I'm happy....

Because Annica gave me a pair of jeans when I moved out.
And they fit proper now. Size 28.
I can't imagine today that I've been a size 33!
But I liked my ass anyway. And my boobs too!

Yesterday I went for a coffee in town with my "wife".
Imagine when you are poor and can't go for "fika" in town for a long while.
Then suddenly the "fika moments" are precious and nice!
And go into town as well....

She went with me to get lenses.
Yes, I can't hide my beautiful eyes anymore! :)
I need more options. Mix between glases and lenses.
And the woman inside the store was very very kind and nice so of course I bought from her.
I sure do like nice and positive people!
It was very nice to spend a little  bit of time with Annica yesterday.
And then go for sushi, meet up Jenny for a while.
And then go to Espresso House and meet "naked Johan" as we call him.

Then I moved on to meet Lina.
Lina and her friend Jenny made some dinner.
And I was right on time. Reeeeeally yummy :)
She is a nice and wonderful girl.
And something that hitted me is that she is a very strong girl.
I like that. Maybe that's why I've been "afraid" of her earlier in life...
Now I just see it as something very powerful and good.
So, Lina if you read this - you know that I've always liked you! :)

Tonight I will go to a medium called Benny Rosenqvist with my mum.
That's a long story, I will tell it in another blog post.
I don't know what's waiting tonight, we'll see.
It's going to be very interesting anyway.


Postat av: Anonym

DU sitter verkligen inte i en situation där "being strong is the only choise you got"!

Använd dig inte av dem orden som om dom vore en enkel fras som låter bra i dina öron, det är ett hån mot dom som verkligen måste gå igenom innebörden av dom, och du är absolut inte i ett sånt läge!

2010-11-22 @ 07:54:30

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