Being Lazy

I've been way too lazy lately.
But I don't want to have too many "things" on my back and feel stressed.
I want to take one task at the time, and do it right!
Today my focus is on massage to get some money & food.
And while I'm not doing any massage now during the day the focus is to study.

And the clean a bit.
After my party, it's wasn't so bad. I just have to vacuum a bit.
And make up all my clothes from the floor and make the bed :)
I don't know how I sleep in my bed, it's not the first time I wake up across the other side.
Is my bed too big for me then? Or is it just me, trying to fill it up because it's empty?

(This is me when I was young)

I'm going to do some Yoga at home today because I missed it this morning.
A long headstand is needed today! I Overslept.
I worked yesterday (as a mailman) and when I came home I took a hot and long bath.
And made myself really nice dinner.
Being outside in the cold for 6 hours makes Lee Lee tired, but in a good way.
Then the wild "massive awesome" dude Joel called.
I was glad to see him again after 2 weeks or so.
Same same Joel, with alot of coffee in his body haha.
Me, him and Alex took a walk in the park and then I hung out there for a while and went home.
It was later then I thought and I needed the sleep......

Being a masseuse is kind of shitty for me, cuz I need a massage myself!
My back hurts like a M*F*

I had a dream about Fluff couple of days ago.
We were inside of a beauty saloon and tried out different kinds of wigs.
Laughed and had alot of fun and when I woke up, I thought :
"Oh, I'm gonna call Fluff and see if he wants to do something today"...
The thought stopped me... and my happiness realized that he's not here anymore.
Damn it. It sucks.

It's time for breakfast,
and I'm not even hungry... Maybe I'll wait for a while. Ciao. Ciao.


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