The naked chef...

I cuddle myself down in the sofa, throw of my clothes and
turn off all the light and get ready for bed.
Yes, sometimes it's just so nice to sleep there....
then my own bed, which is so big and empty.

I watch a movie on Tv. And just when I'm about to pass out.
I open my eyes and you know that feeling after having sex, when you want to smoke a cigarette?
That one I had but with food.

So I get into the kitchen, really hungry.

FUNGRY (fucking hungry)

You find this weird? Well... I'm not normal!

Since I don't eat so much meat today as I did before,
I just wanted to eat the bacon I bought for tomorrows pasta carbonara I was suppose to make.

So there I was... Naked... In the kitchen... making bacon and eggs late at night.
And the milk. Ohh milk... I love milk.
Then the naked chef goes to bed again. Full.
And in front of the computer and Tv for a little while again.

Good night <3


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