Lee Lee is spreading around the world....

Or at least my words, my thoughts and my love! :)
There are getting more red dots all over the world map and it's fun to see.
But I still don't see any comments which is pretty boring.

I wonder who all the Canadians and Americans are?
Indians? English and all the Australians who are reading?
Leave a note... I want to know!!!!

The whole day I've been decorating my apartment.
Trying to change some things, but things aren't going my way.
Or not the way I want to anyway. But it's nice anyway!
It looks a bit better though and I can sleep well tonight :)

Mostly my paintings and my flowers who is a mess.
So what do you do a friday night?
Well, I go to the supermarket at 22.30 and buy topsoil and fix my plants.
Haha, what a night... That's my life from time to time.

When you are suppose to study, you suddenly find sooooo many other things to do!
Like re-decorate the whole apartment and re-plant some flowers and make some paintings...?
And dance a little bit. The only thing missing now is a bottle of wine...
And nice company.

I haven't had food for the whole day and I'm not even hungry.
Last night I had gingerbread and saffron buns with cheese and butter,
as a late night munchies and then I totally passed out in the sofa.
This morning I couldn't move and I was so ill.
Just the thought of food almost made me throw up in my mouth!

Damn this... It's time for bed now.



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