hear?

I (for a long time) thought I had a friend. I am not sure about that anymore.
But it's been like this for years.... and yeeeears now.
This friend is more lost then I thought,
but I explained myself to this friend now,
but I don't think this person understands really.
I will not lick someone else ass any more.
And I am not sad about it, it's not my choice.
I will always be here for this person when he/she needs me.
He/She will always stay in my heart no matter what happens.
But I exaust myself. And don't want that.

Yes, things has happened and some situations are weirder then it was before.
But I leave it behind. Don't blame me.
I will not waste my time or energy on someone who can not feel love.
Or with other words.... COMPASSION AND KINDNESS!

The one who can not tollerate compassion,
kindness or love is not the person I want to be around.
I know that it will take time for this person to understand and deal with the problems around.
I am still there, I have always been there for this friend.
But this person has never been there for himself or for others.

I don't even want to talk to the person at the moment.
Cuz I feel pain. Not in myself. The compassion.
Sadness in eyes, and I don't want to meet the contact
cuz those eyes who normally are full of life, are to me really empty.
And pretty lost.

But in other hand I am very very happy to have other loving, kind people around me.
With full of life. I appriciate those people alot.
That's what makes me happy.

I also have company for the VIPASSANA meditation retreat in march.
I never thought that there would be any one around me who actually would want to do this.
I only had 2 people on my mind who maybe could be interested.

This is the Vipassana retreat.

And even if we don't do it together,
cuz it's separte men/woman class and we are not able to speak for 10 days.
It's just nice to go there and do it with someone else.
It's not a game. This is for real, and not a joke!
I'm looking forward to it alot, it will just do me good.
This person that will join me, (or just join himself on this journey)
I wish that this person stays in my life for ever, and ever.

I was suprised to hear that I may have company. For real.
The people who suprise me the most, is the most precious ones!
Of course we are all precious, but you just have to notice it yourself.

There we have it... the power of ignorance... DON'T IGNORE your own power!
Don't be stupid when you can be smart.

Daniel said... The ones who don't can sometimes be called crazy!

Crazy it is. Be crazy. DON'T GO WITH THE FLOW. Go against it!
Live and let live.
We are all beautiful flowers on the field of life.


Postat av: Mama

And what about me? I told you from the beginning that I want to go there...

2010-11-23 @ 23:48:04

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