Why is it so hard when it can be so easy?

I know I've been bad at updating my blog lately.

I have my days.

Now around christmas and new year,

I try not to sit so much in front of the computer...


No, I love to do stuff.

Even if it's not much to do in this weather (outside anyway).

I have to do something with my time anyway.

I am more then happy when people ask me if I want to do stuff or go anywhere.

Even if I can't do everything at once.


It's fun to invite someone over. And to be invited.

But sometimes it just takes all of your energy to invite someone over and over again....

And in the end, you stop invite this person over.

It's just no fun anymore.


Some friends is really comfortable at home. I am too.

But not TOO comfortable. So where do YOU draw the line?

I love when someone calls me and just drops by.

Those who WANT to hang out, without PLANNING it a week in advance.

And the ones who appriciate you when they come over and enjoy it.


Those kind of people you can sit up all night and talk to and the conversations never ends.

That's what I like. That's what gives me a good mood and good energy.

That's also when you start a relation with someone.

Getting to know someone. Having conversations.


Yes, a friendship is also a relation, same as a relationship with the opposite sex.

Well, for those who didn't knew that already –

Congratulations you learned something today!


So what about those people where the conversation ends?

When the silence eats you out from the inside and out?

Do you stop seeing those people? Even if you like them?

I normally don't have any trouble talking.

Lately I've been analyzing more then talking though.

And when people don't ask me anything, I don't really know what to say.

(If I don't know them too well.)


Until today when I realized that people maybe sees me as boring

Maybe it's just THEY who are boring and I have nothing to say to them?

I also feel that THEY are uncomfortable in silence while I'm not.

Then you need an ICE BREAKER.

I choose my words wisely like I've said before...

Somehow I find it more interesting to have conversation with those who are a bit older.

Or just those who have done a lot in life and have more

experience about stuff that I don't have.

When I can learn, listen and talk about stuff that I normally don't talk about.

That's when I grow. New interests. I love it.


Why are this easy things so hard sometimes?

How hard can it be? Seriously?

Today I also realized that I AM NOT done with my traveling.

After my “up & down Asia trip” I thought that I was finished with my traveling.

No - Not even close! I have so much more to see and do.


And somehow I still can't see myself as a Swede who live in Sweden 100%.

My heart doesn't belong here. It doesn't feel right somehow.

The piece of puzzle is still missing.


I am more then satisfied to be home and to be around my friends who I care so much about.

But to live 50% in Sweden would be more perfect. During the summer for exemple.

I just have to deal with my economy and then I'll say bye bye again!

Now at least I can work almost anywhere I like, cuz I have my job with me all the time.

So hopefully I'll get a job somewhere else in the world.

I also get so happy when I see someone who are a foreigner in Sweden.

Don't ask me why.

I met David's girlfriend for the first time today,

and since she is older, smarter and a foreigner –

I liked her a lot and I'm looking forward to see her again soon before she goes back to Dubai.



Well, this is everything from me today.
Later folks! Ta ta.. goodnight and sleep tight.

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2011-01-11 @ 00:05:49
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